— It IS Time For A Color Blind Government…

It’s time to end this!  Alot of people SAY that we should have a Color Blind “Society”; but well, the irony of it all, is that they don’t really want a color blind society.  Many of the Ramirez Color-Blindpeople who claim they want one, always seem to support Affirmative Action and other programs that benefit some, to the detriment of others.  Many of these people act as though they are against the status quo, but they don’t really want to take any steps away from that very same Status Quo that they speak of.  A few of the hard core believers will proclaim from the mountain tops, that they want a fair system, yet, they don’t think it would be fair, if government treated every citizen exactly the same.  They definitely do not want to risk any programs or advantages that benefit them personally.

If you are a person who benefits from governmental programs, including special schooling options, tuition assistance, free cell phones, homebuyer incentive Programs, you will not want to see any of those programs go away.  It is just as socialist, George Bernard Shaw stated:  A Government That Robs Peter To Pay Paul, Can Always Count On The Support Of Paul…”  It is ironic, that the Status Quo they so vehemently protect, includes identifying, cataloging, and treating people differently based upon their race and/or color.  ‘Especially when they claim that color, or race should not matter…

Many will say that because some groups AQEverywere unfairly tainted, and injured in the past, that they still require governmental assistance.  Ask any of the people who believe this, when and by what standard, they will no longer require such governmental advantage, and the answer you receive will NOT include any specific measure or quantification that can EVER be achieved.  Inversely, you can give them direct evidence that governmental “protection”, and “stewardship” will never lead them out of trouble by reminding them of the American Indian.  ‘Protected for centuries… and harmed all the way!

What Do We Do First?

The First Step to a Color Blind “Government”, is a recognition that the US government should treat ALL Americans EXACTLY the same.  Each American citizen has the same Value as any other.  We each only get one vote and, we do not have a caste system that values the Rights of some Americans above the Rights of other Americans.  If you don’t believe that government should treat each citizen the same, you are already lost.  If you can grasp the concept, however, you’ll note that the Constitution makes no distinction to treat Americans differently based upon their race, color, background, genetic origin.  Where there was a conflict (slavery), there was a remedy to correct it by the Republican Party and Abraham Lincoln.

A Color Blind government would mean, that America would end:

  1. Racial check-boxes
  2. Educational benefits based upon Race
  3. Racial Hiring preference

Now I get it.  It seems scary.  Change is terrifying, especially, when the outcome may mean a disadvantage.  But if you think that having a colorblind society would be detrimental, I’d ask you to evaluate how the current system of racial check-boxing, and preferences has benefited society up to this point.

The Time Has Come

If we cannot do this now, we will NEVER do it [until it’s too late].  Inherently, we all know that our government should not care what anyone’s race is. We all objectively see that government mandated diversity programs should be ended.

I am just curious to know, how SOME of you will continue to tell yourselves that we are all equal, but some of us… are more equal than others.  (Sounds Familiar)

K. Pinckney

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