–Breaking Bad – Season 4

— Box Cutter — Season 4 / Episode 1

In a lab, boxes are being opened and new lab equipment is being unpacked like it’s Christmas.  “Gale” is talking to Gus and is attempting to find out where a +99% pure sample of Blue Meth came from… It turns out that Gale is the reason that Gus got into business with Walt and Jesse.  But this is all a flashback!

We jump back to the Season 3 finale where Jesse kills Gale to save himself and Walt because of a new cook.  A neighbor is on the phone with the cops when Victor comes running in to see Gale’s body.  He runs up to a car and it is Jesse; he tells him to drive.  Back in the lab Walter and Mike are staring each other down until Victor and Jesse come back.  Mike calls Gus to break it to him.

Back to Saul Goodman’s law office, his newly hired security is staring at his receptionists’ boobs… when Skyler calls.  She asks where Walter is.  Saul guarantees that he’s fine to Skyler.  Not content Skylar goes to Walt’s apartment, social engineers her way in and begins searching for clues.  Meanwhile, back at Marie and Hank’s place, Hank is not adjusting to his new condition.  He has picked up the hobby of rock collecting (or whatever its called).  You’re reminded how unhappy he is when Marie has to help him take a crap.

In the lab, Victor is conducting a cook.  Walt is watching him and hoping he doesn’t remember the details, until, he remembers them.  Walt is shocked…  But Gus comes in the lab.  He says nothing; walks down the stairs; stares at Walter; walks past him, puts on a lab jumpsuit… and he slices Victor’s throat.  His blood squirts onto Walt and Jesse.  He calmly washes up, gets dressed and leaves…  Yep; Gus is one bad mamma-jaama!   Jesse and Walt dissolve Victor’s body with some hydrofluoric acid.

They are free.  They buy new clothes.  Jesse eats pancakes!

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— Thirty-Eight Snub — Season 4 / Episode 2

We start off in a hotel room with Walt attempting to buy a handgun (you can guess which kind).  Then we pop over to a bar and Mike sitting, reading the paper, and cleaning blood off of his clothes. Yes, that would be blood from Victor.  Jesse’s got a new outlook on life.  He’s got a new sound system… and a Roomba.  Badger and Skinny Pete are back.  A full out party ensues.

The next morning, Jesse gets the people to party while he heads back to the lab.  The lab door opens, Walt thinks it’s Gus, but.. nope.  He asks where’s Gus, to which mike says, “You’ll never see him again”.  Later that night, Walt drives up to Gus’ house with his lights off, gets out and starts approaching… when his phone rings.  It’s Mike (I think).

Hank is having issues.  He’s going through physical therapy but, him and Marie are having issues.  Seems like he’s depressed… but who knows!  Skyler heads to the car wash Walter used to work at.  She talks to the owner and asks how much he will sell it for.  The owner spits out an outrageous amount.  She gives him a fair number, but he wants an even more outrageous number.  He calls it the “Walter White Price”.

Walt follows Mike to a bar and attempts to get him to help.  He goes to far.  Mike beats his ass and leaves him on the floor of the bar.

Back at Jesse’s house, the three-day drug party comes to an end.  As everyone leaves including Skinny [“I think I’m pushing flowers”] Pete and Badger, Jesse is left with the Meth house mess and his memories.  He sits in front of a speaker and tries to forget the past.

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— Open House — Season 4 / Episode 3

Walt walks in to get to work for the day… Has some coffee.  He’s kinda happy, but every time he moves he keeps hearing a noise.  He looks up to see a camera following his every move.  It’d be safe to assume he doesn’t like it.

Skyler comes over to talk to Walt at his apartment.  She gets upset when he has a black eye.  She asks him to go to the police!?!?  Meanwhile Marie is house hunting, using an alias.  She seems like she’s up to no good.

Back at Walter’s house, Saul Goodman is trying to get Skylar to buy a nail salon.  Unfortunately, she wants the car wash.  While in their meeting, Saul’s security guy, Huell, interrupts to use the bathroom.  They concoct a plan to give the owner some “motivation” to sell.

Marie is at another open house, she meets the Real Estate Agent.  And she leaves a bad impression.  Meanwhile Jesse is driving Karts (go-carts for you Americans) and then goes home to find people stealing his stuff, painting on his walls, and making whoopee on his floor.  His house is turning into the meth equivalent of a crack-house.  He sits down, lights up a smoke and watches the madness ensue.

