–Breaking Bad – Season 1

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— The Pilot — Season 1 / Episode 1

Episode one starts with Walter White driving down the road in an RV with some bodies in the back of his car… but it’s just a flash-forward.  The real episode starts with Walter White teaching his science class.  This is the introduction to Walter.  You learn that he is also working at a car wash and that there is something physically wrong with him.  He goes in to regular coughing fits and also at one point, while working at the car wash he passes out due to whatever this illness is.

He eventually flips out at work and walks out but the key moment of this episode is the introduction to Walt’s brother-in-law, Hank.  Hank is a DEA agent and eventually takes Walter on a long promised Meth lab raid.  This is brought on after Walt has his 50th birthday party and see’s a news article about a Meth bust.

Hank is going to raid meth cook called Captain Cook.  The raid clean and Walter (WALT) asks if he can go in and see the lab.  As Hank and his partner go in to ensure it’s safe, Walt notices one of his former students Jesse fall out of a window.  Apparently Jesse Pinkman thinks the DEA is after him. He hops into his car with a vanity license plate, “TheCAPN”

Walt finds Pinkman’s house (school records) and goes to proposition him.  Jesse knows the business, Walt knows chemistry.  Walt grabs supplies from school and meets up with Jesse.  After they buy an Winnebago RV and they head off into the desert and cook their first batch. It is pure.

Jesse goes to set up his sale only to realize his old partner Emilio is out of DEA custody.  They think Jesse set him up.  They meet up with Walt and are about to kill him and Jesse, when Mr. White (Walt) says that he’ll show them how to cook, their pure meth.  In order to save his life, he boils down Red Phosphorus and runs out of the RV and holds the door closed as they suffocate inside.

So they’ve made their first batch of money.

The most telling scene of this pilot is when Walt’s son is being harassed due to his handicap (MS and walks with crutches) in a clothing store.  Walt goes out the backdoor and runs in the front of the store knocks a big kid down and proceeds to intimidate him and his 2 friends.  Now you know this ‘Chem teacher has more to him.

— The Cat’s In The Bag — Season 1 / Episode 2

At the end of the first episode, they had a problem with a couple of dead bodies in the back of their RV they are gonna have to get rid of.  After getting the RV pulled out of a ditch they ran in to.  Oh wait, one of the bodies is not dead after all.  Jesse has been babysitting the sealed up RV with the body in it for a day until he escapes.

As Walt goes to help Jesse get rid of the body, he drives past a worn out half-dead guy walking down the street.  The guy (Crazy 8 ) takes off and runs into a tree.  Walt puts him into his car and back to Jesse’s place they go.  And now he’s dying in the basement.  Walt and Jesse flip a coin to decide who is gonna deal with the body in the RV, or who will deal with Crazy 8.  After Walt decides he’s gonna do it, Crazy 8 comes to and sees him.  So he gives him food and water.

Walt decides to try some of Jesse’s Marijuana.  He must figure out how to even make a cigarette without it crumbling apart.  Pretty interesting (to those of us who don’t smoke).

It is also revealed that Walt’s wife, Skyler, is preggers as they go get an ultrasound and learn that it’s a girl.  But Skyler asks him who Jesse Pinkman is.  He responds with, “He’s the guy who sells me pot”.  To make it worse, he asks her to, “climb down out of his ass”.  Pure out of character, hilarity!

Jesse, throws the body into the tub and pours in the hydrofluoric acid to dissolve the body.  Until the body comes falling down through the floor because hydrofluoric acid eats through rock, concrete, and others to include porcelain, but not through certain types of plastic.

— And the Bag’s in the River — Season 1 / Episode 3

This episode starts with Walt and Jesse sopping up the dissolved body parts of Emilio as the body drips down in to the basement as Crazy 8 watches and realizes he’s probably next.  Crazy 8 engages Walt in conversation and calls him by his name.  Now Walt knows that Crazy 8 must die because he knows his name.  Walt confronts Jesse over his personal use Meth.

Skyler’s sister involves herself into her business and has Hank talk to Walt’s son about marijuana in an attempt to get him to stop taking drugs (that he doesn’t take). He takes him to a hotel dubbed the Crystal  Palace where they interview a meth head named Wendi.  Turns out Wendi goes to her room where Jesse Pinkman has sex with her.

