— Screw The “Black Leaders” — We Need “Black Libertarians”

We Need More “Black Libertarians”

During the height of the Civil Rights Movement, “Black Leaders”, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, organized efforts of the black community because they were actually, literally, being discriminated against.  I don’t mean that people didn’t like them (because no one has to like anyone!); but I mean there were laws in communities racist kiddosthat were created SPECIFICALLY to harm blacks in order to keep them in their place!  Some laws ensured people in society could not go into a store or be served because of their race!  Others required separate water fountains, movie theaters, schools, and bathrooms.   There was even a ridiculous rule that one race had to sit at the back of the bus.  Black Leaders were necessary in focusing the energies and efforts of the overall Black Communities to rid the country of such laws.  They had a singular focus and they did great (I say spectacular) work!  They led to most of these laws being knocked down directly because of their efforts.

But let’s move forward to 2013.  There’s a Black man as President and there’s another as Attorney General.  There are Blacks in every realm/level of government and society.  One would be hard pressed to find laws that discriminate against an individual PURELY due to that individual’s race, and thus, you do not need the same type of “LEADER” anymore.  If there are laws that should be altered or removed, the courts and public opinion provide the remedy.  So what’s going on within the Black Community?  Why does it seem that it is collectively moving backward in time with high incarceration rates (the statistics are depressing with Blacks committing nearly half of all violent crimes)? Why is there a high out-of-wedlock birth rate (the statistics are also depressing)?  Why is there a high “percentage” of welfare recipients (again, depressing)?  What about the high rate of unemployment and high teenage unemployment (yep, again…)??   If I hear another Black Leader suggest that “We” (by which they mean a collective government) must provide jobs and put “these people” back to work, I’m going to snap.  They obviously do not understand that government doesn’t “put people” back to work and does not “provide jobs”.  Government can provide basic, inefficient (when compared to private sector) services but pulls the required money from the private sector.  The larger government gets, it draws exponentially more money from private hands; who could’ve done the same job better, and for less money (which will be why Obamacare fails miserably).

So what’s the Problem?

Yep, you guessed it (based on the title).  These communities need less Black Leaders like, Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson; and they need more Black Libertarians like Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams [and you should watch both links/videos]…  They need more people who believe in Individual Rights instead of a collective, monolithic “Black Community”.  They need to recognize that Libertarian principles lead to the individual chasing his own goals and interests!  This in turn, strengthens a community, and builds the future of a society in ways government cannot dream of.  It is also a recognition that nothing motivates a person like the necessity to self-motivate.  To work because one has to is the most effective reason to find and maintain a job.  This is why many people will collect unemployment until they cannot collect it any longer and then promptly find jobs.  But the question remains: Why are many of these communities looking for “Black Leaders” when they SHOULD be looking for “Black Libertarians”?

Why Black Libertarians

Simply because due to Black Leaders and perceptions within the Black Community, many Blacks (sadly) don’t feel that they can improve themselves without the aid of government…. Black Libertarians believe in the Individual and not the collective (such as socialists do).  They believe that an individual’s rights are to be protected, even if from government.  They believe that government is always a threat to the individual because throughout the history of mankind, 100% of governments ended in violence against those who lived under them.  They don’t think you can minimize the rights of some to “improve” the rights of others.  That government cannot discriminate against some (even if intentions are good) because that means government must naturally discriminate against others.

Affirmative Action benefits (not “helps”) one group to the detriment of another.  Black Libertarians believe that government must only do those tasks which apply to everyone equally, or that it should NOT be doing it.  Black Libertarians recognize that government’s ONLY job is to protect the Individual Rights of EVERYONE (by which we mean American Citizens) and to follow, support, and defend the Constitution. Black Libertarians understand that despite the calls of Racism — that when combined, Blacks in America control more wealth than Blacks around the world combined.  Black Libertarians believe that anyone (including a government) that thinks he is entitled to 20, 30, 40, or 50% of someone else’ stuff, is a criminal and should be smothered to death. Why would anyone be entitled to 30 or 40% of the money that someone else earned???  [STOP! and just think about that question for a second!!!]  If someone works and makes money, why would a third party be entitled to ANY of that, let alone half, or more?

