–Breaking Bad – Season 3

— No Mas — Season 3 / Episode 1

Starts off with a guy crawling through a small village. People drive around him. Others ignore him. Yet others mock him. Up comes a Mercedes. It’s a shrine. Up on the wall goes a drawing of a face that looks a ton like Heisenberg.

Flash to several news reports of Aircraft crash reports. There’s over a 167 deaths. The cause. Improper Air Traffic Control.

Hank is contemplating what he should do with the money now that Skyler is separated. He is flicking matches into his pool. On the last match he flicks a match into a grill filled with his ill gained money. It starts to burn but he can’t take it and then he throws the grill into the pool to save his money.

Skyler is hiring a lawyer. While Hank is helping Walt move out. Jesse is doing some gardening at Rehab while Walt is coming to terms at living by himself… and his money. Until he gets a new text message, “Pollos”.

Walt is transported to a school ceremony to discuss the airline crash and how it is affecting everyone. Walt is given the microphone and he tries to liven up the room but…. Well, not so much!

The Mercedes makes its way to a house where the occupants get out and put on some of the clothes that are hanging on a clothesline as the family looks on. The father gestures to the mother NOT to say anything. The guys walk to the daughter and stare at her for a moment. One takes the Mercedes keys and puts them on the goats ear. They walk off into the sunset.

Flynn is pissed off at Skyler which prompts her to go to Walt’s Apartment. She throws him some divorce paperwork. Skyler suggests that Walt is a Drug Dealer, “with that Pinkman Kid”. Walk comes clean and tells her the truth. She says she won’t tell anyone as long as he quits.

He goes and picks up Jesse from rehab. Jesse tells Walt that he’s done using. Walt goes to Los Pollos. Gustavo sits down and makes Walt an offer of 3 Million dollars for 3 months of his time. Walt contemplates saying yes but says he cannot. He thanks him and the two go their separate ways.

Back with the mysterious strangers, they are now in the back of a coyote’s truck sneaking in to Texas. One of the other illegal aliens discusses how he’s worked for some of the biggest cartels in Mexico.  The talkative kid figures out they are merely illegals like he is until…

Breaking Bad

— Caballo Sin Nombre — Season 3 / Episode 2

Walt is driving down the road, enjoying himself and gets pulled over by a cop. By the end of the engagement, he will be arrested. Hank goes to get him.

As Jesse’s going by his old house, he notes that it is for sale. His dad is there and he gets into a talk with him. But Jesse is a different person. His dad still distrusts him and Jesse can tell.

Walt is out of Police custody and informs Hank that Skyler is leaving him. Hank tells him to move on (basically). Saul comes in to see Walt. He attempts to get him cooking but Walt, “Can’t be the bad guy”. Saul goes back to his car and calls, the Cleaner! (The guy that saved Jesse from arrest after Jane died.

Skyler, Marie, Hank, and Flynn are having dinner and Flynn, decides to go back to “Walter Jr.”. Hank asks about why she’s keeping Walt from the kids, and she responds that, “its none of his business”. Hank thinks Walt’s cheating on Skyler. The next day, Jesse shows up at Saul’s office. He counts his money and asks Saul if he wants a job. Walt goes upstairs to his house to find that Walt Jr. is in the stairway next to his door.

In a Old folks home, there Tio (the invalid uncle of Tuco) sits, when the two guys from the Mercedes walk in and sit in front of him. One grabs a Ouija board as they decipher a message. The message is “Walter White”.

Walt calls Skyler and tells her that Walt Jr.’s there and wants to stay. Walt says that he’ll take him home after rush hour. Meanwhile, Saul has a meeting with the parents and their lawyer concerning the house. He offers 400K, the parents think that offer is a joke. Walt drops off Walt Jr.

The next morning, Walt wakes up on the floor to his phone ringing. Its Skyler talking about a Pizza on the roof of the house. Moments later Jesse pulls up to his aunt’s house just in time to see his parents moving out of it. They try to stop him from going in. Ouch! Embarrassing. Someone had the last laugh… and it was Jesse.

