—The Hypocrisy of [SOME] Conservatives

They label themselves as Conservatives, but they have always been in the Republican Party.  Poor babies; they didn’t get their way and now they don’t want their party’s nominee to win. Why waste time reminding them that they are, in fact, Republicans?  Why confirm to them that the next President WILL BE either a Republican or Democrat?  More specifically, why remind them, that the next President will have the last name of either Trump, or Clinton?

Instead of recognizing the facts, they proclaim “Never Trump”!  They say that they must vote their conscience!  They say Trump is not conservative concienceenough for them.  It becomes apparent that these conservatives would rather lose than have the nominee from their own political party in the White House.  They are so distraught that the best opportunity in a generation, to get a “Conservative” to the head of government is floating away, just as a body on fire at a ceremonial Viking funeral floats from the shore into sunset.

The truth is, that they are hypocrites.  Not the kind that party like drunken rock stars on Friday and Saturday night, but ensure they get to church on Sunday morning; but, they are the of kind of hypocrites that, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “know so many things that aren’t so.”  They think they are the enlightened and others… are ignorant or being fooled.

The same people who despise Trump now, are the same people who supported McCain, who are the same people who supported Romney.  Hold-Nose-600-LAIF they got it so wrong then, why can they get it wrong now?  They seem to think they’re voting for the second coming of Jesus, when they’re only voting for a guy to run their government.  They can’t see that they don’t need to love him, nor pledge allegiance to him… ‘again, because he’s not sacred.  They only need to vote for someone who will lead to their political outcomes.  Smaller government? Strong defense? Lower Taxes? Repeal of Obamacare?   […if that is their goal]

Some Conservatives truly want to put their collective faiths, into another human being!  But they only want one who thinks, and believes, exactly as they believe.  They’d rather lose the opportunity to have a President who shares their political party, to someone who despises their Party, them, and their beliefs.  It is a form of Conservative Supremacy.  They feel their Conservatism trumps their party (when it should only be their Religious beliefs that do).  They fail to recognize that they are doing exactly what those of ‘that other religion, say in nearly every poll regarding Sharia. Many Conservatives, just as Muslims do, seem to be confusing their religion with their politics.  Obviously, they’ll say they cannot separate the two… just as Muslims say!

A President is merely a man, or soon, maybe a woman.  He’ll just be a guy who signs or does not sign Bills put in front of him by a chaotic Congress.  He’ll just be a guy who does, or hclinton-trumpdoes not play golf immediately after a terrorist attack.  He’ll just be a guy who will, or will not sign a repeal of Obamacare.  It’ll be a person who will organize how government taxes American citizens. It will be a person who will use their judgement to sign or counter-sign the plethora of Executive Orders signed by the current dude.  She’ll just be a person who will appoint judges to the Supreme Court.  She’ll just be a President who will continue all of the same policies, that you despised from the current President for the last 8 years.

You believe yourself, both patriots and Conservatives… ‘and we all know that you would dump your patriotism for your conservatism.  But RINOwhat if you were just a symbol of a party that is trying desperately to save itself; and who is begging you to protect your beliefs, and not your country?  Why are you so keen on assisting a lady who wants nothing more, than to see you and your beliefs obscured?  Isn’t it curiously IRONIC, that many of you who attacked others in your party for being Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) over the past few years, are all but admitting, that you are in fact, Republicans In Name Only, who will only vote for “Conservatives”?

But it’s OK Conservatives!  Give up voting for a guy that played by the rules and won your party’s nomination, in favor of allowing someone, NOT in your party, to walk away with the Presidency.  Perhaps that’ll show them all that you’re serious; and that you’re a “true” conservative!

Instead of #NeverTrump, you might consider #ConservativeSupremacy

— BREXIT from one American’s Perspective

Two days until the vote (23 June 2016).  The British people have a referendum on the “BREXIT”.  BREXIT, is the term used to describe a BRitish EXIT from the European Union (EU).  The EU experiment has Britain's exit from the EUgrown into a 28 nation-state economic, and socio-political group meant to protect and stabilize the individual nations, by YES, socializing the efforts and energies of all of the participating nations.  The belief was that they can build a powerhouse economy with every nation that joined.  They also believed that Security would be improved by such a vast alliance, which is, no doubt, an honorable mission.