The next day… Marie is at another house; yada yada yada, the Real Estate agent is the one from the last house.  She calls Hank to get some help.  She’s a Klepto!  She’s arrested.  Back at the Carwash, Skyler is playing hardball with the owner.  She informing him of all the rules he broke… of course the “inspector” is actually one of Saul Goodman’s guys’.

Hank gets a visit.  It’s a local cop.  He asks Hank to just look at a case.  It’s of a person who was murdered; named “Gale”.  Hank says he’ll look at it later.  He’s got the file.

The new security guy Tyrus is outside of Jesse’s little Meth-house watching.  Walt and Skyler celebrate the successful negotiation and purchase of a bottle of Champagne.

This episode ends with Hank awake in the wee hours of the morning.  And he picks up the “Gale” file.

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— Bullet points — Season 4 / Episode 4

Mike is in a truck trailer, when it is abruptly stopped.  Bullet holes riddle the trailer.  The doors open and two guys climb in but.. They get shot and fly back out.

Skyler can’t sleep and she wakes up with the idea of generating coverage because of illicit gambling.  Skyler is attempting to teach Walt how to play poker, but he opts out.  She has created a script and he’s not dealing well with it.  But they practice up and head over to Hank and Marie’s place.

Hank asks Walt to put in a DVD.  It’s Gale singing “Major Tom”…  As they sit down for dinner, Skyler and Walt pounce with their gambling story, until Walt makes his way into Hanks room and looks at the Gale file again.  He is almost busted but Hank instead shares the file with Walt.  Hank brings up… Heisenberg.  Hank walks him through the book in search for “WW”.  Walt looks through the book to a Walt Whitman poem.

After dinner Walt heads to Jesse’s house/drug den.  Jesse doesn’t want to hear it and pays some junkies to throw him out of the house.  He doesn’t want to remember any of it.

Back at Saul Goodman’s office, Walt is trying to decide what he needs to do.  He is stressed out!  Saul gives him the option that if he needs to, he can get a new identity if he has no other choice.

Jesse’s going to work and wakes up one of the meth-heads in his house, he has one (talkative assed-dude) go get some pizza; and dipping sticks.  And Jesse’s off to work.  When he gets home, he see’s his drawer open and notices his money’s gone.  But he doesn’t care.  He and some meth-chick play MarioKart instead.  The next day he is awoken to find Mike (with a band-aid on his ear), with a guy in a head-bag on.

Mike goes to see Gus.  Walt cooks and goes to find Jesse, but can’t!  Walt breaks in to his house to find a mess.  But Jesse’s not there.  Instead, he’s in a car, driving with Mike going way out into the desert.   Mike asks Jesse if he’s going to ask where they’re going? Jesse responds, “Nope”!

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— Shotgun — Season 4 / Episode 5

Picking up from the last episode, Walt is racing through the streets in his lovely Pontiac Aztec.  He calls Saul and lets him know where his money is to go.  Then he calls up Skyler and tells her, he loves her.  He arrives at Los Pollos Hermanos and he wants Gus.  He sits down and waits.  Mike calls and Walt wants to talk to Jesse.  Jesse is OK.  He’s working with Mike today.  He runs into the back of Los Pollos Hermanos.  And Gus is not there.

Meanwhile Hank informs, Tim, his detective buddy assigned to the Gale case that he is done.  He doesn’t think there’s anymore there.  He closes the case.

Mike and Jesse stop… Jesse thinks the fight is on.  But there will be no fight today.  They are picking up drops!  Jesse is beginning to take it serious.  He’s now acting like a guard.   Although, he’s bored to pieces.  Meanwhile, Walt is having a hard time in the lab all by himself.  He’s seeing how much work Jesse actually does.

Hours later Walt and Skyler are signing documents.  They are the proud owners of a car wash.. They celebrate with some random ‘hump’in!  She asks him to move back in.  But he has to get back to work.  And without Jesse, he can’t move the barrels or drive the forklift.  He stops cooking.  Tyrus comes in and lift the barrel himself.

Jesse and Mike are on their last pickup of the night.  Jesse’s in the car when another car pulls in behind them and a guy with a big-old Shotgun (uh huh, like the title) walks up behind him.  Jesse backs the car out and is gone.  Mike sees it all.  As he’s walking down the street, Jesse pulls up.  Mike is impressed; he even allows Jesse to smoke a cigarette in the car.