The Individual And The Government

Black Libertarians will never trust government!  They understand that government’s goal is to grow ever-larger and evermore powerful.  They understand that government benefits from giving the fish to the people, instead of teaching the people to fish (non-emergency food stamps).  A Black Libertarian recognizes that every dollar that is given to someone by government (welfare) is taken from someone else (taxes).  They see that taking money from others because others think they know how to spend that money better than the person who actually earned it; is wrong, and perhaps even evil!  Black Libertarians understand that nothing in life is free and that someone ALWAYS must pay. A Black Libertarian understands that the government says it can protect you so the ignorant amongst us, will beg it for more protection when they feel unsafe.  He/She understands that true security and protection comes from a neighborhood, town, or city with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of trained, background-checked (concealed carry-only), and registered (concealed carry-only) individuals protecting their own interests.  They are smart enough to see that police cannot protect any individual better than the individual can protect himself over the long-term, or in a split-second emergency when police are dozens of minutes away.  They recognize that police generally show up AFTER someone has already become a victim.

On Political Parties

On Republicans — Black Libertarians understand history; that it was the Republican Party that freed the slaves, wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, Started the NAACP, Fought for Black Men to be treated as “Men”, and brought about the Civil Rights Act Of 1964.  They also understand that it’s difficult to tell people that “they have to either work or starve (even if they don’t want to work or starve)”; and that its even more difficult to tell people that “they cannot have everything they want”.  Black Libertarians understand that people vote for the people who promise them free stuff.  They recognize that if there are no Libertarian candidates Running, they “might” have to vote Republican because at least the republican portrays that he believes in small-government and Individual Rights (and that’s a big “might“. Chris Christie, you need not even ask; NO!).

On Democrats — Black Libertarians further see that the Democrat Party has promised “African-Americans” everything, and has created NOTHING (except the failed promises)!  They have sponsored positions that are actually dangerous to individual freedom and liberty.  They fail to accept their history as though it no longer matters.  Worst of all, nothing they do will EVER result in any improvement.  Detroit; is what happens when Democrats are in charge.  To this day, Democrats are hard-wired to believe the individual needs to be directed in how to live and cannot live free for fear they might fail (and failure of course, is unfair).  This is why Democrat laws are NEVER supportive of Individual Rights and Liberty.  They ALWAYS lead to government gaining more control, limiting individual choice, and hiring more government employees.  This equates to the Individual, losing control (Obamacare).


That’s what the Democrat Party stood for.

The parties then And Now

Black Libertarians note that the parties have not changed much since slavery days. Republicans still believe in the Individual being treated as an individual (1 Man is 1 Man), which is not popular with many Blacks because of their belief that they need more resources to find a sense of equality.  After the slaves were Emancipated, Blacks were 99% Republican, because, well, the Democrats started the KKK and loved being in control of (owning) other humans.  Today that has reversed to 93-95% as Democrats.  Even though,  Democrats, still believe that Blacks are inferior (3/5ths of a Man)Even Democrats must concede that if they believed Blacks were equal, that there would be no need to treat them different or special in any way.  Although, Democrats tout equality, they are quick to condition (Pavlov Style) the Black Community into believing that they NEED the Democrats in order to achieve true equality.  Ironically, during much of the Civil Rights Movement, Blacks, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., were Republicans. Malcolm X may not have been of either party, but even he knew the Democrats were treating blacks as “political chumps“.

From Slavery, To Slavery

A Black Libertarian finds it curious that as a group of people who were held in bondage; Could own no property; Were not allowed to be educated; Were not free to live their lives as they saw fit (liberty); and survived solely at the whim of others — That those same people would willingly allow control over themselves to be transferred from a history of slavery, to a future bondage of a government!!!  — A Black Libertarian recognizes that over the past few decades, the Black Community has found itself begging government for resources.  After receiving those resources, the Black Leaders then claim, the resources were not enough and beg for more!  This, in turn, requires more resources because the results ONLY lead to further decline!  slavemrktWhile they beg, we find ourselves here today.  Many in the Black Community cannot purchase property; Their schools are failing; Their neighborhoods are crumbling; And they cannot move to better parts of the country because they cannot afford to.  They are no longer slaves of another man; but they are definitely NOT free!!! And then who do they blame?  Government?  History?  Other races?  Racism?  They beg for more help and they convince themselves that with new leadership, better results will ensue.  As newer leaders come, the cycle begins anew because the new leaders think as the old leaders did.  And since there is no true discrimination to be overcome, they deny the fact that no Leader can help a group of individuals with individual goals, dreams, or aspirations.  There is no enemy to be overcome with focused community efforts…

But just perhaps; they need less Black Leaders and more Black Libertarians.


Kali Pinckney

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent piece.

    1. Kali says:

      Thanks by the way..

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