— The Curious Comparison Of The Rioters-In-Black (RIB)… ‘and the KKK.

If you look close enough into something, you can generally make any two things comparable.  But if you find that you don’t have to try too hard to find comparisons, you realize that your efforts are not purely chance.  Next you’ll have found a coincidence.  Lastly, you’ll realize that the items are in fact, similar.

And here I have a curious Comparison.  It is with those “Rioters-In-Black“, that have become all to familiar of late, and the “Ku Klux Klan“.  We all know the KKK, and we all see the Rioters-In-Black.  We have generally called them Anarchists.  Anarchists have h_1853297116-8dd4b90a-2bc5-4306-86f6-41f4883b125ahad to rebrand themselves numerous times; including as the folks who rioted on Wall Street a couple of years back as the 99% of Occupy Wall Street.  Today, they are calling themselves Antifa (Anti Fascists).  Today, they riot if someone wants to share beliefs, or speech… that conflicts with their own beliefs.  They’ll pick a cause and go for it.  All of these groups/movements get their money from the same sources, and wear the same gear, and they’ll even have the same signs for a new age (and a new President).  Anarchists were big in the 80’s, but now, they just seem kinda stupid and irrelevant… just like the KKK.  For the sake of Brevity, within this article, I shall henceforth refer to the Rioters-In-Black, as the “RIB“.

But lets look at 10 Curious Comparisons between these groups/movements.


They Really like to Start Fires

           For some reason, both the RIB and the KKK like to start fires.  Apparently, they think it’s a good tool for scaring those whom they disagree with.  They like the optics of how their fires look to everyone who does not share their beliefs.  They seem to be of the Screen-Shot-2017opinion, that if they don’t like what someone says… Enough rioting, and enough fires can get them to back down.  And if no backdown occurs, It will not have mattered because the burnt evidence that they disagreed, and “were there” will still linger, and send their message.  In this case, the KKK has them beat.  The KKK burned crosses; sometimes in a controlled fashion in a field (with them surrounding it in ceremony), and sometimes on people’s lawns.  But in their defense, if the RIB didn’t hate religion so much, they’d probably burn crosses too.


Both Groups Use Threats And Violence

Both groups use threats and violence… against people who are not using violence and threats against them.  The RIB are rarely the victims of crime, but they are regularly committing acts of violence against others.  The KKK were fond of hanging people.  But they also shot, stabbed, and bombed people (including churches and girls’ schools).  The KKK was proud to use force against people who only had differing opinions from them.

The RIB are not hanging people YET; other than in effigy, but it is NOT because they are in any way more moral or honorable than the KKK; but because they know they do not have enough people, guts, or power, to make it stick.  There are few government officials who would defend them, or fail to aggressively prosecute them once they start killing people.  The RIB doesn’t have enough people to scare the population into complying with their wishes.  The RIB doesn’t have the political clout that the KKK had.  They have no Presidents (like KKK Truman), or Congressman (like KKK Senator Bird).  They have no Sheriffs, and few elected officials to publicly support their cause.

Their Threats and Violence can only be directed at select people, for the RIB know, that if they attack the wrong people, they will likely end up with greater violence directed at themselves, and that violence, will likely involve gunfire…  It is the prime example of an individuals Second Amendment Rights, protecting the rest of their Constitutional Rights.


For Me, Not For Thee

Both the KKK and the RIB want To eliminate The Rights Of others.  Both groups enjoy their freedoms, but don’t ironywant others to utilize the same rights they enjoy.  Just as the KKK did, the RIB love helpless slaves.  The RIB enjoy their freedom of speech, but don’t want others to exercise their freedom of speech; especially, when that freedom conflicts with the RIB’s.  To them, that’s worthy of a fire being set.

If you tried to allow Blacks in the same school as Whites, the KKK was ready to attack them and would attempt to scare them off.

If a Conservative tries to speak at a college in 2017, the RIB will attack them and attempt to scare them off.


They Both Really Hate Republicans

The KKK was for “States Rights” (which to them, meant slavery) and against the Republicans.  They attacked and killed Blacks (all of which were Republicans), and White Republicans.  The Republican party was born out of White people freeing slaves, and ending lincoln-shotslavery itself.  The Democrats loved slavery, and HATED Republicans.  ‘And the First Republican President signed the Emancipation Proclamation and freed the slaves; before he was killed by a White Democrat.

[Don’t kid yourself into thinking that Democrats would be sad if the unthinkable happened to President Trump.]

The RIB claim to be against fascism.  They really want to believe, that it is the Republicans that are somehow fascist.  It is a blistering irony, that even though the RIB attempt to label the Republicans as fascists, it is them that are acting like the fascists… and I’m not talking hyperbole.  They are smashing in windows just like the Nazis did on Krystallnacht.  They are supporting their dictator’s (the people who pay them and whom they desire to follow) tenants  like the Chavista Redshirts in Venezuela.  And they will surround and attack those who disagree with them just the same.

What have the Republicans REALLY done to deserve their ire?!?!  Freed Slaves, fought for a smaller government, and wanted to be left alone by government slavery and control.  The RIB will fight… to have a bigger government, that is in more control of everyone’s lives!


