–Breaking Bad – Season 6 (Season 5+) — The Last Season

breakbad s6 poster

Aww yess, it is with Regret and Excitement that we now begin the final Season of Breaking Bad.  The show is leaving at the top of its game and this all ends with someone dying.  At this point it must be either the Meth Maker (Walt White), The associate (Jesse Pinkman), or the law (Hank Schroeder).

Technically This Is Still Season 5, But Due To The Break – I’ll Refer To It As Season 6.

— Blood Money — Season 6 / Episode 1

(AKA: Season 5/Episode 9)

This episode Starts off with some skateboarders skating in Walt’s empty pool at his now empty house.  He’s got a beard and breaks on in.  The place is empty and the name Heisenberg are scrawled across the living room wall. He unscrews a plug fixture pulls bb blood moneysomething out.  He heads back out of the now gated up house, as he is about to get into his car, he sees his neighbor. He says, “Hello Carol”.  She’s stunned.

Where we ended the last season with Hank in the bathroom perusing Walt’s bathroom version of one of Walt Whitman’s book with the dedication to W.W..  Hank is putting it all together in his head. He slowly leaves the bathroom in shock with the book in hand.  As he’s driving home, he’s starting to have an anxiety attack.  He heads back to his garage and confirms information from his Heisenberg case is related to Walt.

At the Car Wash, Lydia shows up and asks him to return to the business because the purity is getting low.  Skylar goes out and confronts her and tells her NEVER to come back.

Back at Hank’s house, He is having case papers brought to his house by other DEA agents.  He’s looking for anything to tie Walt to any of it;  and not having luck.  He just cannot figure it out.

Jesse is listening to an amazing conversation regarding Star Track.  He gets up and decides to go see Saul.  Saul’s not seeing him so, he pulls out a big fat joint and starts smoking it.  All of the sudden, he gets in.  Once he gets in to Saul, he opens a bag with about $5Million.  He wants the money to go to people, however, Saul declares it a bad idea.  Saul finally concedes that he’ll do it, but instead, Saul calls Walt.

Walt is in the cancer treatment center getting Chemotherapy, but after he leaves he stops by Jesse’s place and returns the money.  He’s trying to convince him that the past is the past.  And then he tries to convince Jesse, that he didn’t kill Mike.  He heads home, but begins throwing up because of his Cancer.  While at the toilet, he see’s that his copy of Walt Whitman is gone.  Hank can’t find it anywhere.  He goes out to his car and reaches underneath it…   He finds a GPS Tracker.

Jesse is sleeping in his car when a homeless guy wakes him up asking for money.  Instead he gives him about $10,000.  That gives him the idea to start throwing it out of the car and that’s what he does.

Back at Hanks, Walt pulls up and walks into Hanks garage.  Hank confronts him with  They beat around the book until Walt shows him the GPS tracker. Hank closes the Garage doors down and the Episode ends with the two staring each other down and peacefully and gently having some words!  Walt tells Hank that “his best course is to Tread Lightly”.

— Buried — Season 6 / Episode 2

(AKA: Season 5/Episode 10)

An older gentleman is leaving for work in the morning.  He starts up his old Chevy Truck, turns on the lights and something catches his attention.  As he steps out, he picks up a stack of Benjamins (Dollars).  He follows the trail, looks down into a park and finds….. Jesse.

Walt leaves Hank’s house after their last run in, hops in his 300C and watches as Hank attempts to contact Skylar.  No luck. Next, Skylar heads in to a restaurant to meet Hank. Hank is attempting to talk her into flipping on Walt. He wants her to make a statement.  She declines and lawyers up, he is upset and attempts to hold her, but no luck.  She leaves whilst yelling, “Am I Under Arrest?  Am I Under Arrest?

Huell and Patrick (Kuby, as he’s sometimes referred) head in to Skylar’s storage locker.  BB Huell on moolahThey uncover a butt-load of money.  Huell takes a quick nap on the money.  And then says Mexico is close.  Patrick reminds him that Walt had a team of dudes killed in separate jails in under 2 minutes.  Back in Saul’s office, he asks Walt if he’s thought about “sending Hank to Belize” and Walt responds… that “He’s Family”.  Huell and Patrick pull up in a van with 6 full-size containers in the back of it, hand the keys to Walt and he drives away.

