— The National Security Agency – And You

the fourth————————————————————————-

— NSAPsych!!! Government gives itself authority to collect your data again!  You were more free for a day.  But Hey!  Theoretically, it’ll be less authority with the FREEDOM ACT.

— NSADo you feel it.  You’re a little more free than you were yesterday.  The Mass Surveillance section of the PATRIOT ACT expires today. 

— FBIOwns those surveillance planes that simulate cell phone towers to trick your phone into telling the FBI where you are…  But why does the FBI hide them?  Why do they own them through shell companies?  hmmm!   And why would your government think it appropriate?

— NSABegins winding down (SUPPOSEDLY) its mass surveillance and phone collection programs.  Of course none of us would know if they were lying because oversight is done through the FISA Court.

— FBIFBI Admits No Major Cases Were Cracked With PATRIOT ACT Snooping Powers 

— NSARemember When the NSA said it stopped “Dozens” of attacks

— NSANSA Converting Spoken Word to Text!    (CRAZY.  No One Would’ve Guessed That… Yea, I did!)

— FBITelling police not to disclose information on Stingray Phone Tracking.  That does not bode well for them.

— CIAWhat the CIA went through to get Apple’s encryption.  Aren’t they supposed to be focused on “Bad Guys?” — Or is it that they’re focused on EVERYONE who uses apple… and Microsoft!

— NSAMass Surveillance and spying on Americans is approved for another year… because the US Government’s Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court approved the US Government’s NSA.

— NSA Chief vs. Yahoo Exec.  – Well, I’m gonna go with the Yahoo exec on this one.  Probably because … Yahoo cannot punish me when I break one of its ever changing rules.

— NSAIf you want to really be pissed off!!!  Read i_m_fighting_for_the_fourth_amendment__by_poasterchild-d6m7ge9.pnghow the NSA stole encryption to your cell phone, SIM Card.

— DARPA DARPA, Transcription, Your Phone Calls.. Interesting, Who would’ve saw this coming? hmmm

— DOJThe Dirtbags have Dirt Boxes — To spy on your cell phone.

— FBISpy program goes to the 9th Circuit Court — I wonder how long it’ll take for them to determine the government can spy on citizens and break the 4th Amendment.

— TwitterSues US Government for the ability to disclose surveillance orders – Too Little, Too Late.

— NSANew Smartphone Encryption Alarms Law Enforcement – Maybe we’re all starting to learn something.

— NSA Government threatened Yahoo to get Users data.

— NSASurprise Again!  The NSA collected infinitely more information on innocent Americans than it ever did foreigners or Terrorists.  (‘not that we didn’t know that)

— FISCSurprise!!!  The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court renews the NSA ability to collect everyone’s personal phone use information despite the fact it does not meet the standards set by the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

— NSAExpansion of the NSA undersea cables continues.  More countries and intelligence agencies jumped on board.

— NSASurprise!!!  The new NSA director, Admiral Michael S. Rogers, says NSA use of Facial Recognition stays within legal boundary.

— NSAIs collecting millions of Faces from web images.

Surveillance State copy

— NSACisco gets angered, after NSA intercepts and bugs their products prior to their shipping to Cisco’s customers.

— NSAHouse Votes To Shut Down Phone Snooping (WE CAN ONLY DREAM).

— SnowdenUS Government spies more on Americans, than it does Russians. ‘And every citizen has a duty to resist.

— GoogleDidn’t inform the NSA because they did not trust them with information regarding the Heartbleed vulnerability.

— NSAThe NSA admits there have been abuses (alleges an article).

— NSAThe NSA Spying Machine – Graphic web page with many NSA programs listed and described.

— NSAChanges may require phone companies to collect more data

— NSAHow they used a loophole to spy on NSA-Spying-Public-ApathyAmericans

— NSAThey used a backdoor

— NSAFormer US President Jimmy Carter doesn’t even trust the NSA and believes they are spying on him and uses Snail Mail to avoid them.

— NSACan Retrieve And Play Past-recorded Phone Calls

— NSA DVR’s Phone Calls

— GoogleEnhances Its Email Encryption to thwart the NSA – Probably because people are pissed and don’t trust GMail any longer.

— The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)…and The Ultimate NSA Timeline (Go Now)

— FacebookWants you to think they are also fighting to maintain people’s privacy… although it’s Obvious, FB partnered with the NSA/Gov earlier.

— NSA..Lawyers says the Tech Giants knew — but Yahoo, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and AOL, say that they did not!!

— NSASnowden reminds AMERICANS there are many other NSA Spy Programs that have not been disclosed.

