— Do You Actually Own Your House — A Quick Thought

After you’ve made all of the payments on your house, you thought you’d enjoy the evidence of your labor.  You’ve paid oodles and oodles of dollars out for the last 15, 25, or 30 years.  You’ve loaded your house up with furniture, your personal goods, and other useless junk, that took a lifetime to collect.  You’ve made yourself the king, or queen, of your castle.

‘And now you tell everyone you “OWN” your house!  ‘But do you really?   You have the deed in your hand.  There’s no dispute that you paid for it and you’ve got the Title to prove that it’s yours.  But here’s the thing.  Your house is not like your clothes, your shoes, your TV’s, furniture, artwork, Bsanpedro-houseetamax video cassette player, bronze faucets, the massive tool collection in your garage, your cars, or your antique firearms.  You own those!  They are yours, you paid for them, and you’ll never have to pay anyone a red-cent more to keep them because, ‘well, you OWN them!   But it turns out, that your house and the real estate that it sits on, is not like the funky old boots in your closet or your (infomercial special) Magic Wok.  No one can take those away from you unless they do it by theft because you’ve paid for them, and you do not owe anyone anything on them… once you OWN them!

But your house, on the other hand, can be taken away.  Not only can eminent domain be directed at your property (without providing you “actual” market value), but if a new school goes up in your neighborhood, your “property taxes” can be increased to pay for it.  You will end up paying taxes for projects that you do not use and were asked about. But then comes the tragedy.  If you choose NOT to pay, your property taxes someone is going to put a lien on your property. Eventually, your house can be seized by government.  And you will have no valid defense.  To top all of that off;  Property Taxes generally increase EVERY year regardless of what the neighborhood house prices are doing as government strives to collect evermore amounts of tax revenue.

Stated Another Way

How can you own your property, if it can be taken from you when you don’t pay taxes levied on a resource, that you own?  If it is your property,  Why would you have to pay Property Taxes to ANYONE?

Yes, Yes, Yes; those schools may be in your neighborhood, but what if you don’t have kids in the school?  Should you be punished with higher taxes when you already OWN your home?  Is it reasonable that you be put in a position of losing what you OWN… because of taxes that are levied on you for something that is already yours?  People will say… Well, someone has to pay for the Police and Fire department.  Understood, but that does not answer the question of, how you can lose your home/property to someone else, when you OWN it.

If we get to the point we no longer have to pay a mortgage; and we can still lose our homes for not paying taxes on that property that we already OWN.   Apparently, we never really own our homes…

K. Pinckney


— My Mistake. Apparently Some Of Us Are Determined To Be Slaves!

Remember Slavery?  When you didn’t get to make any decisions over your own life?  When you couldn’t pick up and leave anytime you wanted to?  When a master (or mistress) got to make your decisions for you… over what you ate, what you wore, and who you got to talk to?  When you had to work because someone else told you they wanted something done.  Where you didn’t get to decide where you lived.  Where your compensation is not determined by a free market, and was usually ZERO.  Where someone could buy or sell your ass, at their whim.  And where your owners could breed you to make more slaves like you… just like were a Labrador Retriever, and then take your offspring away and sell them.  Yes, those were the good ‘ole days of Slavery…  Well, Slavery is making a come back!

But this time, it is enslavement through government force.  Regulation, Taxation, Coercion, and Control are the new whips.

Even if you do not choose to be a slave, you MAY become collateral damage; because others around you are stupid enough to think government should take your rights, as they give up slavery-newtheirs.  Government is not precise, nor specific.  Government wants to treat all people the same, regardless of their obvious differences, skills, and backgrounds.  It wants to see you as a servant of the government!  ‘because it does not believe “government” is the servant of the citizen; nor as protector of individual rights.   Do you think a (ANY) government would ever voluntarily limit its own authority over your life given the opportunity?  It would love nothing more than to tell you what to drive, what to eat, where (or IF) to get education, where to shop, how much taxes to pay, how to buy your healthcare, or even where to live.

Ironically, a government would gladly accept… the same authorities over your life, that a slavemaster seized over his slaves lives.  It is the nature of man (human nature), to gain as much power as possible.  And it is humans, that administer government.  ‘So by extension, ‘government wants as much power as possible.

