— Why the AR-15 Cannot Be Banned – They multiply!!!

When you look at the AR-15 rifle, you see the ar1height of contemporary firearm technology.  Technological improvements do not stop, and that includes with firearms.  The musket, and the revolvers, were always doomed to extinction.  Much contemporary firearms technology has met on the AR-15 platform.  There are more than 160 manufacturers, and thousands of companies that make accessories and parts for the AR-15.  It is a user-friendly, adjustable, and versatile platform that many gun owners have experience with.   Yet, ‘there’s always someone out there who says they should ban AR-15’s.  They think it’s a reasonable response to those rare (but unfortunate) times when an AR-15 is used in a crime.

But, CAN they be banned?   Probably Not.  They are too easy to build!   And there are too many of them already in circulation.

‘Too easy to build

Once you have a lower receiver, you have everything you need.  The lower receiver, is the serial-numbered part of an ‘AR, the rest of the components, such as the barrel, stock, handgrip, are all considered mere parts.  You can go anywhere to buy those, including Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, and Craigslist.

With a few tools, any idiot can put them together (‘and I’ve built a few).  The information on how to put them together has been out of there for more than 30 years.  If you didn’t know, the AR-15 started hitting the planet in about 1968.

EVERYONE that owns an AR-15 has some extra AR-15 ar2that they are no longer using.  If they just purchased one,  months after they received it, they’ve purchased parts to customize their new ‘AR to how they use theirs.  Eventually, they’ll have enough parts that can be used to build another AR-15.  All they’ll do, is go out and buy another lower receiver.

Why Can’t You Ban Them?

Well, you can try to ban them!  ‘But they multiply, there are an unknown amount of them out in the population.  With an estimated 300 million guns in the hands of an estimated 120 million American gun owners, there can be up to 15-20 (or maybe even 30) million AR-15’s and ‘AR derivatives out there.

If you think that you can merely ban the AR-15, you haven’t been paying attention.  If you’re still willing to try… You’re either stupid, or dangerous.  “Dangerous” because you’re a totalitarian who thinks you can seize the property of others.  ‘Or “Stupid”, because you think gun owners will let you seize their firearms without a fight.  Either way, there’s a lesson to be learn here.

Good Luck!

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