— NSAA Snowden Interview that you’ve probably never heard.  Because ‘some people wanted to keep it OUT of the United States.  Wouldn’t you expect an Interview with “The Evil” Ed Snowden to be shown in the United States??? 

— NSAOutgoing NSA Director – Don’t let the door hit you on the @$$ on the way out!

NSAIs putting out Agency Memos that cannot be confirmed.Whos Metadata

— NSA Has A New Boss.  I don’t know him… But I don’t Trust Him.

— NSAAngry Birds, Google Maps and Others Targeted By NSA

— NSAThe Liars Listen To The Other Guy… Who Lied!

— NSAWe Are Now A Police State!!!

— NSAGovernment tries to block Discovery before trial (Surprise).

— NSANSA Causing Business to move to Canada.

— NSAThe Best NSA Political/Editorial Cartoons

— NSALocal Law Enforcement Taking A Note From The NSA Playbook

— NSAGuess Which Agency Was Seeking More Legal Authority???

— NSAThe Inventor Of WWW says NSA Surveillance Threatens Privacy

— NSA –  Repeatedly Promised To Stop Breaking Surveillance Rules

— FBI And no doubt the NSA can Secretly Activate Users’ Webcam.. Possibly!

– NSACongress And Courts Consider Restraining Surveillance 

— NSAPRISM (Thanks Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft)

Apple Pushes Back, Too Little, Too Late

— NSASnowden Says No Phone Calls Are Made Without Leaving An NSA Record

— NSARecorded 124 Billion Phone Calls… In One Month

— NSASnowden Says Mass Surveillance Is Making Us Less Safe

— NSAChief Admits That He Lied (Misled) About Snooping Success

…And to “Testing” on Tracking American’s By Their Cell Phone


— NSACollects Up To 500,000 Contact Lists Per Day… From You

— NSA They Are Still Spying On You – SHUTDOWN Be Damned

— NSAWouldn’t It Be Ironic If Gov Increased Privacy Protection On Itself At The Same Time It Snooped On You.

— NSASurveillance Backlash Growing Against U.S. Government

— NSA70.3Million Private French Records Collected In 30 Days

…And the U.S. admits there are “legitimate questions”

— NSASpied on German Chancellor’s Cell Phone… Which IS Actually OK

— NSASurprise.  A U.S. Gov Court Says The U.S. Gov Can Continue Collecting Everyone’s Information.

— NSASHUTDOWN Does Not Stop The Utah Data Center

…And it keeps catching on fire (which is a good thing actually)

— NSAAnd Their New One Million Square Foot Data Center In Utah

— NSA Has A Problem Of Too Much Data

— NSATakes on the Tor Anonymous Web Project Users

The Tor Network

— NSAHow I’d Sort And Sift Through Your Phone Calls

— NSACompiling Individual Digital Footprints

— NSAXKeyscore [The Other Program That Collects On You]

— NSAObama Defends Domestic Spying (Like The Nazi’s Did)

— NSAIs Silicon Valley Spying On You, For The Government

— NSAEdward Snowden / Timeline

— NSAVerizon Forced To Hand Over Phone Records

— NSASome People Believed In Cloud Computing At One Point

— NSASought To Unmask Users Of Net Privacy Tool

— NSARevelations Expand, As Do Privacy Concerns

— NSASnowden Leaks Caused US Significant Harm (Robert Mueller)

— NSASpying Stopped 5o Terrorist “Events” (That No One Can Prove)

— NSAInstead Of Addressing The Crime, Find The Leakers

— NSAAble To Spy On 75% Of All Internet Traffic

— NSAEdward Snowden Documents Show “Someone” Broke Rules

— NSAData-mapping American’s Social Networks

— NSAStores All Metadata – Why The F*** Not That’s Why

— NSAAnger Swells After Verizon Phone Records Are Disclosed

— NSAWhite House Attacks Plans to Curb Surveillance Programs

— NSAGathering Personal Data your metadataAnd Connections

— NSAWhistleblower (Russel Tice) Was Right Way Back When

— NSAInstead Of Sig-Int, or Hum-Int, Here’s Love-Int

— NSABroke Privacy Rules Many Times… (No S***)

— NSACommander Is Also Commander Of U.S. Cyber Command

— NSATapping Your Verizon Phone Service

— NSAWhat Happens To A CEO If He Doesn’t Play With The NSA?

— NSAMicrosoft Seeks Review Of Spying Gag Order

— NSAStores Metadata Of Millions Of Users Website Views



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