If you voluntarily choose to put YOUR future, independence, liberty, and freedoms, in the hands of a (ANY) government, apparently you WANT to be a slave.  No, you won’t admit to yourself that you want to be enslaved because no one in history, has ever said that… ‘but the outcome will be the exactly the same.  If it is left up to a government, that government will eventually wrangle the Rights away from those harriet-tubmanunder that government.  It is the citizen’s duty to stop its government from seizing too much control over them… if they can.  The odds are greatest when a Constitution is in place that limits government, and/or when citizenry have a means to scare its would be slave-master into submission with force (such as with a Second Amendment).

In The End

Some of us are do not YET see that we are being slowly enslaved.  Curiously, not ALL slaves knew they were slaves.  They may have felt something was wrong, ‘But ignorance was bliss, and many of those slaves born into slavery, likely didn’t know that they were slaves, and likely didn’t know what it was… to be free!

K. Pinckney

— Is It An “Assault Rifle”, or a “Contech Rifle?”

Expecting Firearms to NOT evolve despite the natural progression of technology, would be akin to expecting the car NOT to evolve.  Think about a 1955 Mercedes 300 SL and a 2016 Mercedes Gullwing.  Both cars share a direct lineage, and were/are the height of automotive technology at the times they were built, and the 1955 SL is considered one of the most beautiful cars designed by humanity.  The 2016 ‘Merc, on the other hand is astonishing,  but is a far more capable vehicle.  It has Air Conditioning, Anti-lock braking, traction control, night vision radar, GPS navigation, power steering, carbon fiber, Airbags, bluetooth, and ‘oh yea, a sound system.  These features do not make it a new type of vehicle.  It is still a “car”; but it is a car that contemporary technology has NATURALLY made quicker, faster, more safe, more powerful, and more efficient; even while making it much heavier and larger.  The contemporary Mercedes is an all around better vehicle, due to technology.  Logically, shouldn’t technological advances affect firearms in the same manner?

But today, America is filled with people, many of which, know NOTHING about firearms, but who despise the idea of a “firearm”.  They particularly hate the bigger, scarier one… ‘even though, they are not the cause of most firearm related carnage…  They particularly despise the rifles they mistakenly like to call, “Assault Rifles”.

The Assault Rifle

Despite our collective insistence on NOT judging a book by its cover, it is apparently legitimate to judge a firearm by how it looks.  It doesn’t matter how it works, or what the definition of “Assault Rifle” is.  All that matters to some people who know little about firearms… is that some rifles look scary.  The “Assault Rifle” is based upon one,

Sturmgewehr 44

The Sturmgewehr (Assault Rifle) 44 from 1944.  It Is where the term “Assault Rifle” comes from.

specific rifle.  The German Sturmgewehr 44 (or STG-44).  The reason for its name, was that it was a rifle (gewehr) designed to “storm” (or assault) the enemy.  It had a 30-round detachable magazine, intermediate powered round, and SELECTIVE FIRE… meaning, it could fire a single round per trigger squeeze OR multiple rounds per trigger squeeze (“automatic mode”, like a machine gun).  By looking at the STG-44, you may note that it has the exact same general configuration that modern military rifles have.

The Contemporary Technology (Contech) Rifle

“Contemporary art” is art RifleARproduced at the present period in time.  “Contemporary Technology” describes current technology.  “Contemporary Technology Rifles” (ConTech) describes firearms produced with technology of the modern day.  Instead of a lever-action, or bolt action rifle, contemporary technology includes a gas-system that reloads rounds in a semi-automatic operation, instead of loading round metal balls into the barrel (as on a musket).  Magazines hold multiple rounds instead of forcing the user to manually load each round between each shot.  Instead of a one size fits all shape, adjustable stocks allow the operator to adjust for his/her body size and shape.  Instead of using costly wood for the stock, polymers and plastics are used (just as in contemporary cars).  These are merely upgrades in technology.  Did anyone think that technology would stop just because we’re dealing with firearms?

Just as in Cars, TV’s, stereo systems, homes (or any other product, service, or good). Firearm technology advances make contemporary firearms more effective and easy to use.  Features such as a Flash Hiders, Pistol Grips, Optical Sights, Detachable Magazines, Adjustable Stocks; increase the reliability, utility, and effectiveness of the firearms.  That is what technology does!  Would you really expect contemporary firearms to be as difficult, inaccurate, and inefficient, as firearms from the Revolutionary, or Civil War eras?


Technology does not stop merely because it is on a product that some do not like, but perhaps, we shouldn’t call all Contech rifles, “Assault Rifles”.

K. Pinckney