— Remington 783, AR-15, Mosin Nagant, Crosman

The new and practical Remington 783.  My Impressions on them.  Should you by one of them.





[In The End]


The most popular rifle (being built) in the United States today is the AR-15 and its derivatives/clones.  Here is Yet Another AR-15 build on the internet.

Part 1

Done Rifle

Part 2

2nd range dayCompleting the rifle build and shooting the AR-15.


What if you got bored and decided to transform a 71 year old rifle into something for the modern shooter’s sensibilities.  Using a Surplus Mosin Nagant that weighs alot, has a bunch of wood, is not comfortable, and is as extremely long, has no usable safety, sights that are ridiculously obsolete, has a 5-round internal magazine, and looks like this:

Mosin-Nagant[Part 1] and [Part 2]

Mosin Painted[Part 3]


Sometimes you need an Air Rifle, like for the squirrels attacking your house… or the rats in your garage.  And for all that, there is Crosman.

1322 clean [Here]

K Pinckney