–Breaking Bad – Season 5

— Live Free Or Die — Season 5 / Episode 1

Alright, the new season is on and we finish up where the last season ended.  Except Walt now has a beard and its his 52nd birthday.  There’s been some time lapse.  He’s eating a free meal at Denny’s.  He walks in to the bathroom, exchanges money for a package.  He leaves his Denny’s server a $100 buck tip.  She says, happy Birthday Mr Lambert.  He goes out to get his package… It’s an M-60 Machine Gun, wwhhaattttt?

Flashback to the day Gus Fring (Gustavo) was killed.  It’s all over the news.  Walt is packing up the car with everything that can tie him to the case, including the Lily Of The Valley.   Skyler comes home and says that she’s scared of Walt, but he takes it okay.  He stands up… Oh shit, he says.  The DEA (and Hank) are in the superlab.  Hank points up and asks what that (charred piece of something) was???  He guesses that it was a Camera!

Down in Mexico way, Mike is up and walking around.  The doctor that saved Gus and his life gives him the news.  Gus is Dead!  Mike hops in the car and heads to Arizona to meet Walt and Jesse.  He almost kills Walt until Jesse jumps between them.

Walt reminds Mike that Gus filmed them all and all of the footage went to a laptop in Gus’ office.  They hop in the car and head back to get it.   But, the DEA is in Gus’ office collecting it as evidence.  APD has it and it’s in the Evidence locker.  Mike and Walt are going back and forth on how they can destroy the laptop.  Mike is ready to leave town.  Jesse interrupts and asks about a magnet?

They are at the auto scrap yard (yes, the one that they destroyed the RV at), and Mike is still not on board.  He tells Jesse that he should leave, but Jesse responds that he’s certain it will fail… if Mike doesn’t help.

At the car wash, in comes Saul.  He tells Skyler about the Ted Beneke incident.  Ted just woke up!  He was supposed to be dead!  Skyler and Saul are now panicking.

Back at the Auto Scrap Yard, the crew is gonna test their solution.  It is an electromagnet inside of a panel van.  They are gonna magnetize and corrupt the computer as it sits in the Evidence lockup.  The test works!  But Walt asks if they can add 12 more batteries in parallel just for insurance.

Skyler goes to visit ted in the hospital.  He’s in traction with a broken neck and shaved hair.  He is terrified of her and lets her know that he hasn’t said anything.  She says, Good!

Later that night, Mike goes up to the entry gate, sprays the camera to blind any would be observers.  He shorts the gate system and signals the van.  They drive in, set up and let the magnet rip.  The cop inside is sensing something wrong.  His computer goes dead.  Everything in the lab starts shifting as they magnetize it up.  For good measure, Walt maxes the power.  The Truck tips into the wall.  They get out of there, but… They left the truck!

Walt is in Saul’s office.  Saul breaks the news about Beneke.  Walt is not happy about it, Saul says we’re done.  Walt responds; “we’re done when I say we’re done”. OK!  Walt goes home, he hugs Skyler and tells her… That he forgives her.  Awkwarrrddd!

— Madrigal — Season 5 / Episode 2

Strange… It starts with some Germans in lab coats tasting tater tots and condiments.  The guy doing the tasting must be pretty important.  His name is Mr. Schuler… and apparently he’s bored or has angst about something..  He is a big-wig of Madrigal Electromotoren and someone is here to see him.  He watches as crews take down the Los Pollos Hermanos sign.  In his office is the Polizei.  He grabs a defibrillator off of the wall and walks into the bathroom.  He takes off his shirts, hangs them up, and places on pad on his heart and the second one.. In his mouth and jolts himself.  He’s dead!

Back at home Walt is doing what he can to put Jesse at ease concerning the misplaced Ricin.  Turns out… He does have it. he destroys the evidence and keeps the Ricin.  Out comes the Roomba.  Surprise, Surprise!!!  There’s a cigarette in it!  Oh wow! Its got “Ricin” in it!