Walt goes in the lab the next day to find Jesse “Breaking Ice”.  Jesse is motivated, but has to go back to work with Mike the next night.

At dinner with Hank and Marie, Walter is drinking too much.  Hank tells everyone that the case of Heisenberg is done (Gale), but Walt tells him that Gale is NOT a genius.  Walt also says that perhaps, Heisenberg… is still out there!  The next day, Hank gets the Gale files back!

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— Cornered — Season 4 / Episode 6

We start off in yet another truck, and just like last episode, the truck is stopped.  This time, Mike is not in the truck but two of Mike’s guys are.  The hijackers, instead of entering, hook a hose up from the exhaust pipe to the refrigeration unit.  The bandits kill off the guards and make off with the goods.

Skyler is listening to Walt’s frantic phone call from last week and waits for him to wake up.  She asks him if he knew Gale.  Last night (last episode) she figured it out when he was drunk!  She asking him now and she won’t let it go and keeps on pounding away leading to one of the best lines of the entire show.  Skyler says “admit you’re in danger”.  Walt rebukes her with:

“Who are you talking to right now?  Who is it that you think you see?” …… and this monologue ends with “I am not in Danger Skyler, I AM the danger.  A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No!  I AM the one who knocks”..    [Goose bumps ensue!]

Meanwhile, Walt goes to get the keys for the car wash.  He takes the framed “first dollar” from the wall, smashes its frame and buys a Coke from his soda machine with it!   Meanwhile, Jesse is working with Mike at nights and is going through meth withdrawal.  Mike is beginning to care about him a bit.  He even slides his food over to Jesse and tells him to eat something.

Walt is taking “Walter Jr.” to school but chooses to take a detour and buy him a car.  He buys him, not an old beater… but a new,  red Dodge Challenger.   And then, Walt goes to work.  He sees Jesse and demands an explanation.  Jesse understands that Mike is babysitting him, but Walt claims it’s all a setup.  The lab phone rings.  It’s for Jesse; he leaves Walt to clean up the lab on his own.  Instead, Walt goes to find some laundry workers from upstairs.  He gives them money and they do it.  As they clean, he drinks coffee and salutes the camera.

Skyler is just driving and she comes to 4 corners monument. She flips a coin to decide where to go… back to her home in New Mexico has it.

Back to Jesse and Mike;  they are watching a house that is supposed to have product from their hijacked truck.  Jesse makes a first attempt to get them out of the house but it doesn’t work.  He goes back with a shovel and starts digging in the front lawn and it seems to work.  He’s in the house.  Mike comes in and finds a message written on the lid of Gus’ hijacked product.

While Mike and Jesse are eating dinner, Gus comes in and Jesse is excused.  Mike informs Gus, the message on the lid said, “Ready to Talk?”.  As Gus is leaving, Jesse asks him, “Why me?”.  Gus answers back, “I like to think I see things in people!”

Skyler makes it back home to find the new Challenger in the driveway.  She is not happy!  She asks him if buying that car was protecting the family.  Walt says that everything he does is to protect the family.  She notes that the car must go back.  Walt says, that Walt Jr. will blame her (Skyler) — and she agrees that he will.  She follows up with the statement, “Someone has got to protect this family from the man who protects this family.”

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— Problem Dog — Season 4 / Episode 7

Jesse is in his house with his insanely loud home theater.  He’s playing First Person Shooter (FPS) video games and shooting at the TV.  He’s getting sweaty and shaky as random memories of when he shot Gale pop into his head.

At the car wash, the Dodge Challenger Walt bought Walt Jr. is getting cleaned and prepped to go back to the dealership.  Walt takes it… finds a parking lot and does burnouts till the tires scream.  He’s loving it, right until he slides it into a ditch… It’s stuck!  Instead of calling a tow truck he sticks some paper in the gas tank… and lights it.   He grabs a seat and calmly calls for a cab.  Then the car blows up…

Back in Saul’s office, Walt asks for a hitman.  Saul can’t do it and reminds Walt that eventually, that hitman will have to go against Mike; and Mike knows everyone.  Saul tell Walt to have his partner do it.   When Walt gets to Jesse’s, Jesse is painting his former meth-house walls back to one color.  Walt reminds Jesse how Gus was going to kill them mere weeks ago.  Jesse says he will kill Gus if he gets the opportunity.  Walt goes back to the lab and cooks some Ricin for the Gus job.  Jesse hides it in one of his cigarettes.