What is most funny is that Jesse went this entire episode with a eye that barely open and covered with makeup from the engagement he had with Emilio in the desert days prior.

As he makes his way down stairs to feed Crazy 8 , Walt passes out and falls down the stairs.  He discloses to him that he has Lung Cancer.  He goes up, makes him another sandwich and brings him a beer. Crazy 8’s name is Domingo.

Domingo is talking him out of it and Walt wants to believe it.  He says he’s gonna go get the key and let him go, but he gets smart and puts together the broken pieces of the plate he dropped earlier to find that there’s a piece missing.  He goes down and has to strangle him after asking him if he’s gonna “stick him with the broken piece of plate”.  Crazy 8 is dead, the RV is clean and the body gone.

Hank finds the original cook site where Jesse and Hank started a fire, and left Crazy 8’s car.  The DEA is on the investigation.

— Cancer Man — Season 1 / Episode 4

Episode 4 introduces Operation Icebreaker (Operation TBD) by Hank who finds his snitch missing.  Turns out Crazy 8 was one of Hank’s snitches all along and now he’s intent on finding him.  Hank recognizes that there are new cooks in time.  Later at a BBQ with Hank and ??  Skyler breaks down.  Walt discloses to the family that he has lung cancer, “and it’s bad”! The rest of the episode Skyler will be attempting to get Walt to specialists.  Its gonna cost and Walt will have to start spending money he’s made from the initial meth transactions (the one with Crazy 8 )

Jesse is trying to take a break from meth but some of his acquaintances bring him back to it and he is paranoid, and just staring out the windows.  He even mistakes two bicycle riding Mormon missionaries with Harley riding outlaw bikers.  As Walt heads to the Credit Union, gets ready to park when a douchebag with the name “Ken Wins” on his license plate darts in to the parking spot he’s waiting for.  In the Credit Union, Walt has to listen to him have a Bluetooth conversation and just seethes inside.

You’re introduced to Jesse’s over-achieving family as he sleeps it off in his old room for about 24 hours.  He begins to realize that his family doesn’t trust him as his mom leaves the door open while he talks to his little brother.  Jesse goes to Walt’s house and Walt flips out and tells him to leave, before he does he throws $4-Grand at him as his share of the stash that Jesse kept for himself.

Next you are transported to the Hospital where Walt and Skyler learn what type of cancer Walt has, which has just spread to his lymph-node.  Starting with Chemo-Radiation.  Back at Jesse’s parents house, the landlord finds a joint and kick him out.  As he’s waiting for a taxi, his little brother comes out and thanks him for not telling his parents the joint is actually his.

As Walt pulls over and finds himself coughing blood, he realizes that he’s getting worse.  Who pulls up to the gas station next to him?  “Ken Wins”.  The guy from the Credit Union.  Walt goes over to his car opens the hood and uses the squeegee to short out Ken’s BMW battery and walks away as the car explodes and catches on fire.

 — Grey Matter — Season 1 /Episode 5

Jesse is searching for jobs and runs into one of his old buddies, who is a sign twirler.  After having no luck, he’s back into the business.

Walt is going to a party with an old research buddy, only to find out that Skyler told him about his cancer.   First the old friend offers him a job, and then offers to pay for his treatment.

Jesse makes his way back out with the RV and his new partner, Badger.  Jesse has learned a bit from Walt and has cleaned up his lab procedures, despite using inferior ingredients (like road flares, instead of red phosphorous) and cooks.  The batch comes out cloudy and Jesse notes that, “it’s just not right”, and proceeds to dump it out and start a new batch.  Badger goes crazy after batch 3, and Jesse kicks him out of the RV and drives off without him.

Skyler has thrown an intervention for Walt and everyone takes turns talking about their feelings to him.  But it goes awry when Skyler’s sister, Marie, tells him he should do what he wants to do and sparks an argument with Skyler.  Walter informs everyone about what he thinks on the issue.  He informs them that he chooses, “not to do it”.

The next morning he walks behind Skyler and tells her, he’ll do the treatment. And so it begins.  He’s in the clinic starting his treatments.

