We’re Not Electing A New Jesus… Just A President! — Trump Won

‘Some of you people need to chill the hell out!  You’d think we were voting for a new Jesus or something.  Donald Trump is just a guy.  Some of you act like your hopes and dreams are squashed because a new President, that you don’t like,  trump-protesterswon the election.  If that’s the case, you have a larger problem!  The government is apparently too important in your life…  Government shouldn’t be the center of your world.  It doesn’t even like you (other than by wanting your money IF you’re a taxpayer).  It doesn’t know you.  You’re literally just a (social security) number to government.  You’ll be alright!  ‘and you may even do better under some new policies. Right? Might you do better? Is that possible? Relax!

We are a country that survived Slavery, The Cold War, World War 1, World War 2, The AIDS epidemic, Jim Crow, the assassinations of Presidents Lincoln and JFK, and countless other REALLY Scary and uncertain times.  We survived the Vietnam War era, and the Civil Rights beating-trump-votermovement.  Sure, it’s OK to be fearful… But the people who are afraid now, because America elected a President they don’t like, need some context.  Is what we’re going through today, reason to be more fearful than the above uncertain periods of time?  We survived all that, all the while getting better and stronger…  The President-Elect LITERALLY, has had no impact over our lives YET.  In the news today, people are attacking others because they POSSIBLY voted for the guy they don’t like.  That is what used to happen when racists found out that a black person voted (if they didn’t lynch them) back in our country’s history.  ‘Now people from the same party, are doing the same thing today…

I hate to tell people to “Get Over It”, but Yes!  That’s what people are going to have to do.  The next President has been elected.  ‘And I don’t think he’s the Devil.  He’s just a guy!

K. Pinckney


Alright. This was based on a cyber-fight I got into on one of the stupider social media sites whose name, may or may not, start with an “f”.  They are part of a large, monolithic voting block, as am I, however, I vote with logic, facts, and not fear.  And I thought I’d paraphrase the way it went down for you and post it for your amusement.

— Why A Libertarian Couldn’t Vote For The Libertarian Presidential Candidate

Welp, It’s done now!  I’ve early voted for the next President.  And it pains me to say, that as a Libertarian, I couldn’t vote for the Libertarian Candidate.  I was able to pull the trigger on several down-ballot Libertarians… ‘but the Presidential pick was something I just couldn’t do.  Libertarians run into this problem every four years, and today was no different.

I dream of a Libertarian President, a Libertarian Congress, and a Libertarian government. ‘But why couldn’t I vote for the actual Libertarian Candidate, Gary Johnson?  Well, it’s because he is a different kind of Libertarian than I am.  I’m a Founding Libertarian, and he’s a “Utopiantarian” (under the 8 kinds of Libertarian scale).  I’m a Libertarian in the sense that there should be Less Government, more individual choice… so long as one does not infringe upon the rights of others.  As a Founding Libertarian, I believe that those who steal the Rights of others should not be surprised when someone attempts to kill them.  ‘Yes, that extends to a government that attempts to seize the rights of individuals.  Gary Johnson believes that America would be a Utopia if a Libertarian were to be elected.

Gary Johnson’s main problem is that he is the sort of Libertarian that believes that Libertarianism can be forced upon others like communism.  The unfortunate truth that Gary Johnson (and other Libertarians) MUST accept, is that…  Some people will never accept our principles.  They want nothing to do with us… So do we leave them alone, or do we use government force against them to achieve our goals?  Do we limit the money and benefits government gives them?  Do we let them die on the streets by removing their Welfare benefits, or other social programs (Obamaphones & Housing subsidies)?  My answer, is an astounding ABSOLUTELY,  but what about their kids?!?!  hmmm!  As a Founding Libertarian, I just want to minimize the government’s ability to be full of tyrannical asshats, who dream of getting into government SO THEY CAN make themselves rich and powerful.