The Cleaner is in front of Walt’s house. He seems to be wiring the place up. Walt drives up and tries to get in only to realize the locks have been changed. Walt sneaks in through the trap door he built in the house. He is still inside when a Dodge Charger pull up in front of the house. The 2 guys that were in the Mercedes and spoke to Tio at the old folks home get out. One has an axe. The cleaner (Mike) watches from the distance. Walt is taking a shower.

Mike calls Gus, as the two sit on the bed waiting for Walt to finish his shower. They get a cell phone message, “Pollos”. Walt gets out of the shower…

Breaking Bad

— I. F. T. — Season 3 / Episode 3

Starts in a smokey bar way down Mexico way with a turtle and Tortuga. Tortuga was introduced. This was a flashback.

Hank is cleaning pizza off his roof. Moments later, Skyler calls and asks Walt if he is in their house. He is and she doesn’t know how to react. She goes in confronts him. He reminds her that, “It’s my house too?” She threatens to call the cops, and she does. Walt tells her to “do what you’ve (she’s) gotta do”. The cops are on their way. Walter Jr. Comes home while Skyler is waiting for the cops. As the cops arrive, Skyler has to explain why the cops she wants him out but cannot. Walt Jr. takes the dads side. The cops cannot figure it out. Skyler loses this engagement and Walt gets to stay…in his own house.

Saul visits Jesse and asks him to get in contact with ‘the Maestro, Walt, and possibly get back to cooking. While back in Hank-land, El Paso wants him to go back and work with them. Gus meets up with Tio and the two enforcers (that were gonna kill Walt in his house). They are Tio’s nephews, Leonel and Marco Salamanca. They discuss business of the cartels. Gus reminds him that in his territory, he must bless the retribution, and he does not because he has business with Walter and needs him alive.

Jesse is all messed up and continues to call Jane’s phone number just to hear her voice mail greeting. Skyler is back to smoking. The next day, Skyler is talking to her lawyer and lets her know everything. Hank is all messed up and starting fights in random bars. Jesse makes yet another call to Jane’s phone, to find out that the phone company finally cancelled it.

Jesse is back in the RV and starting a cook. Skyler is waiting for Walt to leave so she can go to work. She sees his big back of money while he tries to explain why he is doing this. Later that day, Skyler accosts her boss, and asks if his kids are home. She gets home late and tells Walt, “I fucked Ted” (ahhh, which explains the Title of the episode).

Breaking Bad

— Green Light — Season 3 / Episode 4

Jesse pulls up to a gas station with the RV. He gets the bill but realizes he doesn’t have money for the bill. He trades for some of the meth HE made. A cop walks in and the cashier goes for it. Jesse’s off.

Back at Saul’s office, him and Mike are listening to an argument between Walt and Skyler. Walt shows up at Skyler’s work looking for Ted. He tries to pick up a huge potted plan but cant throw it through Ted’s office window. All of the employees see what’s going on and hate Skyler. As he’s leaving, the Cleaner throws him into his car and heads to Saul’s office. He realizes his house is bugged.

Walt is in class and not teaching. His principle comes in and asks him if he’s doing OK, he attempts to kiss her and she fires him. While he’s in the parking lot, Jesse is waiting for him and asks him to set up a meet with Gus, but Walt shoots the idea down.

Marie drops Hank off at the airport for his duty in El Paso, while at the airport he gets a call from a local Sheriff. He diverts and goes to talk to one of the suspects found with Blue Meth. At her work, no one is talking to Skyler (because she’s a slut). She is having a downright affair with Ted now.

During the Hank interview, it becomes apparent that the meth-head has no idea what’s going on. Hank’s PTSD is becoming an even bigger problem as his relationship with his partner, Gomez, is falling apart.

Cleaner and Gus are working through strategy. Gus decides to divide and conquer and ask that a deal be made with Pinkman. Hank heads in to the gas station where Pinkman traded his meth for gas. Hank gets vague information, however, notes that there’s an ATM out front. He has a lead. Hank’s boss asks him about El Paso, he says he’s not going.

Pinkman has sold some of his meth to Gus. And he receives half of the money, they agreed to. On the radio, Walt hears that Jane’s dad, has shot himself. The guy who gave Pinkman his money drives up to Walt and throws money at him. He doesn’t know what it’s for.

