–Racial Renaissance

I call for A Year Of Racial Renaissance. IT’S TIME!

Imagine a country in which — one way or another — we allowed ourselves to change the way we see race! Imagine if we made significant changes to rid ourselves of quotas and made ourselves racially Neutral? Imagine if race wasn’t included in determinations of whether or not you get a Job, get an Education, or are treated by the Law. It seems to be really easy to say we want everyone to be treated equally, however, it is apparent that many of us who suggest that we want equality; actually want “more equality” for ourselves [Ala the 7th Commandment of Animal Farm]. We must ask ourselves if we truly want people to be treated equally; because if we do, we cannot treat ANY group with a preference over others due to their racial makeup, right? Any employment application that has a racial check box should obviously go away; Right???

What will be interesting, is to see which organizations OPPOSE a Racial Renaissance. It’ll be interesting to see the groups stand up suggesting they don’t want to change how race is treated. We will see those same “race baiters” who always seem to pop up whenever there is an opportunity (such as the current Treyvon Martin case) claim that “We Cannot Do This”, and “We Cannot Change This Fast”. They will proclaim, “That A Lack Of Protection Won’t Stop Racism Against Their Individual Groups”, but they will not be able to hide the fact that it is them who is actually afraid of the change. We see that those particular individuals who arrive whenever someone claims racism [and when there are media cameras around], never, in fact, do anything positive for race relations. Instead of correcting any miscommunications or speaking logically on the event they are protesting, they collect money, not for any victims, but for themselves. They do this by inflaming communities and bullying business’, politicians or others who disagree.

In spite of all evidence (such as fewer incidents of racial hate crimes, increasing interracial marriages, and increasing diversity in workplaces and schools), we see that some [and we ALL know those groups] currently seem to benefit from racial turmoil; and the reason why they do not want to change is because they will lose money and find themselves obsolete under a lack of racism. They will do all they can to protect their status quo (and keep those donations coming in). They are the modern day Snake Oil salesmen. They mix up a concoction and tell everyone that their Snake Oil can fix all your ills (from fatigue to cancer). These groups instead claim everything (from the collapse of the family to unemployment) is due to racism.

Now, Here’s Where It Gets Tricky

We ALL know racism exists! The problem is that racism will ALWAYS exist and it ALWAYS has existed because it is a condition of humanity, like jealousy. It is not going away! But what we all should fight against is governmental (or systematic) racism. That occurs when government has a “separate but equal” policy, or when under truly racist President Woodrow Wilson, the government and military was “re-segregated”. Obviously, government policies should NOT take race into account. It should also be obvious that; if we are going to combat racism, we are going to have to change individually. The reason why is because NO government (1) Can force people to be less racist, or (2) Right the wrongs for an entire race.

Again, it should be obvious that no one can force anyone else to not be a racist but the real problem occurs when many feel they are a victim of racism merely because someone doesn’t “like” them; and that may be true! But as an unfortunate side-effect of freedom, there is a right of association. If an individual chooses to only hang out with his own race; that is his own prerogative. If an individual starts a business, no one can force her to hire someone she does not like. No government can force anyone to “like” anyone else. But that is Okay! because Government’s job IS to ensure individual rights are protected, not to ensure everyone gets treated as great as they feel they should. You are NOT free if someone else determines whom you will associate. By extension, it is not freedom if government determines whom you let in to your school, club, or whom you hire in your private business.

Just as it cannot determine your friends, government cannot right the wrongs for an entire race. We must be concerned when Government policy attempts to equalize the condition of an entire race. Whether it is paying the Japanese for interning Japanese Americans during World War 2; or thinking reparations for descendents of slaves is a good idea, it is never a good idea to punish people who had nothing to do with such decisions or apologize to those who were not mistreated by people who had nothing to do with such decisions. The good news on racism, however, is that people change over time with experience, exposure, and education. Previous racist generations die-off (respectfully), and the children exposed to racists MAY not grow up to be racist themselves. As an example, in 1938, the U.S. wouldn’t have had a black President due to a lack of voters, however, fast forward to 2008 and you get B.O.. It is the natural progression of things to become LESS racist [WHEN EVERYONE IS TREATED EQUALLY], but this is on an individual basis. Government should NEVER allow itself to be manipulated into choosing any race over any other race when it comes to benefits, freedoms, aid, or taxes!

In The End

A Racial Renaissance will NOT be easy to achieve, but Martin Luther King Jr.’s goal was a world in which the individual was judged “by the content of his character” and we need to see it through. I’ll even grant you that the American Indians may be a sole exception [due to Treaty], but we all know throughout our entire beings’ that getting rid of racial preferences (for or against any race) is the absolute, unequivocal, right thing to do!

I recognize that it’ll take time to even start such A proposal. If we commit now, 2015 could be our year! It’s highly unlikely, but… Let’s just start with the idea of our government being racially neutral and treating everyone exactly the same.

Kali Pinckney


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