Hank and Walter Jr. are in Los Pollos Hermanos eating when Gus walks up and offers him a refill.  Hank dumps the soda and bags the cup that Gus touched in an evidence collection bag.

Mike tells Jesse that today he will keep his eyes open and mouth shut.  Jesse brings in the vegetable plate they brought.  As he begins making the coffee and is mere heartbeats from placing the Ricin in the coffee maker, Mike walks up behind him and gives him a gun.  He takes it and they both exit the room.  Inside, moments later, Gus is drinking coffee.

In comes the cartel’s party.  Gus Offers a large one time payment…  The Cartel says no.  Gus looks annoyed.  And the Cartel leaves.  Mike and Jesse leave.  Later that night, Jesse is at his former addiction group.  He tells the group about a story in which he put down a dog.  That dog he was referring to is… likely Gale.  Crying, he tells all the people in the group that he is there to sell them Meth and asks them if they accept it.  They say NO, and then he leaves.

Walt is slowly walking again.  At least he’s on his feet with a cane.  He’s back at his former DEA office and he tells them his ‘Gale theory.  He shows them the Investigative trail.  Following the evidence, he tracks the equipment in the lab.  He brings up the Gus connection.  The DEA is skeptical… until he shows them that Gus’ fingerprints were in Gale’s apartment.  Oops!

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— Hermanos — Season 4 / Episode 8

The episodes starts with a flashback to when Hank was attacked and shot by Marco and Lionel.  Then we jump to Gus, who has taken control of Hector, AKA Tio (the wheelchair bound invalid uncle of Tuco) and put him in a home.  Gus is teasing him and reminding him of what happens when they start a war of Sangre for Sangre.

In the Cancer Center, Walt is getting treatment for cancer.  There is a new cancer patient and Walt gives him advice.  “Never give up control”, and to “Live life on your terms”.  And then he goes back to the lab.

Gus gets a call while at work and he heads over to the DEA building.  The door opens and Hank is standing inside the room.  They start a conversation with Gus but Gus turns it around on them.  He tells a tale of how Gus won a chemistry scholarship he started and how he met him.  He applied praise to Gale and informed the DEA, Police, and Hank what he thought of him.  All of them are dumbfounded.  Hank asks Gus if Gustavo Fring is his real name.  It catches Gus off guard. Gus explains it away as a fault of General Pinoche’s government. He excuses himself, but he is in the elevator pissed.  The cops discuss but they generally give Gus a pass.

Saul is dropping off money in order to help move a friend of Jesse’s out of a bad neighborhood.  Outside, a neighbor is watching Heuell as he picks his nose.  Jesse’s gets out of the car and just goes in.

Skyler is trying to find ways to store money and nothing seems to work.  She ends up just storing it under the house.  Jump to dinner later that night.  We find out that Walt’s cancer is still in remission; and that he’s had a big pow-wow with Law Enforcement.  He doesn’t want to talk about it, and asks Walt if he can give him a ride to a rock show.  Walt says sure.  The next day, they are driving and Hank takes Walt on a stakeout of Los Pollos Hermanos.  While in the parking lot of ‘Los Pollos, Hank pressures Walt to go place a GPS recorder on Gus’ car. Walt tries to get out of it but cannot.  He walks in to the restaurant and tells Gus that he didn’t do it, but Walt tells him to, “Do It”!  A while later, Walt runs into the lab, looks into the camera and tells it (the camera) what happened.

Walt is on a tear, Now he’s furiously ringing Jesse’s doorbell.  He rushes in and tells him that he’s got to make it happen (kill) Gus now.  He reminds him that Hank catching Gus, is like Hank catching them.  Jesse goes to use the bathroom, but Walt looks on his phone and reads his message.  When Jesse comes out he looks on his phone and Walt asks if its anything important.  The next day, Mike gives Gus the rundown.  That there is no case against them, that Hank is on his own, and that it can be a problem if the Cartel gets involved and Hank notices it.

