— I Give Up… I Forgive All White People For Slavery (Not That It Matters).

Do I really have to say it?  Are we really living in such crazy times that we have zero perspective?  Well, apparently we are!  You have people seriously claiming that all white people suffer from “White Privilege”.  But thes4ruc only way “whites” (doesn’t that sound derogatory) don’t suffer of this hence hidden disease, is through their full-hearted admission that they benefited from the sinister White Privilege, that no one can concisely define.

Normally this White Privilege comes up when people are discussing any item that white or black people (or any other minority) disagree upon.  In America, this White Privilege originates from one period in time, apparently.  ‘And that period is the slavery days yore.  Post colonial America, but pre-Reconstruction.   But I feel it’s time I make one announcement!

“I Forgive All White People For Slavery!”

I know!  It sounds stupid!  It sounds stupid because IT IS stupid!!!  There are exactly, negative-three, black people alive today, that were slaves prior to emancipation.  But the argument goes; that due to slavery, there are still lingering

You should read the 1860 Census. Very Interesting! (click here)

effects on black people today.  ‘That many modern blacks cannot get along, adjust, or live in society, because of the harm that slavery perpetrated upon their grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents.  Yes, that makes this all sound even more stupid…

Even if it were true (and not a sociological nightmare of factors from parenting,education, to stable families) , Slavery is NOT the fault of ANY white people still living today, and no white people today should feel in any way responsible, nor guilty for it!  Just as American blacks should not feel responsible for tribal violence/warfare our ancestors participated in within Africa prior to slavery, white people should not accept any responsibility for slavery within America, since they have never owned slaves.  And they definitely should NOT feel responsible to those who have never even been enslaved.  Obviously, this is madness!

Now, did the US have a slavery issue?  Sure we did a few hundred years ago!  Did we resolve the issue appropriately?  Yes! ‘As best as it can be “resolved”.  Slavery was ended by the Republican party (through election & warfare).  But slavery was not ONLY a problem for OUR forefathers, but it was a problem for the world.  The “WORLD” had a slavery issue.  Recognize it, and move on!  Give Republican President, Image result for emancipation proclamationAbe Lincoln, some credit for writing the Emancipation Proclamation and beginning the process to end slavery by the Democrat States.  Give Republicans, and mostly white folks credit for fighting a war against other Americans, including sometimes against their own extended families, to ensure that a Confederacy of Democrat States (see how I threw that in again?) would not leave the United States and keep slavery going within their territories; as well as end the “United” in United States.

Riddle Me This:

If every white person suffers from white privilege, how come such a small percentage of white people owned slaves, and why did other white people fight to end the practice? And why later, did still other white people fight to end segregation, and Jim Crow during the Civil Rights era?

Yes, it goes without saying, and in the real world, it DOES not matter; but I forgive all white people for slavery.  Even though I was never a slave, and no white people any of us know were slaveholders, a lot of whites are taking a lot of hateful comments today, as though they themselves, were cotton-farming, Democrat, KKK, Plantation-owning, slave whippers.

Maybe some of you Social Justice Commandos (SJC) should consider;  just consider, my opinion…

‘Or not!  You have done a great job of hiding from truth thus far into your lives.  It would be foolhardy of me, to think that you might consider a different way of thinking at this point.      I Give Up!!!

— Pinckney

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