They believe they are Justified In Violence Against Others

          Both the RIB and KKK see the use of violence… as a justifiable means to an end.  They believe that when they use violence, that it is appropriate.  The KKK believed it was to protect themselves, their pure racial blood, and polite society (which is horseshit).  The RIB will kick an old person whom they think does not support their righteous beliefs.  The RIB will assault a person with sticks and rocks, if a person has an opposing viewpoint, and they spray a person with pepper spray, and think they are morally on the high ground and justified.  They cannot peacefully convince anyone to agree with them, so instead, they have evolved into believing that violence is necessary to achieve their goal of big government socialism, communism, and AUTHORITARIANISM:

  1. “…the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.”


They wear Masks to hide their identities

Both The KKK and the RIB want to hide their true identities from the Law, and from Society.  Partially to protect themselves from possible lawsuits if anything bad happens, and partially to intimidate those who are not in their group.  Not only do they wear kkkkmasks to hide their identities, they also wear the same Color to show their solidarity with each other.  Obviously, the KKK wore white (with their masks/hoods), the RIB choose to model their best black as well as their masks.  Sometimes with Guy Fawkes masks (for some reason that does not jibe with actual history), and sometimes with a bandanas covering their faces in the manner of Wild West bandits preparing to conduct a train robbery.

Are you brave if you must wear a mask to share your beliefs?  The answer is a resounding NO.  You wear a mask to hide your identity.  In this, the KKK and the RIB are exactly the same.

It is deliciously ironic that the RIB, think that they are so different from the KKK, but they do the same shit, for many of the same reasons!


They Systematically Dehumanize Their Opposition

The KKK hated Blacks (and Republicans) because of what they are and what they believed.  The RIB, hate Republicans still, but they also hate the idea of the “White Man”.  They dehumanize those they hate by calling them names, labeling them as hostile, racist, xenophobic, or merely, “mean”.  RIB attack others, while suggesting they are being attacked by the people they are attacking.

It is easy to hate and attack someone if you believe them to be inferior to you.  You need look no further than some of the things the Nazi’s (and Ottomans, and Arabs, and every Dictator) said about the Jews, or another random group they choose to scapegoat.  They treat that group as though they are sub-human, until they started killing them because they believe them sub-human.

The RIB should be ashamed of themselves for saying some of the things they say about Republicans, and more specifically, Conservatives.  Some of the things they say… are some of the same things the KKK said about Blacks.  You can imagine the KKK saying “Blacks should be lined up and shot?”   Can you imagine a college Professor saying that, “Conservatives should be lined up and shot?”  That’s what I thought…  ‘And unfortunately, this is what the RIB are saying amongst each other as your read this.

The people who would say these things, mean these things!


They think they are independent… While acting like a mob

             Members of both the RIB, and the KKK, believe(d) that they were independent, thinking people who believe(d) in liberty and Rights… But they ignore the idea, that MANY people who get involved with Socialism (because it sounds good), and rib111Communism (because it sounds good), believe(d) they were also intelligent people.  This should explain why it is college-aged idiots who always seem to want to try socialism, while their experienced, parents know that socialism is a stupid dream that has never worked… EVER.

The RIB is an organized mob.  They are [what has Been Attributed to Lenin, but he never said]  USEFUL IDIOTS, who are tools of politicians.  They are in NO WAY thinking, intelligent, nor independent.


They Are BOTH Arms of the Democrat Party

              Yep.  The KKK was founded by Democrats after they lost the Civil war, and the First Republican President, The Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves.

It was dubbed, the “Klanbake”. Google it.

The Democrats were angry and wanted to keep the Blacks in their places and make Republicans pay for ending slavery.  They formed the Ku Klux Klan in 1866.  The KKK initially believed they could kill Blacks because they were Republicans, and scare White Republicans into abandoning their socio-political beliefs.

The RIB… are Democrats (who may believe in socialism or communism).  They believe in big government, many supported Bernie Sanders (a Democrat and Socialist), and in the Presidential election, IF they voted, it was for Hillary Clinton.  Not-a-one of them (matter-of-factly), voted for Trump.


They Are Doomed To Failure

               Despite the violence, political posturing, and the threats, the KKK lost.  Even though they were more grassroots and socially accepted (at the time), they eventually realized that they were the ones outside of the main stream of American thinking.  In America, we can disagree with each other and still accept that we have the right to think as we think, believe as we believe, and live as we live.

The RIB have the same problem.  They have not yet realized that no one cares what they think, nor believe.  The RIB has already lost but they refuse to accept that reality.  If it ever comes to violent confrontation, it is inevitable, that the RIB will lose in the end.  They are numerically inferior, and they are socially vague.  The RIB will have to ask themselves if they are willing to die to take away the Rights and Liberties of others, which is a requirement for them to win the confrontation.  They will learn that the people whom they are fighting are willing to fight, die, and kill, to maintain their Rights, Liberties, and Freedoms.

The RIB are doomed to fail, and in another 4 or 5 years, they will change their movement’s name, change their theme, put on more black clothing, or perhaps choose another color, possibly incorporate a symbol, all to show their solidarity to their new group… ‘And then they will riot anew, start more fires, and attack those whom they disagree with just as they did in the past, and in the present.

K. Pinckney

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