Another flashback to Gus and his partner as they sit poolside and attempt to get their business started.  One of the Cartel lieutenants refer to the men as Los Pollos Hermanos (The Chicken Brothers). They are visiting with Don Eladio.  He’s head of a drug cartel and he wants to know why they are cooking up meth and giving it to the Cartel’s men.  The brother tries to explain it and Gus calls it, “The drug of the future”.  A young Hector (Tio) waits in the background smoking a cigarette.  Don Eladio asks, Why should he do business with someone who doesn’t respect him and sells drugs under his nose.  Los Pollos Hermanos are starting to get nervous and nearly begging for their lives…  All the sudden a gunshot rings out, and blood is sprayed all over Gus, he looks over to see his partner shot in the head.  Hector did it!  Hector forces him to look in his partners dead eyes.  Don Eladio lets him know, that the only reason he is alive is because he (Don Eladio) knows who he (Gus) is.  Flashback to modern day, Now We Know Gus’ Motivation!

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— Bug — Season 4 / Episode 9

Walt picks Hank up from his house and notices that he’s being followed.  It looks like Tyrus.  They are heading to Los Pollos Hermanos to grab the GPS off of Gus’ car.  Once they pull out the data off the GPS unit, it looks like Gus only go’s from work and home.  As Walt drops Hank back at his house, he notices Tyrus is parked out front so he pulls up to him, rolls down his window and dials 911.  Tyrus leaves.

Skyler is back at the car wash trying to figure out the financials.  She calls Walt and informs him that the business is doing well and that he should start thinking about an exit strategy from his part-time job.  In comes Ted, he asks Skyler for favors to clean up the books.  He’s getting an IRS audit and has no where to go.  Unfortunately, Skyler used to do his books and is now attached to Ted’s business.

Walt is awaken in the morning by a phone call from Hank asking about Los Pollos Hermanos’ poultry distribution center.  Walt uses a get-out-of-jail card to avoid having to take Hank to that center.  He calls Mike to let him know what’s going on.  Mike gets his crew and they steam clean the entire distribution center.  They are NOT happy.  Jesse asks Mike if Gus is gonna kill Hank.  Jesse makes the case on why he should be killed.  As he is loading gear out to a truck, one of the other guys’ gets shot.  The report is about 3 seconds behind which means the shooter is out 350 meters (more or less).  Jesse Freezes, but is saved by Mike.  Gus walks out of the building into the gunfire.  He stands with his hands stretched out, but the shooter gets up and leaves.   Gus receives a phone call moments later… and says “yes”.

Another body is brought into the lab for Jesse and Walt to dissolve away.  Walt is NOT happy.  Jesse thanks Mike for saving his life as well and asks what was that all about.  Why did Gus walk into the sniper fire?  Mike says, the cartel needs Gus’ distribution system and does not want to kill him.  Mike follows up with, if you have questions, ask him (Gus) yourself.

The next day, Ted is having his Audit and is not doing so well.  He’s getting busted with unreported income and has no answers.  Ted is well over his head… But in comes Skyler, she plays up the ignorant girlfriend role and got the IRS Investigator to drop the criminal charges.  She suggests that she uses Quicken to do the books.  She tells Ted that all he has to do is pay the money back… But Ted tells her, he has no more money.

Gus invites Jesse over for dinner.  Jesse has an opportunity to poison the food, but he’d have to eat it as well so he does not.  The two talk.  Gus asks if he can cook, Walt’s product.  Jesse reminds Gus that if he kills Mr. White, he will have to kill Jesse as well.  Gus stops him noting that’s not what he (Gus) asked.  Gus informs Jesse about his Cartel issues (trying to avoid an all-out war) and asks again if he can cook the product once more..

After cooking up another batch of blue, Walt leaves the lab, grabs a GPS unit (the one Hank used on Gus’ car) off of Jesse’s car, goes home and pulls up the data.  He knows Jesse was at Gus’ house.  Jesse calls and invites Walt over to his house… When Walt arrives, Jesse informs him that the word has come down that he (Jesse) needs to go to Mexico in order to avoid a war with the Cartel.  Jesse explains it all, but Walt confronts him about not poisoning him.  Walt tells Jesse to go to Mexico and mess up and end up in a barrel.  Jesse pops him in the head with the GPS unit and a all out war ensues as the two fight all over the room.  Jesse wins, and tells Walt to “Get the Fuck out of here and never come back!”

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— Salud — Season 4 / Episode 10

Starts out with Gus, Mike, and Jesse standing in the middle of some plains.  Out of the air lands an Airplane.  They all hop on and off the plane goes.  Jesse is starting to freak out and all Gus can manage is… “You can do this!”

