— We’ve Got A New President — And The World Is Still Here.

OK, We recently had Inauguration day 2017.  djtIt went by without a hitch.  The ceremony was great and many of us have lost one of our main reasons to complain, while admittedly, others amongst us now have a new reason to do so…  His first business day arrived and he signed a few Orders to meet some of the promises he made to win the election, and here we are.  The world is still going.

NEWS media, including CNN hoped bad stuff might happen to him.  Nearly 70 Democrat Congressman protested Trump (and the American people), and did not show up to an inauguration.  Lots of childish nonsense; reminiscent of the last time a similar boycott occurred, when Democrats boycotted Lincoln, the first Republican.  It would seem, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Things Will Change

Listen.  Things are going to change, and you may not like it, but just remember one thing… Some of you supported a guy who ran on the concept of “Hope and Change” just eight years ago.  You supported that, because it was the change you wanted.  Now there is a new President and his idea of change, will be different than what you like.  ‘And what you’re feeling now, is the same feeling that those who did not want, nor trust, Obama felt when he was elected.

Some of us libertarians were annoyed, offended, and our ideals of liberty were offended by Obama, but just as we did, you’ll survive this.  There’s a new President, and it goes without saying; that the world will survive.


— Did The Russian Really Hack The US Election? — Who Do You Trust???

Listen…  Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump.   It’s over!  Trump will be President in 17 days; but instead of accepting the outcome, many Democrats are claiming that the Russians “hacked” the election and therefore the US must take some action against them…

Obama responded by kicking out 35 personnel associated with the Russian Diplomatic mission in the US (including one whom the putin_ruso-696x423Russians claim was a cook).  Additionally, the US also closed two Russian facilities, that the US claims are intelligence-related.  What did the Russians do in kind?  Nothing!  Although they could’ve responded in kind and kicked out 35 of our diplomats, Obama would likely have responded further against the Russians, and attempted to build stress, thus further straining the US/Russian relationship for the next US President.  Obama and his team planned for a hostile response.  Putin, who IS the smarter man, chose to check mate Obama by making his response appear insignificant… ‘and Obama had/has no response.

‘But did the Russians really “hack” the US Election?  Well, the US Government says it was a hack, but under scrutiny, they changed their tune to say that the Russians “interfered” in our election.  They aren’t suggesting that the voting machines were hacked, any computer systems were compromised, or any data altered.  They must use the term “interfered” because they are speaking of Hillary Clinton’s in house, non secure, email server; also of released DNC server information.  They are also referring to John Podesta’s emails becoming public.  Interestingly, the government IS NOT saying that those emails are NOT true, but that it was bad that people got information that MAY have helped voters make up their minds in favor of one candidate or against another candidate.  It is obvious, that government (and the Democrat Party) are upset, that voters had MORE access to information than Democrats wanted them to have.

It’ll no doubt be interesting when Trump is inaugurated.  He’ll no doubt call in “the Intel professionals” and get all the information regarding this supposed Russian interference.  He’ll likely have a briefing and inform the world, that the previous administration… was not correct.

In the end, there is NO evidence to be seen of evil Russian interference.  Of course, the government claims that it is due to National Security.  Obama and his team claim that 17 Intel-Agencies, including the FBI say that there was interference.  ‘And government wants us all to ignore the fact… intelligence_communitythat political appointees are at the top of ALL of these 17 Intel-Agencies (or that the agencies report to political appointees.  All of these Intel Agencies MUST say what the President wants them to say, because the President is their boss.  Does anyone think Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, or Coast Guard Intelligence Agencies would say that their Commander-In-Chief was not correct?!?!  Ironically, It is the Democrat Party that NOW claims that “Intel” against Trump must be correct, and that they have all the faith that their information is right, and that they should be trusted without question.  But it was just a few years ago, that they claimed that the Intel was wrong regarding MWD in Iraq getting us into war.  Are they now suggesting that Intel cannot be wrong or compromised?!?!

But for sh**s and grins, let’s say the Russians did release Clinton or Podesta’s emails (even though Wikileaks says it was not; and Wikileaks collected and released that information)… Why would Obama get so upset?  Didn’t Obama send US taxpayer money and personnel to interfere within Israel’s election to help oust Netanyahu?  Didn’t he interfere in the Brexit by speaking on that internal issue, and threatening the British, whilst in London?  Obama also claims that he knew it was happening earlier, and that he warned Putin, a former KGB Agent, to stop interfering.  You would think he would have taken action to address this issue at the time.  But conveniently, there would be NO/ZERO/NADA action until after Hillary lost…   Curious, isn’t it?!

One thing is absolutely certain though…  If Hillary Clinton would’ve won this Presidential election, Obama would NEVER have taken any action against the Russians.  This is ONLY because Obama didn’t get his way and is now realizing that everything he did whilst in office (his legacy), will likely be wiped away!

K. Pinckney