Jesse and Walt show up at Mike’s.  They offer him a three-way partnership.  But Mike says No!  He calls Walt a Time-Bomb! and says he doesn’t want to be around for the Boom.

Hank is back at the DEA building.  They are having a meeting with District Attorney’s and some “Krauts”.  He is still working on the case.  They are wondering who gave Salamanca (Tio) the bomb and why someone would demagnetize the Evidence room.

Mike is at a restaurant when a highly disguised lady comes in.  She meets up with Mike.  She gives him a list of people who knew what’s going on and wants him to kill them.  He declines.  Apparently, she’s an accountant.  The DEA starts interview with the people on the list.  Mike goes in for his interview and he see’s Chow (the guy he shot through the hand) leaving as he arrives.  DEA calls him Mr. Burbentrout.  He’s says he does Corporate Security, Loss Prevention, is a Private Investigator and has Concealed Carry Permits in most states.  Hank is the Interviewer and he keeps digging!

Jesse and Walt are trying to restart the business.  They are having a corporate meeting in Saul’s office.  Saul makes the recommendation that perhaps… they quit.  Mr. Chow is getting sketchy.  He calls Mike to come over and talk.  Turns out he’s at gunpoint.  It was one of his own guys.  It turns out, that lady he met at the restaurant couldn’t wait and hired someone to kill everyone on the list.

The lady (Lydia)  arrives at her house only to be grabbed by Mike in the dark.  She tells her housekeeper to put her daughter to sleep and she asks not to be shot in the face…  Mike is about to kill her, when he instead ask if she can still get her hands on Methylamine.  Mike is in his car and calls Walt and says he’s reconsidered and he’s in.

He tries to cuddle up with Skyler, but she’s not having it (Crreeeppppy).

— Hazard Pay — Season 5 / Episode 3

Mike makes his way into jail.  He speaks to one of his guys.  The guy says he won’t talk but the Feds took his money.  Without his Hazard Pay, he doesn’t know how long he can stay silent.  Mike says he’ll make him whole.

Back at Skylar’s place… where Walt hasn’t been living, Walt decides to move back in.  She doesn’t seem comfortable with it.  Later that day, Walt, Jesse, and Mike all meet up at Saul’s place.  Mike says he’ll do it if they all agree he’s in charge of the business.  Walt agrees for now.  They are off to look for locations to cook now but they can’t seem to find one.  After seeing a few options, they end up at a Pest Control business, and they’ve got it.

They’ll wait for the pest control company to tent houses and cook on the inside.  Jesse sends Skinny Pete out to find some roadie cases to carry the lab.  Later on in the day, Walt and a seemingly mature Jesse are planning the lab when Veronica and Brock come in.  Awkward!!

The next day is go time…  The target house is tented, they go in, set up their lab begin the cook.  Add some great music and show some chemical reactions and making meth is almost… romantic.  I don’t know how anyone can romanticize meth making but Breaking Bad has…  After cooking, Walt plants the idea in Jesse’s mind that he might have to tell Andrea what he has done.

Back at the Carwash, Marie is talking up a storm.  She lets Skylar know that Hank is back to work and is doing better in life.  She keeps on talking and Skylar finally blows the hell up.  She just wants Marie to “Shut Up”!  but she won’t!  Skylar loses it and just keep yelling “Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up” and then she breaks down in tears.

Back at the makeshift lab, Roaches are still owning the house… until Jesse and Walt complete their meth batch and then turn on the Sulfuric Fluoride (Pesticide).  They kill everything inside.  Walt goes home to find Marie there.  He “accidentally” lets it slip that Skylar’s had an affair with Ted Beneke.  Marie is shocked, she even gives Walt a hug… Walt has an apple!  Jesse is being tortured with thoughts of telling Andrea what he does.