Skyler calls Walter and informs him that she can’t hang on anymore.  Walt Jr.  wakes up and Skyler asks him to go out and grab the paper.  There’s a brand new (by which I mean used) PT Cruiser out in the driveway.  Walt Jr. is less-than excited.  Over at Saul’s law office, Saul calls Ted (Skyler’s old broke, tax-evading boss) into his office and gives him a wild story about his old Aunt Burgett.  Ted gets $623,000 bucks.  How convenient.

Back down Mexico way, Jesse, Gus, and Mike are out of the plane and in a SUV with bags over their heads.  When the bags are removed… They are at a Super Lab.  They do not get to meet the boss until after their first cook.  The Cartel Chemist is giving Jesse a rash of crap over synthesis of Phenylacetic Acid…. Until, Jesse puts him in his place!  Good stuff.

Walter Jr. shows up at Walt’s place, but Walt is still in bed.  He’s a little bit beat up from his fight with Jesse.  Walt Jr. calls again, and over the answering machine says he’s gonna have to call 911; Walt opens up the garage door.  Jr. says he’s gonna call Mom, and Walt tells him not to because he was gambling.  He turns on the water works and Jr. doesn’t make the call.  Walt goes back to bed but as he goes back to bed, he calls Walt Jr., “Jesse”.  Tyrus pulls up right after Jr. leaves the house and asks him if there’s somewhere he’s supposed to be.

Back at the Mexican Super Lab, dozens of guys watch as Jesse creates Blue-meth.  After hours of cooking, the Cartel Chemist runs a purity test of Jesse’s product.  A whopping success at 96.2% and the cartel bagman congratulates Jesse and says “The first of many”.  Jesse inquires what that means and is told that he belongs to the cartel now.  He is NOT happy.

Saul is at the car wash and telling Skyler about her mistake with Ted.  But Ted is not paying the IRS, he’s buying stuff.  Like a new Mercedes.  Skyler goes to see Ted and asks him to pay the IRS back but he’s thinks he can build his business again.  Skyler makes it known that this money was not an accident from Aunt Burgett.  But he still does not want to pay.  She sends in Saul.

Back down in Mexico way, Gus, Mike, and Jesse meet Don Eladio (from Episode 8; Hermanos).  Gus is staring into the spot where his Hermano died.  Jesse asks what is this shit?  Mike responds that “either all of us are going home, or none of us are”.  Jesse is presented to Don Eladio as the cook.  Don Eladio sees the gift from Gus and approaches.  It is  Zafiro Anejo, which I had to look up to see if it was a real “thing”.  Apparently not!  Don Eladio has waiters pour glasses and give them to all his men.  He doesn’t trust Gus… and waits for him to drink first.  He does!  He yells “Salud” (cheers) and all his guys drink up.  Everyone is partying and Gus goes to the bathroom, turns on the water and vomits up the alcohol into the toilet.  Outside, everyone is dropping and passing out.  Gus leaves the bathroom and heads outside but is still poisoned.  Everyone is dead or dying.  Wait staff and Sluts are running out the front door with cash and cars.

As Jesse and Mike are trying to get Gus away from the cartel house, Mike gets shot.  Jesse returns fire and ends that gunfight.  They are in the car… and out of there.

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— Crawl Space — Season 4 / Episode 11

The operating room is being set up at a hospital room, which turns out NOT to be in a hospital.  A horn in the distance and in drives the Cadillac Jesse, Mike, and Gus made their escape in at the end of last episode.  The medics grab Gus, take him out of the car and throw him on a stretcher and take him into the makeshift operating room.  They don’t seem to worry about Mike.  Gus gets a transfusion.

Walt is cooking product and when he’s done, he takes Hank over to do a stakeout at the chicken farm/ranch.  Hank asks him if he’s ever going to explain how he got the black eye and beat-up face.  Walt tells him, he’s done explaining anything to anyone.

Back in Mexico, Jesse is worried about Mike.  He talks to the Dr., asking if Mike needs more blood.  The Dr. tells him to get it from the fridge.  He opens the fridge and sees back-up blood for himself and asks the Doc what’s up.  Turns out the Dr. knows everything about Jesse as well, including blood type, allergies, condition, and drug history.  Jesse is shocked.  In walks Gus.  They’re leaving Mike in Mexico until he recovers from his gunshot wound.