Breaking Bad

— Mas — Season 3 / Episode 5

Starts with the story of how Jesse spent the original money Walt gave him to buy the RV. Good times were had by all (Jesse, Skinny Pete, Combo, and a gang of strippers).

Skyler is relaxing at Ted’s place. Skyler and Ted have turned in to a full blown Affair. While Jesse calls Walter and asks where his money is. This is in response to the last episode where half of Jesse’s money was given to Walt.

Hank and Gonzo are trying to track down all of the 29 RV’s that meet the description of the one that was seen at the gas station, by the Automated Teller Machine. Hank ends up having to explain why he was peeking into an RV. Marie won’t let it go.

Walt meets with Gus at Los Pollos. Walt explains that he thinks he’s being played. Gus asks Walt to take a drive with him.

Marie calls Skyler, who is at Ted’s house again. Marie explains that Hank is no longer the same. Skyler just listened and contemplates what Marie’s saying. Gus and Walt arrive at one of Gus’ business, a laundry. Inside the laundry, behind an industrial laundry machine, is a stairway. Walt is in awe of the well appointments. Gus tells Walt that he needs 200 lbs a week to make it viable. Walt turns him down again. Meanwhile, Skyler is at Ted’s but says she must head home. She get’s home has dinner with Walt and Walt Jr.

In the Office with Hank, he is quickly eliminated most of the possible RV’s. After spending time at Gomez’ going away party (who’s replacing Hank in El Paso), Hank is tipped off that there is another RV out there that has not been operational over the past few years. He goes to investigate.

Skyler discusses it all with her shrink. She asks about his money. The shrink tells her that if Walt won’t go, she should go! She goes home afterwards to realize that Walt has moved out… He took his big money bag… and he signed the divorce paperwork.

Back at Saul’s, Walt comes in to meet with Jesse. With Saul as the moderator, the three hash out the business terms as Jesse wants to go out on his own. Walt informs Jesse that thier arrangement is over and he is “in”, and Jesse is “out”. He tells Jesse to not even think about using his (Walt’s) formula.

Hank makes it to the location of the last, non-registered, RV. The owner says that she didn’t report it stolen because, her son, Christian Ortega (aka Combo), was the one who stole it. Hank searches through his room and sees a picture of Combo and…. Jesse!

Breaking Bad

— Sunset — Season 3 / Episode 6

A Reservation Police Officer is responding to a call of a missing person only to find her dead body. Runs back to his car and calls for backup. Too late!

Walt is looking for yet another place to stay after moving out of his house again. Back in Jesse’s world, he has Skinny Pete and Badger getting back into business. Hank is outside of his house.

Walt is up early for work the next day. He drives Walt Jr. to school and explains to him how he feels. He explains that he does feel guilty. Gus arrives at Los Pollos, to find Leonel and Marco seated within his restaurant as they have been for days. Meanwhile, Walt arrives at Gus’ dry cleaners’ and meets his new partner; Gale Boetticher. Gale and Walt are true chemists who think as educated professionals. Their first cook goes without a hitch.

Hank has been on a stakeout of Jesse’s house for what appears to be days. Marie calls him and asks him about Pinkman (because he bought marijuana from him). Hank asks him if Pinkman ever had an RV. Walt calls Jesse but hangs up because he’s not sure Jesse’s phones are not being tapped.

Walt calls Saul. Saul tells him to get rid of it. Jesse doesn’t know what’s going on until Badger calls him. Hank follows Jesse right to the RV in a demolition yard. Walt is inside when Jesse arrives. Right behind him, Hank! Hank attempts to get in. Walt and Jesse remain quiet. The yard owner catches him and informs him he needs a Search Warrant. Hank goes back sits in his car and awaits the warrant.

Walt thinks longer, and makes a phone call.

Hank is waiting by his car when he gets a phone call stating that his Marie has been in a car crash and is being airlifted to the hospital. He jumps in is car and leaves. Upon getting to the hospital, he receives a phone call from… Marie. He realizes he has been had.  Back at the yard, the RV is destroyed.

Gus drives out to Sunset Ridge; He meets up with Leonel and Marco. Gus asks “why Walt”?, and he informs them that Walt did not shoot their cousin and he gives them the DEA Agent who shot him. That would be Hank.