Walt is in the desert.  He pulls up the van… and commences digging.

Skylar is at home when Marie begins knocking.  Marie begins figuring it all out.  Marie asks if she knew he was dangerous when Hank was shot.  Marie tries to take Skylar and Walt’s daughter as she cries.  Marie and Hank drive off.

Don't Know Who Made It, But I'm Stealing It.

Walt is still digging away at sunset.  He pushes the barrels in the hole at dark.  He finally finishes and gets some GPS grid coordinates.  “34 59 20 06 36 52”.  In the next scene, he posts a lottery ticket on the refrigerator with the very same numbers.  He goes to his bathroom and he’s physically exhausted, passes out, and slams his face on the cheap tile bathroom floor.

In a remote desert outpost, a Diesel truck pulls up and in the truck is Lydia.  She wants to see the Lab.  They pull back a truck, and under it is a ladder leading down to a filthy buried bus that comprises a meth-lab.  It is terrible.  She asks the boss, Declan (the guy Walt spoke the wicked words, “Say My Name” to), the guy who purchased the Methylene precursor from Heisenberg, to bring back Todd.  He says no!

Back top-side, “We have a problem”.  Lydia hides. Gunfire ensues.  The door opens and Lydia climbs out… and it’s Todd and he brought the Aryan Brotherhood with him and they made mincemeat out of the old the old crew.  Todd navigates her through the bodies.

Hank is at his house, desperately seeking a means of connecting the dots.  Marie is staring at him.  She tells him to go to the DEA.  He can’t yet.  Marie asks him if he’s, Lone Wolf Mcquade (that is a throwback to a classic Chuck Norris movie).  He tells her that the moment he says anything to the DEA, his career is over.

He heads in and is informed that Jesse Pinkman is in custody by Albuquerque Police Department.  He is not answering questions and is zoned out.  They walk out of the interrogation room.  Hank makes a deal to go in.  He opens the door and walks in.

— Confessions — Season 6 / Episode 3

(AKA: Season 5/Episode 11)

Todd is calling Walt and informs him that there’s been a Change of Management.

Back in the Interrogation room, BreakingBadConfessionsJesse is out-of-it… until he hears that voice.  He hates Hank, but Hank seems to know that Walt is the man… But he still responds, “Eat Me!”  Hank plays with Jesse’s head for awhile, but promises that he’s gonna put him away.  But Saul walks in and kicks Hank and the cops out.

Walt is on the phone with Saul when Aunt Marie calls Flynn and asks him to head over to her house for dinner.  Just as he’s about leave, Walt stops him and tells him all about his resurgent cancer.  Flynn does not want to go over to Hank and Marie’s any longer.

Back at Walt’s place, he and Skylar are talking and he says… “It’s the only way” and he breaking-bad-s5-ep11-1begins making a video confession so this CANNOT be good!  In the next scene, they are in a random Tex Mex joint.  It’s Hank, Walt, Marie, and Skylar. It’s kind of a heavy mood.  Marie wants the kids to move into their house, they disagree.  They go back and forth, Marie tells Walt to “just kill yourself”.  They are getting no where.  Walt gets up and slides a DVD over to them and they walk out.

The Confession speaks of how Hank has been building a Meth Empire.  Hank is in a bad spot now.  He mixes fact with fiction… and he pulls it off.  RUTHLESS!!

Out in the Desert… it’s Saul and Jesse (and a tarantula).  In comes Walt.  He asks Jesse what Hank knows.  “Maybe its time for a change”.  He tells him about the man that will get Jesse a new identity and set up with a new life.  Jesse tells him to stop jerking him around; and he proceeds to kick some knowledge and just tells Walt to be honest.  Walt hugs him.

Back at the car wash, Skylar is guilty.  Back in his office, Hank is confused.  Back at Saul’s Office, Jesse is ready to go.  Saul calls for an Air Filter.  Jesse wants Alaska. As they leave, he bumps into Huell in the doorway.  Huell actually picks his pocket and grabs his weed right out of his pocket.