Skyler receives a message from Ted and goes over to his house.  Ted explains that he can’t give the money back to her.  His problems won’t be solved and he’ll still be broke.  He also notes that he’s uncomfortable with using illicit gambling money for his business.  Sounds like he’s suggesting that Skyler should give him more money.  He won’t pay the IRS and Skyler calls in the big guns…  That would be Saul.

Gus visits Hector (Tio) in the nursing home and he shows him a necklace that he got off of Don Eladio.  He brings in Jesse to show him who killed another of his sons.  With this, Gus informs him that the Salamanca name is dead.  He appears to be mentally torturing him.  Walt picks up Hank again from his house.  This time they are not going to the Chicken Farm, they are going to the Laundry.  Walt starts to panic.  Instead of going there, Walt misses the turn and attempts to make the next one… only to turn in front of a truck and get into a car accident.

Saul talks to Skyler.  Her only thing is that she doesn’t want anyone hurt.  Saul’s OK, he notes that he’s got his “A Team”, on it.  They are at Ted’s house and forcing him to write a check to pay his IRS bill.  Ted takes off running, trips on his carpet and slides, neck first, into the kitchen island and it appears like his neck is broken.

Back at the lab, Walt notes that someone cooked there.  Tyrus says, “You’ve been out of commission for 4 days. Think we’re gonna shut down the whole operation, just for you?”  Walt asks who it was.  Tyrus smiles.  Walt goes over to Jesse’s house later in the day.  He tries to get Jesse to stop cooking and help him.  Jesse reminds him that the last time he asked for help, Walt told him that he hoped he ended up buried in a barrel in the Mexican desert.  Here’s Tyrus… with a stun-gun.

Walt is on his knees in the New Mexico desert and in comes Gus.  He tells Walt that “he is done”, that he is fired, and to not go near Jesse ever again!  Walt responds, “or what?” and reminds him that he cannot kill him because Jesse won’t allow it.  Gus states to Walt that instead, he will kill his wife, kill his son, and kill his infant daughter.

Saul gets the explanation about how Ted died from his “A Team”, which causes Huell to respond with the line, “It was an act of God… Nothing can stop an act of God”.  Hilarity.  In rushes Walt who asks about the guy who makes people disappear (with fake identities).  Walt rushes home and goes to find the money he left under the house.  He can’t seem to find it.  He asks Skyler where’s the money?  She freezes.  Walt continues to ask and she tells him she gave it to Ted.  Walt is in disbelief.  Marie calls Skyler and tells her that the Cartel wants to kill Hank.

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— End Times — Season 4 / Episode 12

The Feds are racing towards Walt’s house.  They want to put Walter’s family under protective custody.  The DEA loads up the family and drive him over to Hank and Marie’s place.  Walter explains to a crying Skyler that the it’s time to deal with the consequences of his lifestyle.  The DEA and Walt’s family drive off.  Walt goes and sits next to his swimming pool.  with his gun on the table.

Hanks house is under surveillance and protection.  Marie and Walt Jr. are mad that Walt isn’t there.  Hank talks to Special Agent Gomez about Gus’ laundry.  Hank uses some good old-fashioned reverse psychology and tempts him to go to the laundry and “knock and talk”.  Gomez goes to the Laundry.  He tricks the laundry supervisor to allow a friendly search, but Gomez whips out a dog to help in the search.  Jesse’s cook is shut down as he shuts down the entire lab as they search the facilities above.  Gus calls, but Jesse still asserts that he will not cook if Mr. White is killed.

Jesse heads over to Saul’s Office.  Saul tells him that it is End Times and that Jesse needs to take all of his money because Saul’s heading out of town.  Hank is looking through the laundry photos that Gomez took.  It looks clean.

After work, Jesse gets a call.  Brock is sick.  The Medical staff can’t figure out what it is.  As Jesse goes out for a smoke, he realizes that his last cigarette (the one with the Ricin in it) is gone.  He runs back in the hospital for Andrea (Brock’s mom).  He tells her to tell the Doc’s that Brock may have been poised with Ricin.  Jesse runs out of the Hospital and knocks on Walt’s door.  Walt explains what’s going on with Gus.  Jesse picks up Walt’s gun and asks him why he poisoned Brock.  Walt attempts to talk Jesse down.  He further explains that he’s been waiting all day for Gus to send someone to kill him… And that is Jesse.  Jesse thinks about it; and decides that he must kill Gus… again.