But alas, if it worked so well, why do any countries want out?  Well, Because being a part of the “European Union” required that the individual sovereignty of the many nations, take a back seat, to the “Union” of all other nations.  It enforces the same rules on all nations, even though, they may not believe in the same concepts, or ideals.  It is the same problem socialism has wherever it is used. Individual (in this case national) liberty, freedom, and choice is minimized, and options are directed by others.

The Irony Of America

America fought to get away from the British Empire, who was once America’s colonial master.  It is ironic that now, Britain has to make the very same choice those Colonial Americans had to make.  Does Britain stay and allow a distant entity to make rules for her.  Or does Britain fight for her freedom?  Currently, Britain allows, and accepts, that a group of unelected Europeans in Brussels get to establish laws, and determine basic sovereignty conditions regarding important items such as trade and immigration into Britain.  Shouldn’t a country be able to determine its own immigration policy and establish its own trade policy.  Or should it allow a foreign entity that has an interest in boosting the economic performance of other nations, determine the future of a country whom it does not want to boost the economy of?  Should it stand by as an external force supports the idea that the British currency, the Pound, would go away in favor of the Euro.  A force that, when it feels the need, can take an entire country to a foreign Supreme Court in Luxembourg (another country).  Does any of that sound like freedom?!?!

Obviously, this is Britain’s decision!  The British must decide if they will stay or go from the EU, but I, as an American, find this ironic.  Luckily Britain does not have to fight to get away from what has become its regulatory master.

In The End

It is supremely unfortunate, that many British people, organizations, and politicians within the “Remain Campaign” are suggesting, that Britain won’t survive if it is not part of the European Union.  This of course ignores the fact that Britain Brexit-Grexitsurvived outside of the EU for centuries, before the EU was ever established.  That somehow, life is so different that Britain would shrivel away, and/or whither into insignificance if it were to BREXIT.  It is the thinking of enslavement that makes many feel that freedom, and sovereignty is a threat.

‘And there is reason to panic if you’re the European Union.  You survive, solely because there are countries that pay your way, ‘and it’s the rich countries in the union.  It is NOT the poor countries.  Britain is paying for decisions… that do not benefit Britain.  That is always a losing business model.  It is likely, that if Britain exits, so will others.

As much as I despise when others interject themselves into American politics, I find myself in the position of observing BREXIT from the outside.  I cannot wait to see what the British voters do on Thursday 23 June 2016.  I think I know how I’d vote!

K. Pinckney



— Trying out Ancestry DNA — This will be interesting…

OK, I’ve always thought that getting my DNA analyzed might be kind of interesting.  I mean, who doesn’t want to know where their “Ancestors,” or at least their “genes” came from?  Would it change your outlook IMG_5239on life, if you learned something significant about where your genes originated that conflicted with what you thought you knew?  So, now I’m gonna find out if it changes my thinking and take that next step.  I’m gonna order up a DNA analysis kit.

There are a few companies out there who provide this service, however, I’m going to go through Ancestry.com.  Why?  Because they are the only company I feel comfortable sending my valuable DNA to.  Some other DNA companies have websites and such… ‘but they all seem to look, uh, cheap.  Last thing I want to do is send my DNA to someones garage/lab.  I’m going purely with credibility, slick advertising, and the reviews of people who’ve used “AncestryDNA” before me.  All in, the $99 kit costs $106, with tax, at the time of order!  No hidden shipping costs.  But pay attention, it was $79 the day before I ordered my kit.  So watch for sales and coupon codes and you might be able to save some dough.

The Kit Arrives

Once the collection kit arrives at your home 3-5 days later, you’ll have to get your DNA prepped.  The kit allows you to safely get your DNA from your body, to the Ancestry DNA lab so they can do their scientific voodoo on it.  So what comes in the kit?  A Test Tube… ‘for you to spit in!  (Get it?!?!).  You’ll spit in the test tube, put on the cap, which releases a blue preservative. IMG_5242You’ll shake your sample around a bit, pack it up, and drop it back into the mail.  In total, you’ll get (1) the nifty test tube, the (2) the cap with preservative, (3) the directions with your activation code, (4) a protective bag, and (5) a return postage package.