Mike is divvying out the proceeds and Walt doesn’t like it leading Mike to give Walt the best information any would be hard-ass, mobster, meth-cook could hear.  He says, “Just because you shot Jesse James; Don’t make you Jesse James”.  That is good shit!  As they leave, Walt asks Jesse what he thinks and Jesse throws him some logic, it ends with…  Instead of absorbing it, he throws back a threat about Victor and how he flew to close to the sun. Jesse is bewildered.  Is that a threat???

— Fifty One — Season 5 / Episode 4

Walt gets his Aztec (the ugliest car ever) back.  But he sells it to the mechanic who’s been fixing it all this time… For 50 bucks.  What does he replace it with??  Chrysler 300 SRT8.  And  then he goes back to get Walt Jr.  a Dodge Challenger; just like the one he blew up last season.

Back at Madrigal, a German secretary, who it turns out is the lady that Mike almost killed and who will now be providing pre-cursors to Mike, Walt, and Jesse.  Mike calls her seconds before Hank, the DEA, and some cops run into her office and arrest one of the guys who works in the warehouse.  He’s the guy who provides logistics for the chemicals… and he is the sacrificial lamb.

Hank is trying to put it all together but he’s missing something.  They’re putting together but they know they’re missing something.  Blue-Meth is coming back.  Hank is asked to lead the office.  He accepts and is now in charge.  Of course, this means he is no longer a field agent, but a supervisor.

Hank and Marie are heading to Walt and Skylar’s for dinner and to celebrate his birthday.  It is full of uncomfortable silences.  Skylar is smoking again.  She walks to the pool, stares contently… and then she walks in, and under the deep end.

Jesse arrives at the Madrigal storage facility to pick up the precursors.  As Jesse brings down the barrel, a tracking device is noticed on the bottom.  They, and Madrigal, are compromised.

Skylar is drying off, but she tells Marie to take the kids with her and Hank. Walt walks in to the room and confronts her.  She wants to kids to be safe.  She tells him she’ll do whatever it takes.  They go back and forth with what they will do.  Eventually, Walt say’s he’ll have her committed, and she follows up with her plan.  She says that she will wait.  She’ll wait… “for the cancer to come back”.   Ouch!!

Back to the pre-cursor problem.  Mike is going to go kill Lydia.  Jesse stops him and says that he wants a vote on the issue.  Walt says that the pre-cursor will continue.

— Dead Freight — Season 5 / Episode 5

Opening scene is of a kid on a bike is rolling through the desert.  He stops and picks up a Tarantula (yes it is disgusting).  And he rides off toward the sound of a train.

Back in Hanks new office at the DEA office, Walt stops on by.  He tries to thank Hank for watching his kids and then he drops the bombshell that Skyler doesn’t love him anymore and that he is a bad father.  He starts to cry, and makes Hank uncomfortable.  When Hank leaves the room, Walt plugs a bug into his computer and in a photograph.

Meanwhile in a dark warehouse, Mike, Walt, and Jesse bring in Lydia.  They give her a script and give her 30 seconds to look it over.  She calls Hank and asks him about a GPS tracker under the bottom of a barrel.  Hank says he’ll look into it.  They are listening to Hank (the bugs Walt Planted) as he calls another field office and finds that, they planted it.  Mike still wants to kill her, but she says she can get an ocean of Methylamine.  She lets them know about a train that carries it from Long Beach to Texas.  Again, Jesse comes up with the plan.

Walt, Jesse, and Mike scope out the site and have two tanks dug and buried in the ground.  They fill one with water.  The plan is to stop the train close to the tanks, collect Methylamine into the empty tank and pump water back in the train to beat the scales.  They tell the new guy that’s helping them, Todd, what the plan is.

It’s go time!  They have a dump truck breakdown on the tracks and bring the train to a stop.  When it does they open the water tank, go up to the water tanks open up the valves and fill up the empty tank and pump water into the top.  The plan is working out perfectly when out of nowhere, we see a big-ass Ford F-250 Diesel that should have no problem pushing a fully loaded dump truck off the tracks… and it does!  The train is back operational but they’re not finished yet.  Just in time, they are done.  they seal up the tanker and  they are clear.

