— Select Assortment


The Difference Between the Political Left, and the Political Right.

Obamacare=Prohibition & Prohibition=Obamacare

The 8 Types Of Libertarians – And You Thought They Were All The Same!

Screw The “Black Leaders” — We Need “Black Libertarians”

Why Did She Name It — Atlas Shrugged??

In The End, We Will Be Either Libertarians Or Slaves

On 23 March 1775 Patrick Henry Said — Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

An Open Letter To The Libertarian Party — ***Libertarians ONLY***

The Libertarian Presidential Vote — It’s That Confusing Time Again

Happy Independence Day — Read The Declaration Of Independence

Is This Freedom? — You Can’t Even Have A Garden…

The Banning Of The Lightbulb — Ahhh, This Is Freedom

Do You Really NOT Like Freedom???

Fighting For Liberty — So Sad But True!!

Remember When Your Life Was Your Own???

Secession Petitions — What They Really Mean

The NEXT American Revolution — There’s No Need To Fear It!

Health Care Law And (Self) Defense Law — Government Should Buy Everyone A Rifle


That Time Americans Fought Government — The Battle Of Athens, Tennessee

Is It Amnesty, Or Is It Anarchy??

Friedrich Hayek — On Government Imposed Equality

The Shepherd’s Sheep — That Would Be You!

Americans — We Are All Serfs and Subjects — Take A Knee

Do You Hate The “Tea Party”? — Why???

I’m Not Afraid Of….. But I Am Afraid Of …… Government!

“Do You Remember” — That Scene From The Movie, V For Vendetta

FBI Mine Resistant Armored Vehicles — Really?

Why Does The Federal Government Own So Much Land??

The President Speaks… Again

Are We Living In A Police State? — Yet???

Practical Freedom — And More Practical Liberty


How I’d Sift Through Your Phone Calls — It’s Conspiracy Time!

Metadata And You — And The Government

Edward Snowden — Just My Thoughts

George Wood and Edward Snowden — The Rundown!


December 2014 — The Day The US Hit $18 Trillion of Debt

18 October 2013 — The Day The US Hit $17 Trillion of Debt

Sequestration And Government Shutdown — And We’re Still Here…

It’s Not “OUR” Debt — That’s The Government’s Debt

“Asking” The Rich To Pay More In Taxes

The Taxman — That Beatles Song — Have You Ever Read The Lyrics??

Why I Want Us All To Go Over The Fiscal Cliff


Pinkerton — The Original Security Contractor

Remember Those Older Ladies The LAPD Shot Up

Great Moments In Democrat Racist History — Hugo Black

Propaganda — Obama And Romney

That Guy Has A Point — The Democrat Party Has A Poor History


A Practical Argument ABOUT Gun “Control”

Gun Control In Australia And Britain — How’s It Working For Them??

US Gun Sales Soar After Obama Reelection — But Why??

Another School Shooting — So You Want To Ban Guns — Good Luck!

Connecticut Goes Firearms Crazy — And They Think It’ll Help — Uhhhh, No!

Good Read — Is There A Constitutional Right To Own An Assault Rifle?


Civil Asset Forfeiture — Today and Tomorrow

Washington “Redskins”, What’s In A Name? — Is This Important?

Congratulations On Your Obamacare – Enjoy!

Who Cares About An Obama Rodeo Clown??

Why Liberals Are Afraid Of Black Conservatives — Great Read

Is It Time To Boycott The Big Five Firearms Companies — Probably

Drone Strikes — If That Were My Country — I’d Be Furious

You’ve Gotta Love Dennis Miller — Telling Leno About Obama

Not Even The Nazi’s Did That — Jail People Over Rainwater?!?!


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