He gets a call from his old research partners’ wife and it is learned that they have a history.  She again reaffirms that they will pay for everything.  Of course he says no.  He gets out of his car and walks in to Jesse’s yard and when Jesse confronts him, he merely asks, “You Wanna Cook?”

 — Crazy Handful of Nothin — Season 1 / Episode 6

Walt and Jesse are back in business.  As they are packing up to go cook, Walt notes the terrible condition/mess in the RV and clarifies their relationship.  Walt is chemistry, Jesse is Business.  Walt wants nothing to do with them.

The chemotherapy begins and Walt is still teaching students.  His lesson for today is violent reactions as he starts to become nauseated.  He’s starting to lose weight and getting Dizzy during cooking and Jesse realizes that Walt has cancer and confronts him. Walt cannot continue the cook and tells Jesse to complete it.

Hank gets the report on the mask they found by Crazy 8’s car and realize it belonged to Walt’s school chemistry lab.  Hank has a lead.

Jesse gets into the business and gives out samples and begins selling but Walt does not like the low turnaround.  He tells Jesse to go speak to the person who replaced Crazy 8;  That would be Tuco.

Walt is becoming slower, less healthy, and because of his therapy.  Hank visits the lab and finds that the inventory is not correct and equipment is missing from the lab.  This would eventually lead to Hugo, the Janitor that has been so helpful and kind to Hank being arrested at school; even though Hank would find that he didn’t steal the equipment.

Jesse and Skinny Pete go to meet Tuco.  He shows Tuco the product and Tuco makes him take some and tries it himself.  After Tuco beats Jesse down, he steals his pound of Meth from him and tells him that no one moves product in his territory without him.  It has been days since Walt has reached Jesse only to realize that Jesse is in the Hospital.  He asks Skinny Pete to tell him everything about Tuco.

Hanks hair is beginning to fall out by the clump and this is the first episode when he comes out with a shaved head.

At the end of the episode, Walt walks to Tuco’s Office.  He introduces himself as “Heisenberg” (which has to be the coolest name for a Meth-cook).  Tuco asks what he wants, and Heisenberg responds, “$50,000 Dollars”.  For the meth and Jesse’s pain and suffering.  Tuco asks he why he would come to him and he sets off a small bomb (I’m not gonna tell you how), and then asks Tuco if he wants to risk another explosion.  He gets the money and leaves.  He has a deal with Tuco.

He walks out of Tuco’s damaged building; and Heisenberg is born.

This is one of the best episodes and it must be seen to understand Breaking Bad.

 — A No-Rough-Stuff-Type-Deal — Season 1 / Episode 7

The episode starts in a school board conference with Walt reaching his hand up Skyler’s skirt prior being interrupted to read off a list of the stolen equipment.  But they make it out to the car and finish up.

Prospective buyers are looking through Jesse’s house because he thinks its “gotta be haunted” after flushing to people down the drain.  Jesse is in the RV when Walt goes to tell him about the Tuco deal for 2 pounds per week.  Jesse reminds him that the Pseudo-ephedrine is the bottleneck in that plan and that it’s impossible.

Heisenberg introduces the hat and shades as they meet up with Tuco at a junkyard they’re using as a drop point.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have the agreed upon amount.  They had 1/4 of it.  They will address the Pseudo-ephedrine by making phenol acetone and base reduce that into meth.

They’re at the baby shower for Skyler and she gets a White-Gold Tiara from Marie.  Afterwards, Walt goes out to meet up with Jesse and pack up for their next cook.  Jesse was able to buy all the supplies they need except for Methylene.  But they can pay a couple of guys to steal if for them from a chemical supply warehouse.

…But they’re gonna do it themselves.  They use thermite to cut through the locks and make off with the 30 gallon Barrel.  They’re getting ready to go cook, but the RV won’t start and forces them into Jesse’s basement… and his real estate agent is having a open house and surprises them.

Skyler catches up with Marie and confronts her as she denies it all. Jesse kicks all of the potential buyers out and decides not to sell his house.  They finish up the cook and make their way back to the junkyard to meet Tuco and provide him his product.  He is satisfied. And gives them their money.

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