Breaking Bad

— One Minute — Season 3 / Episode 7

Starts off with 2 kids playing on a farm down in Mexico. One kid is chasing the other. The other gets a tow and then breaks it. When he says, he wishes the other was dead. The kid reaches into the cooler until the man (Tio a beer). Tio grabs the brother’s head and holds his head under water… The boys are Leonel and Marco.

Jesse returns home as Hank pulls up and walks into his house. Hank knocks him to the ground and beats him unconscious. He then calls for medical assistance and Jesse is taken to the hospital. This is in retribution for the RV destruction and call about Marie’s accident to Hank. Saul and Walt visit Jesse in the Hospital.

Jesse tells Saul and Walt that he will take everything he can from Hank. Saul and Walt tell him it’s best to let it all go. Jesse says he has a get-out-of-jail-free card. He says he will give up Heisenberg.

Hank is in trouble. He’s under investigation and suspended. As Hank arrives in the elevator, Marie is there.

Skyler goes to visit Walt in his new bachelor pad. She notes that, “crime does pay”. She asks if he can get Pinkman to drop the charges against Hank. Walt goes to work to find that Gale has the lab under control and is prepared for business.

Leonel and Marco meet up with an arms dealer. As they are shown numerous weapons. They choose the product they need and leave.

Walt has been sabotaging his relationship with Gale in order to bring back Jesse. When Walt informs Jesse that he can return, he goes off and says that he will not cook. Walt eventually leaves the hospital room and tells Jesse, that his meth is just as good. He calls Walt later and informs him that he’s in. Hank is suspended from the DEA, only later to find that Jesse is likely to drop the charges on Hank.

Hank is on his way home and as he is about to get in his car when he receives a distorted voice call telling him that two men are coming to kill him, and he has “One Minute”. The caller hangs up and Hank sees a man in his rear-view mirror. Hank backs his vehicle into the man smashing him between two vehicles. The other man is on his tail and is shot by hank in the back, but because he is wearing a vest he is able to return fire. Hank is down. Out comes the axe. Leonel and Marco are dead.

Breaking Bad

— I See You — Season 3 / Episode 8

Starts with Jesse climbing out of bed and putting his clothes on his battered body. With his eye beaten shut and in a wheel chair, he is pushed out of the hospital. As an ambulance pulls up with lights and sirens going, it is Hank in that they pull out on the gurney. He likes what he sees.

Back in the lab, Walt is attempting to explain to Gale why he is being fired. As he Gale is confused by being replaced, in comes Jesse. Gale notes that this, “makes no sense!” Jesse notes that the place is shielded from cell phones signals. Jesse proceeds to inform him that Hank has been shot. Walt takes off to the hospital. Marie faces off with Hanks boss and partner. She then turns her ire to Walt.

Breaking Bad

— Kafkaesque — Season 3 / Episode 9

Starts with a commercial from Los Pollos Hermanos.  The scene follows the product as it leaves the plant and makes its way onto Los Pollos Hermanos trucks off to market.  Jesse and Walt discuss how much they are NOT making.  For their $3 million deal, the total value of the product is $96 million.  Jesse thinks they are getting robbed, while Walt is content.

Back in Hanks hospital room, it becomes apparent that the DEA is tracking the blue-meth distribution.  Hank is lying to the Docs and telling them that he has feeling in his legs because he’s trying to keep Marie’s hopes up.

Saul discusses the finer points of money laundering to Jesse. He is trying to keep him out of jail but Jesse does not want to hear it and he leaves.

Walt asks to see Gus and he tells him directly that he knows that he saved his life (from Leonel and Marco) and that was responsible for Hank being shot, whilst also, being warned.  Walt recognizes what this means and tells Gus that, in his position, he would’ve made the same decision.  He also wants to renegotiate some terms of their deal.  After the 3 month deal, they will move up to $15 Million Dollars a year.

Marie and Skyler are talking about Hank’s care… until Ted stops by the house.  Skyler does not want to talk about it.  He keeps pushing until she can’t deal with it anymore.

Jesse is making a move.  He going to siphon meth from the lab’s overages (they owe 200 lbs. but produce 202.3 as an example).  Skinny Pete, and Badger go to Jesse’s Addiction group.  They make drugs sound good… to addicts.

