— Is The US Government, Trying To Start War With Russia?!?! Seriously?

Why is the US Government so intent on starting war with the Russian Government?  It makes absolutely zero sense. What has Russia done to the United States?   As far as I see, NOTHING! Sure. I get that the President's Son And Brother have Ukrainian ties. And Yes. And I concede that it's likely that the... Continue Reading →

What Happened to Australian Police?!?! They Went Full Tyrant… ‘And you NEVER go “Full Tyrant”.

Alright, this amazing video turned up on Australian news about what Australian police did to its citizens this past year due to covid . It is extremely disturbing if you think about it. But its powerful! It is a Must Watch video. It's from a youtube channel called, MilkBar TV. Click the image below to... Continue Reading →

— What Happened To Australian Police?!?!

What happened in Australia?  The Police have become tyrants. Now, if you've been paying attention the last few years, you've seen them do things like; beat people who've not been violent.  You've seen them push down old ladies for daring to disagree with them. You've seen them arrest people for merely questioning the government. And that's... Continue Reading →

— What Sri Lanka Says About Globalism

If you're not paying attention. The Sri Lankan government has collapsed. The world witnessed hundreds of thousands of people surrounding the Sri Lankan President's Palace. And then in one moment, they sent an unmistakable message to the Sri Lankan government. And the rest of the world's governments for good measure. They raided the residence, raided... Continue Reading →

— The Russia Ukraine War — Is Lost

It's always unfortunate when anyone dies in wars. Especially when the people who die are innocent civilians that include women, the elderly, and children. That is my only disclaimer. Now for the point that someone, whom I don't know, becomes insulted, and dare I say... 'triggered. As an American, I find it fascinating that American... Continue Reading →

— Gas Prices, Me, and Memes

It's crazy that in 2022, I've just gotten the humor of the "meme". Yes! I get that I'm like 10 years behind the high point of the "meme", but... what're ya gonna do? And here's another one for you. What's funny about this one is it calls out absurdity in a way that even a... Continue Reading →

— The Problem With Censorship

I love this meme. It's powerful because it's true. It should be obvious that if you take away any opposing voices, that you'll have only one voice left. The problem arises when you have a Tyrant, Dictator, or Totalitarian providing that one voice... Obviously, there are numerous problems with hiding people's ideas and voices from... Continue Reading →

— A Tyranny Fact Check True

Alright. This meme is going around today. And unlike the mostly ridiculous memes out there that your mom is looking at, and taking as the gospel... This one makes a great point! Some people don't seem to understand what tyranny is. 'Well this is what Tyranny looks like. In some Middle Eastern countries, they make... Continue Reading →

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