Jesse is at the bus stop and realizes, wait… Huell.  Right at that moment, a red van pulls up.  Jesse has a choice.  Instead of getting in, he starts walking.  The van drives off.  It’s now a quiet lazy day in Saul’s office… Huell jessegasis just chillax’in.  They think Pinkman’s in-the-wind… but instead, he runs in and starts throwing a beat-down on Saul.  He realizes that Huell is the one that stole his Ricin cigarettes.  Saul fesses up that he was told to do it by Walt.  He steals Saul’s Cadillac and is gone.  Saul calls Walt.

Walt races to the car wash, grabs a gun, whilst trying to be cool.  At the same time, Jesse races to Walt’s house, kicks down the door and starts splashing gasoline around.  He looks pretty pissed!

— Rabid Dog — Season 6 / Episode 4

(AKA: Season 5/Episode 12)

Walt pulls up to his house…  He sees that Saul’s Cadillac is parked on his lawn (of rocks).  BB Rabid DogWalt goes around back and enters the back door with gun in hand…  He see’s the gas can and steps in gas.  He calls for Jesse.  No one’s there.  He calls in the Carpet Cleaners.  Huell picks up Saul’s car.  The carpets cannot be cleaned any further and the house still smells like gas.  How will he explain it to Skylar?

He’s telling Skylar and Flynn his story, about his “passing out while getting filling up his car”.  But… the house smells like gas.  Walt suggests a Hotel.

Walt is in the car with Saul and Kuby.  He is trying to figure out what to do with Jesse.  Saul suggests treating him like ‘Old Yeller but Walt says no!  He goes back to his hotel room and Skylar asks, “How’s Saul?”.  Walt tries to lie, but upon being called out, Walt says that “Jesse, is not some kind of Rabid Dog?  Skylar suggests killing him.

So What Happened with Jesse??? [FLASHBACK]  After pulling up to Walt’s house, he snorted something ‘druggy, psyched himself up and just as he was about to light Walt’s house up.  Hank stops him.  Jesse fess’ up what happened earlier.  Hank convinces Jesse that they should do it together.  Jesse and Hank drive off…  They make it to Hank’s place.  Jesse is sleeping off some sleeping pills.  Hank is doing all he can to isolate Walt from Jesse, even deleting messages from Walt off of his phone.

Walt is relaxing at the pool, when Flynn comes down stairs and grabs a seat next to him.  They talk for a bit and Flynn goes back to his room.  Walt leaves another message on Jesse’s phone.

It’s morning and Jesse is up.  Marie jesseconfessasks if he’d like some coffee.  It’s Jesse, Hank, and Agent Gomez.  Hank’s setting up a camera and tells Jesse to just start.  Jesse makes his video confession.

On his last message, Walt asked Jesse to meet him at the downtown plaza.  Hank and Gomez plan on having him meet while they record the engagement in hopes of collecting a confession.  Jesse doesn’t want to do it for fear he’ll be killed.  Hank convinces him, he doesn’t have a choice.

They’re at the plaza.  Jesse hops out of the minivan and walks over.  Right as he gets close, he pauses and looks around what does he see?  Some random dude with a shaved head.  He’s spooked and walks away.  He heads over to the pay phone and calls up Walt.  Walt is kinda bummed out.

Walt goes back to his car… He calls Todd and tells him that he may have another job for his uncle… And when the Aryan Brotherhood gets involved, you know shit’s gonna get dealt with.

— To’hajiilee — Season 6 / Episode 5

(AKA: Season 5/Episode 13)

To’hajiilee is a Navajo word and a town (on an Navajo Indian Reservation) in New Mexico.  It is pronounced, “Twa Hee Lee” and can be translated as; “over by the water”. [You’re welcome! Don’t say you never learned anything here].  But don’t sue me if its off a tad… because I don’t speak Navajo!

Back in the lab, Todd is back to cooking.  The problem is the meth is not Blue.  Lydia needs it to be blue to get top dollar.  Todd listens to the best 80’s music that ever was.  He gets the call from Walt and Walt wants to sets up one target… Jesse Pinkman.

Hank, Agent Gomez, and Jesse discuss a plan.  Hank drops some cow brains on the floor gomez jesseand then Hank and Gomez go to speak to Huell.  They have him believing that he’s next on the hit list.  Of course, they drive the concept home with a murdered Jesse Pinkman picture on the floor with his (or some cow) brains splattered next to him.  Huell takes the bait.  He tells him about the van.