That’s correct, you even receive a paid-postage box to send your sample to the lab with.  Just slide your sample into the package, take it to the post office or UPS store (honestly, I wouldn’t leave it in a hot mailbox for a couple days).   And then, the waiting begins!!!

What do I expect to see from my DNA?

Who knows… ‘but this will be interesting, because during my entire life, I’ve been running on the assumption that my ancestors came to America from Africa, and some were already here as American Indians.  Honestly, I’m not certain of any of it, but it’s what I was told by family.  And surely, I’ve extrapolated from those points over the years.  Now, I have no doubt, that everyone hears something, and adds their spin to that.

Do you remember that “communication”  exercise of sitting in a line and listening to a sentence and telling that to the next person in the line?  Do you remember how the message was unrecognizable after 15-30 people, from the first person to the last?  Imagine that over decades, generations, or centuries.

‘And now, I’m on the AncestryDNA mapprecipice of having all I “know” and believe about my ancestry, shot down by a tiny test!  It will be interesting to see the results and attempt to comprehend how different my actual DNA tests… to what my understanding is/was.  The DNA is tested and applies matches to 27 genealogical regions of the planet. So this could be crazy!

OK, so here’s MY UNDERSTANDING of where I come from.  My story IS the story of America.  Black, White, and Indian (in my understanding).

The Slavery Angle

My understanding is that my distant lineage is [obviously] from Africa.  Being a black American dude, I don’t distinguish which parts of Africa my ancestors may have come from, because it’s just Africa (not that they all look the same).  I believe my distant ancestors were bought to America during the slave trade, where they ended up in the Carolinas.  Some of those genetic ancestors were owned by the very few British/Scottish people named “Pinckney” that arrived in America AND owned slaves.  We know that is where they are from because, “Pinckney” is a habitational name; ‘Or a name which is based upon where someone came from [as in; Michael from Pinckney], “Pinckney” being a town.  If you ever hear a British name, that is the name of a city, it is that kind of name (London, Essex, Newcastle, Sanford, England, Oxford, York).  Well, those white Pinckney’s who arrived in America, apparently got some black indentured servants and/or slaves.

Slaves normally took the names of their owner’s families, and that is how the Pinckney name jumped to black Americans.  [NOTE: Two Pinckney’s signed the US Constitution for Carolina].  There is a Pinckney Island (in South Carolina), which used to have a whole gaggle of slaves that worked on its plantations (in South Carolina), and there’s even a Pinckney Castle/Fort (in South Carolina).  Pinckney is a very historic name. I would assume there was some mixing of genes during this time as some slave owners, had “liberties” with some of the people they owned (I’m NOT judging).  I’m certain it happened then, just as it happens TODAY in cultures where there is still “SLAVERY” or “indentured servitude” such as in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia (and many other Islamic nations actually), Eastern Europe, China, Africa, and scores of other places throughout the world.  When people OWN other people and have power over them, they eventually sleep with them.  Thus, I’m expecting the second largest portion of my DNA, after some kind of African, to be from Great Britain.

The Indian Angle

I’m expecting the third largest portion of my genes to be from the American Indian.  Why?  Because family members have informed me that one of my Grandmothers was part “Red Bone” Indian.  I have NO idea what the hell that means.  A google search says it was just a generic term for Indians, but who knows.  Since she was from Florida, I assume that she was part “Seminole.”  It’s too bad that AncestryDNA cannot distinguish specific Indian tribes CURRENTLY.

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So Yea,

This DNA test might be interesting, if it shows that I was REALLY wrong.  It’s one thing to believe what I’ve been told by my family.  BUT, I don’t know if I can dispute the DNA test results when confronted with subjective information.  What if I’m part Japanese (although it would explain my Ninja reflexes), or Italian (which would explain why the women of the world find me “exotic”).   But this it should be interesting.

See you when I get the results in 6-8 weeks.

K. Pinckney