— Mexico And The United States — Are We Really Good Neighbors?

Yes, we do share a common border.  us-mexicoThe US and Mexico are neighbors.  But are we good neighbors?  Any two people can live next door to each other, but that is only enjoyable and comfortable, when both feel their property (and sovereignty) is being respected by the other.  We have to ask ourselves, if either the US, or Mexico, is failing to respect the other.

Mexico Would Say

Mexico would say that it is a great neighbor… ‘but WHO in their right mind, would suggest that Mexico is a reasonable neighbor.  Their citizens move up and live illegally in another country, get jobs, and send the money back to their families in Mexico to support them.  That’s bad, but not worse than the minor percentage, that come to the United States, don’t get jobs, put their kids in US schools, collect welfare (or other social benefits) while not paying in to the tax system.  Or even worse, the Mexican citizens that arrive in the US, and commit crimes…

Isn’t it funny how Liberals say that EVEN one gun used to murder someone justifies banning them all; BUT they get all quiet and sympathetic when EVEN one Illegal Alien murders someone?

Mexico is like the neighbor who keeps having worstneighbor everloud drunken parties (doesn’t invite you), and his friends park their cars on your driveway and heave bottles onto your lawn, forcing you to clean up a mess after every party, BBQ, or Pay Per View sporting event.  But you can’t find your lawn tools, because that same neighbor keeps borrowing them without your permission.  He has little respect for your property rights AND you know one day, it’s all gonna come to a head!  Either to an understanding… or to blows!

The US Position

The US Position is more complex. The US wants to be a good neighbor.  They want cheap goods, built in a poor country.  The politicians want the votes of an ever-growing group of illegal aliens.  Laws used to protect Black slaves from being ejected from the United States are now being used to justify illegal aliens from around the world coming to the US and having babies… making them American Citizens.  No other country in the WORLD views this as more complex.  Ask an Nicaraguan Illegal Alien born in Mexico?!?!   He would not automatically be a citizen of Mexico, meaning that Mexican Illegals, are taking advantage of a system that Mexico does not even allow.

If your neighbor entered your house without your permission… How long would you be accepting of this behavior? (if you didn’t shoot him)   Lets say it was his kids, or even his nice neighbordogs.  That would not make the situation any better if you didn’t want ALIEN people entering your property.  What if your neighbor used to own part of your property before a survey determined that part of his property was actually yours.  Of course he would not like it, but would you accept him still claiming your new found property and using it as his own.  ‘Or would you be willing to fight it out!

Imagine if you had resources on your property like an orange tree or some grape vines, but your neighbor kept entering your property to take some of your oranges or grapes WITHOUT your permission.  How long would you accept this?  There comes a point when “neighbors” become “bad neighbors”.  When trust and cooperation are no longer a part of your neighborly relationship.

In The End

America and Mexico are like neighbors that have to be cordial and act like we like each other because we want peace.  Our proximity is the ONLY reason why the US and Mexico must deal with each other.  If Mexico was where Switzerland or Djibouti is located; we would not be dealing with each other.  These two nations don’t really like each other and avoid each other when we can.  But one neighbor benefits from the fact that he is in close proximity to the other neighbor, and the other neighbor… is too spineless to stand up for himself, and is constantly projecting his wishes and dreams against a disastrous reality.  ‘But he could solve the majority of the problem, by merely putting up a damned fence.

K. Pinckney

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