Todd and Walt talk to the Aryan Brotherhood.  Walt wants Jesse’s death to be quick and painless.  They don’t want money as pay… They want one more cook to get Todd back on track and to bring up the purity.

Walt knocks on Andea’s door.  Andrea is one of the girls Jesse loves and the mother of Brock, the little boy Walt poisoned with Lily Of The Valley.  Walt tells her that Jesse’s back on drugs and that he can’t locate him.  Andrea calls Jesse and leaves a message.  When Jesse gets the message, rightly, he takes it as a threat.

Hank discovers that the van that Walt used back when he buried his money… doesn’t have GPS!  but he is guessing that Walt doesn’t know that!

Back at the car wash, Flynn is learning to work at the family business as Skylar teaches him.  Saul Goodman comes in, and he’s all beat to crap.  Flynn asks him, what happened to his face.  Saul tells him that it was the price of doing business.  Saul tells Walt that Huell has disappeared and Walt goes back in to work in his Car Wash… Until he gets a TXT message with an attached photo.  It’s from Jesse.  Walt’s in shock.  He sent a picture of a barrel that’s been buried in the desert, full of money.  Jesse tells him, he found 6 more of them!  Walt sprints out of that car wash faster than he’s sprinted in any previous episode.

Walt is tearing up the roads in his Chrysler 300 SRT8.  He’s blowing through red lights and through traffic.  The music is ominous and he is racing to To’hajiilee.  It looks like he’s getting up to about 135mph on the freeway. He is jamming!  But while he does it, he is on the phone reminding Jesse that he killed the gang-bangers, and he killed Gus, and Emilio, and Crazy 8.  It would suck for Walt if this call were being recorded.  Walt races up to the place where he buried his money…  And there’s no one’s there!  ‘Oh Fu**ing S**t!!!   He just realizes he’s been had!

In comes a vehicle.  Walt hides and calls the Aryan Brotherhood for backup and they mobilize.  He gives the Brotherhood some coordinates.  But Walt realizes BB To hajit’s Hank and Gomez.  He gets back on the phone and tells the Brotherhood NOT to come.  Hank yells for Walt to come out.  Walt stands up and is taken into custody.  Walt stares down Jesse.  Even as Hank begins to read him his Mirandas, he just stares at Jesse.  I guess this show is over!?!?  NOPE!

Hank and Gomez put Walt in their Suburban and Jesse goes in Walt’s car.  They are getting ready to leave.  Hank calls Marie to let he know the good news.  The last words Hank says to her is, “I love you”. Walt looks over and sees some vehicles pulling up.  Gomez asks, who is this?  It’s the Brotherhood and they are 6-deep (with automatic rifles).  Hank and Gomez are massively outgunned with a shotgun and a couple of pistols.  Looks like we have a stand-off!  …until the AA-12 (automatic shotgun) opens up.

The episode ends!

— Ozymandias — Season 6 / Episode 6

(AKA: Season 5/Episode 14)

Right where the last episode ended… The AA-12 (automatic shotgun) opens up.  Now, Everyone’s shooting..  Hank’s life is flashing back to when he first started cooking meth.  It is apparent that they are now having a shootout in the very place where Jesse and Walt dead gomezcooked their first batch.  But back in the real world… the gunfire stops.  Hank is hit in the leg.  Gomez is shot and killed.  Hank is crawling to the shotgun, but no!  Instead, Hanks about to get shot in the face.

Walt stops him from shooting Hank.  Walt tries to buy Hank’s life but Hank is not helping himself out.  Hank tells the Brotherhood (Jack) to; “Go F*** Yourself!  Hank gets shot and is dead.  Walt drops to his knees in shock.

The Brotherhood dig up the money.  They load up the barrels into a truck and throw in Gomez and Hank’s bodies and fill it in.  Todd unlocks the cuff’s, and says (in Todd fashion)… “Sorry For Your Loss”.  They shake hands.  Walt tells Jack that he still owes him Pinkman and they pull him from under Walt’s Chrysler 300.  As the ‘Skins start taking Jesse away, Walt says Wait!  he walks over looks at Jesse and tells him some cold-blooded news.  That he say Jane die! (Jane was Jesse’s ex-girlfriend).