Back in Hank’s hospital room, Skyler has decided to pay for Hanks bills and she tells Marie that Hank has a gambling problem.  Walt does not appreciate it as he’s taking blame.

Breaking Bad

— Fly — Season 3 / Episode 10

The most insane episode of the entire run.  The episode starts with Walt waking up.  He is tired.  He apparently cannot sleep.  He has been attempting to figure out why their production has been not what was expected.  They worked the day and Walt realized there is a fly in the lab.  He tries everything to get it, but fails.

Jesse shows up to work the next morning and realizes that Walt has been there all night.  He has not left the lab.  Instead he locks Jesse out of the lab.  Walt has been away for days and is losing it.  Jesse attempts to drug Walt with sleeping pills and put him to sleep but it’s not working.

Walt is losing it.  He is almost passing out because he is so tired.  He begins to get deep.  He feels bad about several things and these are some of the reasons why he can’t sleep.  Walt.  While hallucinating, he tells Jesse that he’s sorry about Jane.  He almost tells him more, but he finally falls asleep.

Jesse finishes up the cook and they are outside when Walt calls him over.  He tells Jesse that if he’s responsible for the loss, he won’t be able to protect him.

98% of this episode takes place in the lab.  Very good episode; allows you to see into the obsessive madness that is Walt.

Breaking Bad

— Abiquiu — Season 3 / Episode 11

Starts off with a flashback of Jesse and Jane at a museum talking about Georgia O’keefe after their trip to see one of her exhibitions.

Hank is in the hospital initiating his recovery.  He is in a crane and attendants are attempting to put him on a treadmill.  He does not like it and chooses to end his rehab for the day.

Back in the Addiction meetings, Jesse, Skinny Pete, and Badger are finding it hard to sell to the people in the classes.  Part of the problem is that Jesse cannot smuggle enough product out of the lab with Walt is watching his every move in the lab and he’s weighing the product himself.  Jesse is back into selling himself.

Walt is paying for Hanks surgery.  He provides a check to Skyler but, as an accountant, she wants to be certain that the money is impeachable.  Walt tells her it is, she doesn’t believe him and wants to find out how.  They go to Saul’s office for further details.  Saul attempts to explain it to Skyler, but he’s getting nowhere.  The meeting ends.  On the way from Saul’s office, Skyler stops at the Car Wash where Walt used to work as a second job.  Skyler suggests… They buy it!

Skinny Pete and Badger are taking to the meetings really well and actually attempting to fix their lives.  Jesse is attempting to sell meth to the new girl from his meeting, until her mother comes home with her son.  It’s Alisa and Brock, and Jesse is realizing that he cannot do this to her.  Jesse is finding family in Alisa and Brock.  But she asks about the meth.  Jesse doesn’t want to sell it to her.  He says she can tell him about her brother if she wants to.  Jesse figures out that Thomas was forced to kill a guy.  He road up on a bike and shot him.  That was the story of Combo’s death.  Jesse is saddened and confused.

Skyler volunteers to be the “Danny” and then it turns out that Skyler has not filed any divorce paperwork so he and Skyler are still legally married.

The phone in the Lab rings for the first time.  Walt is invited to dinner at Gus’ house.  Upon arrival and confused, Walt asks Gus why he invited him for dinner. Gus ends the meeting with advice; Never Make the Same Mistake Twice.

Jesse goes to the place where Combo was killed.  He comes across Thomas.  He buys crystal from him.  It is Thomas’ dealers that draw Jesse’s attention.  He realizes they are the ones who ordered that Combo be shot.

Breaking Bad

— Half Measure — Season 3 / Episode 12

Starts with Meth-head Wendie turning tricks and sucking d***s; (OK, that was bad!), but it is the life of Wendie and she is going through her day.  She goes to buy more crystal.  She buys from the guys that Jesse has just learned, ordered Combo’s killing.  She even brings them food.  Jesse is watching it all go down.

Walt Jr. is learning to drive, while Skyler is looking for information on money laundering.  She approaches Walt about his decision to buy the car wash.  They negotiate the details.

Jesse explains to Walt that he bought their meth from the guys who killed Combo.  He asks for some Ricin from Walt.  Walt does not want to help.  Jesse says he’s doing it.. with or without Walt.  The next day, Walt is at Saul’s waiting to meet with Jesse.  They are trying to figure out how to stop him from making a move on the dealers.  Mike shows up at Walt’s house.