They turn off the generator, but they still hear an engine going.  They look around… only to see a kid on a motorcycle right behind them.  He waves, Todd pulls out his gun and shoots the kid. [Whoa!  I didn’t expect that!]

— Buyout — Season 5 / Episode 6

Walt, Jesse, Mike, and Todd pull the motorcycle out from under some dirt in the back of their truck.  They disassemble it and put it into barrels and dissolve it down.  They pull out the boy who was riding the motorcycle as well… and he also goes into a bin.  Jesse and Todd are out smoking and Todd quips that… “$hit happens, huh?”  Jesse hits him.  After a long discussion, they decide to keep Todd in the enterprise.

The DEA is watching Mike, while he is at the park with his grand daughter.  He leaves a note under a trashcan.  The DEA goes to check it out.. The note says, “F–k You”.

Skylar and Marie are talking.  Marie lets Skylar know that she can tell her anything.  Marie lets her know that Walt informed her about the affair she (Skylar) had with Ted.  Skylar is angry.

Walt and Jesse are in a customer house, preparing to cook up a batch.  When Jesse leaves early, he goes to meet up with Mike.  Mike informs Walt that he’s out due to the DEA trailing him.  Jesse also says he’s going to be gone as well.  Walt’s not handling it too well.  He tells Jesse that they are going to sell out for Pennies on the Dollar. Jesse responds with the question, “Are we in the Meth business, or are we in the Money business?”

Jesse and Mike are out in the desert.  They meet up, and Mike wants to sell Jesse and Mike’s shares of the Methylamine for $10 million… and to get the blue-meth off the streets.   Jesse heads to Walt’s house to attempt to get him to sell, but instead, Walt goes into a story about his former company Gray Matter.  Walt reminds Jesse that, he asked him if he was in the Meth business or money business, Walt tells Jesse know that the answer is neither… that he is in the “EMPIRE” business.  Skylar walks in the house, and Walt invites Jesse to stay for dinner.

Yes, Dinner is uncomfortable!  It gets even more uncomfortable when Skyler asks Jesse if Walt told him about her affair.  Jesse is speechless.

Walt heads back to the business to get the Methylamine in the dark.  As he’s preparing to move it, up behind him comes Mike.   Come the sunrise when Mike has to go run an errand.  He handcuffs Walt to the radiator and heads out.  Walt goes to town trying to figure a way out of the restraints.  He fashions an electric arc and burns his way out.

Mike has visited the DEA’s offices with his lawyer, Saul Goodman… in order to talk about the harassment.  He makes it happen with a stalking claim.

Mike gets back to the exterminator shop to find that the Methylamine is gone.  Mike’s getting ready to put a bullet into Walt’s pumpkin (head), but Jesse tells him to hear him out; He does.

— Say My Name — Season 5 / Episode 7

Starts off with Mike, Jesse, and Walt heading into the desert to meet up with Mike’s contacts that wanted to buy the Methylamine.  He gets out of the car and proposes using them as distribution for his product.  He tells them to “Say My Name”.  They say “Heisenberg”, He yells back, “You’re God Damned Right”.  Mike is now paid and he’s heading out.  He tells Walt to get that bug out of the DEA Office.  He tells Jesse to watch out for himself.

Back with Skyler, the car wash is closed.  Jesse and Walt go in and see the Methylamine.  Skyler tries to get more information, but Walt tells her to go back to her office so they can take it out of there.

Back at a Bank, Mike’s lawyer is in the Safety Deposit room putting money away in the safety deposit boxes.  Mike is making his payments.  Then he heads out to a remote well and overhears that the DEA is going to visit him.  He, throws his Laptop in the well, then throws in all of his illegal weapons.  The DEA raids him.  He sits down and watches TV while they search.  They’ve got nothing.