Walt hops in his car and drives off… but, the engine dies!  Out of gas!  He unloads his barrel ozimand gets-to-roll’in.  He rolls the barrel across miles and miles of desert.  This could be the motivation to name this episode after the poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ozymandias.  He arrives at a house on the Reservation and asks the owner about his truck.  It’s not for sale, until Walt makes an offer.  Walt loads the barrel into the truck.

Marie is at the Car Wash.  Marie informs Skylar that it’s over and Hanks been arrested.  Marie wants Skylar to tell Flynn about Hank.  She does!

Jesse is chained up in a hole.  Todd takes him into a Quonset hut.  Turns on some lights.  It’s a lab… and Jesse’s the cook!

Back at the car wash, Skylar and Marie let Flynn in on the last few years.  Flynn is out of there.  Skylar goes home to find a random truck in the driveway (with a barrel in the back) and Walt packing up everything.  Walt is telling them they have to get packed so they can all leave.  They start asking about Hank.  Skylar says, “You Killed Him!”  It’s all coming undone.  Skylar grabs a knife and tells Walt to get out.  She takes a swing and slices open his hand.  They are fighting over the knife.  Flynn grabs his phone and calls the cops.  He takes Holly and runs out of the house… and he’s gone!

Back at the house, an Amber Alert goes out!  The phone rings.  It’s Walt.  He goes off.  He’s making the story sound good.  He’s sounding like a Grade-A psycho… but he’s giving her a story and making a scene for the Police that are in the house.  She gets it now!  He tells her, she’ll end up JUST like Hank and that she’ll never see him again.  Marie breaks down as she listens.  Hank takes Holly to a Fire Department.

Hank at the curbWalt is at the bus stop waiting for the Vacuum cleaner repair guy.  The episode ends, when he hops in the red van.

[Holy Schnikees! That is an episode!]

— Granite State — Season 6 / Episode 7

(AKA: Season 5/Episode 15)

The Red Van pulls into a dated bb granite Saulvacuum repair business.  And out pops Saul.  He’s getting set up with a new identification.  He’s staying at this location and he has a roommate.  He looks on the video monitor to see Walt acting like a crazy-man!

Marie is in shock and is being driven home by Hanks DEA coworkers, but as they pull up, they realize the house has been ransacked.  The Skins are watching the video confession that Jesse made at Hank’s house.  Uncle Jack busts out of the house and is about to kill Jesse, but Todd for the second time convinces him not to.

Back in the basement, Walt is trying to get Saul to give him the names of some hitmen.  Walt is angry and wants to kill Jack and get his money back.  Saul is trying to get Walt to calm the hell down.  He lays it out that his Skylar is screwed but he says that he, “is gonna kill Jack”.

In the U.S. Attorney’s Office, a bunch of lawyers are discussing what to do with Skylar.  She tells them she cannot give them any information.  Her home is under surveillance.  But the baby is waking and she goes to check it out.  As she walks in to Holly’s room and there’s three people with hoods on.  Todd is one of them.  In his calm, cool voice, he’s asking Skylar about the lady that came into the car wash, with the dark hair.  Skylar says she will say nothing and they leave.

The next day, Todd is at a coffee shop when, the lady with the dark hair, Lydia, comes in and sits on the adjacent table.  He informs Lydia that he’s got 92% pure blue meth and she’s interested.

Walt crawls out the back of a empty propane tank.  There’s a cabin and snow as far as the eyes can see.  The vacuum repairman says, “Mr. Lambert, Welcome to New Hampshire”.  In his cabin, he’s got food supplies and a bed.  He’s out in the middle of nowhere.  There’s no phone, internet (oh shit), or any way for him to conduct “business”.  He’s left on his own with his thoughts, and his money.  He puts on his Heisenberg hat and walks to his gate, but stops before he leaves the property.  “Tomorrow” he says.