Mike explains his background.  He was a Police Officer.  He explains how he took a Half-Measure when he should’ve went all the way.  He says. “No More Half-Measure Walt”.

As Jesse and Wendie are in the car waiting for Combo’s killers so he can take his revenge on them, Mike knocks on his window and tells Jesse to go with him.  They travel out to the chicken farm where they meet with Gus, Walt and the two killers.  Gus attempts to scare him into doing nothing to them and ending the conflict.  Gus asks if he is understood,  Jesse steps to him an says “NO”. He explains that they use 11 Year/Olds to do their killing, and then asks if Gus and Walt are OK with this and if they have anything to say.

Back in the hospital, Marie gets Hank to check out and go home through a little bit of hanky panky (…or handy spanky).

Gus tells them not to use any more children, and then he tells Jesse to keep the peace.  They shake hands.  Walt drives Jesse to his car… but will not speak to him as they ride together.  Later on, and in order to not use kids anymore, the two kill the kid (Thomas).  Jesse is enraged.  He does not go to work and is not answering his phone.

He is sitting in his car, in the dark.  He snorts some meth and sees them.  He grabs his gun and goes walking towards them.  They get out of their car and walk towards Jesse.  They all start drawing down on each other.  Out of nowhere, Walt hits them both with his car.  As they are wounded, Walt gets out of his car and grabs a gun…  Whoa!

Breaking Bad

— Full Measure – Season 3 / Episode 13

Flashes back to when Walt and Skyler were young and buying the house, then back to the real world.  The front of Walt’s car is damaged, he’s waiting for a black SUV, and then gets a call.  Mike (The retired police, hitman, cleaner) tells Walt to get out of his car and start walking over.  He does, and Mike searches him.  Gus gets out of the vehicle the two discuss the situation.  Walt notes that Jesse is long gone, and that the two should forget about him and get back to business.  Gus agrees but says he’ll choose Walt’s new Partner.

Walt goes to work.  He realizes they’ve changed his key.  Who’s in the lab?  Gale is Back.  and there is a constant guard in the facility (Victor).  They cook.  Jump over to Mike.  He is at a storage facility with some balloons.  He lets them go into power lines.  He moves to the facility.  He kills the security guys and tells the owner to ship those chemicals.  He goes back and informs Gus that they are Cartel members.  Gus also asks him if he’s found Jesse.  Nope.

Gale is at home when there is a knock on his door.  It’s Gus.  They chat and Gus asks him, “How soon he might be able to take over the lab”?  He also tells him about Walt’s Cancer.  Gale says perhaps one more cook and he’d be able to take over.  The next day, Gale attempts to broach the subject, but Victor moves between them to stop the conversation.

Mike goes to Saul and asks him where Jesse is.  He threatens to beat him, “Till his legs don’t work”.  He writes down an address. He takes Walt to a Laser Tag facility he wants him to buy.  Walt tells Saul that his car’s bugged and he’s being followed.  Who’s in the Laser Tag facility?  Jesse.  He tells Jesse that when Gale knows how to cook, Gus will kill him.  Walt says they have to kill Gale.  He throws out the big guns with, “I saved your life Jesse,  Are you gonna save mine?”

Jesse has found Gale’s address.  Walt leaves his house to go visit Gale when Victor pulls up and tells him to get in the car.  He does!  They go to the lab and Mike is there.  Walt begs for his life.  Mike tells him to shut up.  Walt says he’ll call him.  He pulls out his phone and says he’ll have Jesse meet him.  Jesse is thinking about doing Crystal, when his phone rings.  It’s Walt.  He yells to Jesse, It’s gonna have to be you, you’re 20 minutes closer than we are… Do it, Jesse Do it.  Mike is about to kill Walt and he tells him, “your boss is gonna need me” as tells him Gale’s Address.  Victor and Jesse are racing to Gale’s house.

Gale opens his door.  Jesse is pointing a gun in his face.  Gale starts to plead, while Jesse starts to cry… You’ll have to watch it to see what happens.

And that is the Season Finale… Damn!!!

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