Jesse keeps going back to the hospital.  He refuses to leave.  The next morning Tyrus goes to the hospital to get him.  But Jesse still refuses.  Tyrus calls Gus.  Back in his apartments kitchen, Walt is making a bomb.  Gus arrives at the hospital and Jesse calls for him.  They meet in the Chapel.  Jesse tells Gus that Brock was poisoned and Gus tells him to take the week off.  Gus leaves and heads back for his car.  Walt is on the adjacent building watching him through binoculars.  Before arriving at his car, Gus stops, looks around and then leaves his car parked.

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— Face Off — Season 4 / Episode 13

Starting off where the last episode ended, Walt is running over to Gus’ abandoned car.  He slides under and pulls off the bomb he made.  It’s only logical he goes to destroy it right???  No, he goes into the Hospital to talk to Jesse.  Walt asks where he can get close to Gus… and then some cops walk up.  They want to talk to Jesse about his Ricin statement concerning Brock.  The cops tell him he’s not under arrest, but he can’t leave.  They’re asking why he was so specific about Ricin.  They’re getting all in his Kool-Aid.  He lawyers up.

Walt is knocking on Saul’s office door and then throws a brick through the door.  He offers the receptionist $1700 dollars for Saul’s phone number, she says it’ll cost $25,000.  Walt is desperate and says he’ll be right back.  He goes to his house, calls up his neighbor and asks if she’ll go check on his house.  She does, and from the side of his house comes two would-be killers.  They walk away from his house.  He goes on in and gets the money he needs.  Just as he’s got it, in come the heavies.  Walt sneaks away from the house and back to Saul’s Law Office.

The cops are trying to throw more pressure on Jesse, they’re using the guilt trip… but then, in comes Saul to the rescue.  Jesse gives Saul a message for Walt.  “Casa Tranquila”!  That is the nursing home where Tio Salamanca is.  Walt walks on in to Casa Tranquila and Tio is not happy to see him.  Walt offers Tio an opportunity for revenge.  Hector asks (via bell-ringing) the nurse’s to contact the DEA for him.

Walt Jr.  and Marie call Walt and tell him to get over to Hanks house but he blows them off.  Not even Hank is interested in listening to Marie complain about how Walt is not there.  Special Agent Gomez heads over to talk to Hank.  He informs him that Tio will only talk to him.  Marie says that, there is NO way Hank will do it… Moments later, they are at the DEA offices.  Tio is cussing them out in via spell-board.  They end the Interview, but outside, Tyrus calls up Gus and informs him there’s a problem.

The nurse pushes Tio back into his room.  Walt sneaks in and asks him if there are any second thoughts.  Moments later, Tyrus arrives, walks in and searches Tio’s room.  Walt is standing outside the window.  It’s clear and he calls Gus. Back in the interview room, Jesse is free to go.. it wasn’t Ricin.  As he’s walking away from the Police Department, he is stunned and thrown into a minivan and swept away.

Gus pulls up to Casa Tranquila, him and Tyrus walk in.  Gus is going to kill Tio but first asks, “What kind of man talks to the DEA?”.  Gus pulls up a chair, Tio is still refusing to look at him.  Just as Gus is going to inject him with the poison, Tio looks at him.  Gus is caught off guard.  Tio starts ringing the bell.  A bomb goes off.  Gus walks out… but ohh, half of his face is missing.. Ohhhh, I get it.  The episode title is “Face Off”.  Nice!

Back in the lab, Jesse is being forced to cook.  Then the elevator horn sounds and as the elevator arrives, Jesse’s minder goes to check it out and gets shot.  It’s Walt!  He and Jesse pour out chemicals, dump tanks and set the lab to blow.  They strip off their chem suits and wipe down equipment.  Upstairs they pull the fire-alarm.  The lab explodes and they walk out of the laundry forever.

Jesse meets up with Walt and tells him that Brock is gonna pull through.  He also notes that it wasn’t the Ricin.  Walt asks “what was it?”  Jesse responds that it was likely a flower called Lily Of The Valley.  Walt calls Skyler and tells her that he’s doing quite well.  He says, it’s over! She follows up with.. “Was This You?”.  He responds that “He Won!”  Ironically, Walt has Lilly Of The Valley at his house right next to his swimming pool!  I guess he did win!

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