Jesse shows up at the lab and asks for his money.  Walt attempts to talk him into staying and cooking.  Jesse doesn’t want it and still walks out anyway.

Hank is in a video conference with his boss when his boss informs him that his investigation on Mike is over.  Now, Hank decides that he is going after the lawyer of all of the guys in jail.  The DEA is going to follow the money.

Back in the lab, Jesse is not cooking any longer.  Who can Walt trust to help him cook?  He’s got Todd; the douche that helped them hijack the Methylamine from the train and then shot the kid on the motorcycle.  But they cook and there we have another batch.

Back at the bank, Mike’s lawyer is heading in to make payments.  But then, he looks behind him… and the DEA is at the door.  A few hours later, Walt is in the DEA office to pick up the bug’s, he overhears that the Lawyer will flip and give up Mike.  What is Walt to do?

Mike is sitting at a park with his Granddaughter when he gets a call from the lawyer asking him where he is.  He tells the lawyer and hangs up, then Walt calls and tells him that the DEA is coming for him.  Walt and Jesse head to Saul’s place to talk it over.  Mike calls and asks Saul to go get his go-bag so he can leave town.  Walt meets up with Mike after a quick argument, Walt shoots Mike.  He tries to explain but Mike tells him to shut up so he, “can die in peace”.  Whoa!

— Gliding Over All — Season 5 / Episode 8

Starts with the new guy Todd coming in the office.  Walt is contemplating his actions.  They are getting ready to dissolve away Mike’s body when the garage door opens.  It’s Jesse.  And Walt’s being a ‘douche to him.  He tells him, “There’s no WE” and then he shuts the door in his face.

Walt goes to meet up with Lydia.  She informs Walt that she has the ins into the Czech Republic market.  Walt is interested.  They make a deal and Lydia leaves.  She’s lucky and doesn’t realize it.  Walt gets ready to leave and under his hat, the tube of Ricin.

Walt goes to meet Todd’s uncle.  They’re Aryan Brotherhood.  Just as always seems to be the case, Meth always leads to the Skins (Skinheads).  And in a perfectly choreographed strike that you’d expect from such a deadly-effective organization, all nine of Mike’s crew are killed in their respective jails.

Walt is at Hank’s place when he arrives home.  Hank fixes up some drinks, sits down and tells Walt how unhappy he is with his job… Jump to Walt in a house making a new batch of the blue stuff.  Him and Todd are Making money hand over fist in America… and the Czech Republic.  Walt is getting tired of working so hard.

Skyler and Marie are talking a bit.  And then Marie just puts it out there that she and Hank might be enabling Skyler.  She wants the kids to go home.  Skyler goes home and Walt is at the pool.  She tells him to take a drive with her.  They show up at a rental facility.  They go in and find pile of money.  Skyler can’t launder it fast enough.  She tells Walt that she wants her family back!

Jesse gets a knock on his door.  It’s Walt.  He comes in and Jesse and Walt reminisce about the good old days of when they used to cook in the Bounder (RV).  As he walks out, he looks at Jesse and says;  “I left something for you”, and he leaves.  Jesse looks on his patio and finds two bags.  He knows that Walt killed Mike.  He doesn’t know what to think.  He slowly opens the bags.  Cha-Ching!!!

Walt then goes home and tells Skyler, “He’s Out!

Hank, Marie, Skyler, Walt, and the kids are back at home enjoying a nice day poolside.  Hank has to go use the bathroom.  He heads in, closes the door behind him, Drops trou(sers), and looks on the back of the toilet for something to read.  There’s a Walt Whitman book with the inscription inside,

“To my other favorite W.W.; It’s an honor working with you; Fondly G.B.”

Technically Season 5 Continues, But Since There Was A Production Break, I’ll Be Referring To The Following Episodes As Season 6.

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Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

[[  Season 5  ]]

Season 6

And there we have our Season Finale — SEE YOU NEXT SEASON!


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