Jesse is still trapped in his pit trying to figure out how to escape, until he hears Todd up jesse and the skinsabove.  Todd brings him Ice Cream.  Jesse asks him to leave the tarp off of the pit.  Jesse gets out of the cuffs and manages to unlatch his cage.  He takes off running… but he doesn’t see the cameras.  The Skins are right behind him.  He asks the Skins to kill him because he’s not cooking anymore.   Todd, walks up to Andrea’s door and tells her Jesse’s with him.  As she looks out, Todd pops her in the pumpkin with a silenced pistol.  She’s dead!  …and that was cold-blooded!

Walt walks to the edge of his property, he hears a truck and opens the gate.  It’s his supply run.  In comes newspapers, ensure, and new glasses.  He gives him the news about his family.  He gets some of his cancer medication.  Walt is lonely, and pays $10,000 for additional couple hours of companionship.

He packs up some money, puts it into a box… and leaves the property for the first time.   But back in New Mexico, Flynn is called to the Principles office.  It’s Aunt Marie… so he thinks.  It’s Walk and he tells him, he is gonna send him some money.  But Flynn flips out and starts yelling at Walt, and tells him to just die!

Walt makes another call.  bb granite copsTo the DEA and wants to speak to the Lead Agent working the Walter White case… and then he leaves the phone off the hook and goes to grab a drink.  He looks up on TV and its his old business partners from Gray Matter Corporation.  They are bad mouthing him.  He’s getting angry.  The cops pull up to the bar.  They go in, but there’s no Heisenberg in there.  Walt’s gone.

— The Felina — Season 6 / Episode 8

(AKA: Season 5/Episode 16)

Walt is on the move.  He’s in a car trying to get it started when a cop car pulls up behind him.  He is preparing to do the unthinkable, when the police car leaves.  He drives off and hours later pulls in to a gas station.  He makes a phone call.  Apparently, he’s looking to meet up with his old business partners.

Flash:  The business partners from Grey Matter, Gretchen and Elliot, pull in to their driveway, hop out of their Bentley.  Walt is sitting in the dark as they walk in to their house.  Walt follows them in to their palatial mansion.  He surprises them, but he seems polite.  They are freaked out.  He says that he has something to give them… but its in his car.  BB Gret EllHe has them carry in the money.  He tells them that he wants them to give the money to his son.  He shakes their hands and asks them if he can trust them…  They say “Yes”.  But to drive the point home, two lasers appear on his ex-partners (the Schwartz’).  He scares the dookey out of them and walks out.  The laser boys are Badger and Skinny Pete.

Jesse’s carefully making a Humidor…. psych, turns out, that he’s daydreaming and is actually cooking meth.

This is where Walt returned, bought the M-60 Machine gun, Went to his house and picked up the Ricin.  Lydia and Todd are meeting up…Walt walks up and sits down and tells them that he has a new method of cooking blue-meth.  He sets up a meet with Todd’s uncle Jack. Lydia says he’s just leaving and mixes her Stevia Artificial Sweetener (which the producers seem to focus on seconds too long).

Walt is in the desert building an automatic mount for the M-60.   Simultaneously, Marie calls Skylar to inform her that Walt’s back in town… but nope, Walt is in the house with Skylar.  He gives her the lottery ticket with the GPS coordinates to Hank and Gomez’ bodies.  He finally tells Skylar WHY he did all of this… and it wasn’t for the Family.  He walks out of Skylar’s life.

Walt pulls up in order to show the Skins how to cook the new meth.  They take him in custody and he is about to die, but that’s when he blows up and reminds Jack that he owes him because Jesse’s not dead and they are working together.  Jack says they are not and tells Todd to go get Jesse.  Walt attacks Jesse, takes him to the ground, and unleashes the M-60.  It shreds through the building and shoots everyone in the room except himself, Walt, and Todd.  Todd goes to the window to look out, but Jesse pounces on him and strangles him to death.  A gravely wounded Jack tells Walt that if he shoots him, he’ll never be able to find the rest of his “mone….”, but is shot in the pumpkin before he finishes his sentence.

He gives Jesse the gun.  Jesse contemplates shooting him, but sees that he’s already wounded from a ricochet.  Jesse gets the hell out of there.  Walt calls up Lydia and tells her why she’s sick.

Walt goes into the methlab and, as the cops start arriving, he reminisces on all of the equipment that He and Jesse bought.  And then, he falls to the ground, dead….

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Season 5

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    The Best Show EVER from Beginning to End.

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