In The End

I couldn’t vote for the Libertarian because he barely addressed any actual practical issues, and how they’d apply in real life.  ‘What about when half of Americans do NOT want to go along with his ideas?  How would he


hope to work with Republican and Democrat politicians in Congress?  Convince them to go along with his plans of small/limited government when all they want and dream of, is MORE?  How would a President Johnson deal with Asia Pacific and China dredging up islands they claim as their own land  [I would dredge up an island 5 miles from them by the way]?  How would Johnson deal with a President Putin as he attempts to seize a larger portion of Ukraine in four years (which he will attempt).  Would he rebuild the Military?  What about the one thing I want in government?  Term Limits for Senators and Representatives?

I want to believe, a Libertarian can play as devastatingly hard as will be required to achieve any of those simple goals… ‘But I’m smart enough to recognize, that I’d be fooling myself!

Kali Pinckney

— Hillary or Trump — Who Does Putin Want To Be President???

There’s currently a lot of talk of how the Russians want to sway the upcoming American elections.  The White House, Democrat Party, and their Presidential Candidate, have blamed the Russians for hacking their servers and releasing their emails even though they have no proof.  Its worthy to note that no one has denied that the emails are accurate.  They only claim we should not accept Russian intervention.  CNN even went so far as to call it the new “Russian Scare“.  Yes, that term comes from the height of the Cold War.

The American Media is fascinated with how Vladimir Putin APPEARS to support Donald Trump.  They blame the Russians for attempting to undermine US Democracy.   Of course, they seemingly forget that they are part of Administration, that  thought they could work with Russia.  They were confronted with “The Russian Reset“, The Crimea Occupation (US/NATO Treaty to defend Ukraine be damned), and the “Russian support of the Syrian government”… ‘even after President Obama gave a Red Line.  All of this is after the The Obama Administration withdrew plans to put Anti-Ballistic Missiles in Romania and Poland; in an attempt to foster peace with Russia.

All-in-all, America got punked; by which I mean, Obama got punked!  Yes, Putin is a Bully. But,  so is Obama… ‘and every weak, school boy knows, that bullies rarely fight each other!  They only target those who are weaker than they.

And then, there’s Trump

Hillary Clinton and her talking heads are quick to point out that Putin likes Trump, after Putin responded in a Q & A session in Moscow that Trump “Is the absolute leader in the Presidential election“.  They surmise that because of that, Trump must be a dictator as well.  That they are two peas in a pod!  Yes, it’s sun-tzu-quote-all-warfare-is-based-on-deception-hence-when-able-to-attpretty ridiculous, but it’s all Hillary’s people have!  It’s a Hail Mary  that might have worked in the past, against a less confident, and less transparent (direct) candidate that fights back against those who attack him.  But let’s, for the sake of argument, assume Putin was signaling that he might support a candidate Trump.  Why would he do that?  The answer is easy and is based upon tenants of Military Deception.  Putin understands that all war, and by extension, politics, is Deception.

Putin MIGHT foist complements at Trump because the statements are true… or he may be suspecting that his words would be construed as support to Trump.  Putin knows that his support may be unpopular because Putin is smarter and more strategically aware, and educated than Obama, or Hillary.  He understands the ramifications of his “appearing” to support a US Candidate who would become his OPPOSITION.  Putin, a trained Military Strategist, and former KGB Operative, would speak positively about his larger threat.  He would praise Trump, thinking he might drive some votes away from Trump.  If he wanted Hillary to win, he would either ignore her, say nothing, or say something negative. Currently, he’s ignoring her… Treating her as though she is garbage.  Has he said anything positive about Secretary Of State Clinton?  Kerry?  ‘or Obama???  That’s because he has little respect for them.

A strong leader, which is what Putin is (like it or not), wants to deal with weak people. He’s picked who he wants to be the next US President. ‘And that is Hillary Clinton.  If the Russian Reset has taught us anything, it is that Putin does not respect any of Americas current leaders.

He will not support Hillary because any support may weaken her odds of becoming President.  ‘And he wants to deal with people who will NOT confront him, call him on his actions, and definitely not take actions, either overt, or covert against him.  Do YOU believe Putin would be more likely to manipulate, and push around a President Hillary Clinton?  Or a President Donald Trump?