–Breaking Bad – Season 2

— Seven Thirty-Seven — Season 2 / Episode 1

This episode starts with the beating Tuco lays on his boy at the end of the last episode. But they have come through and have made some big bucks. Walt does some quick math and determines that he need $730,000 bucks and that’s only 10 more weeks/deals. They get in their car and drive off only to find Tuco’s Escalade racing at them. Tuco tells Heisenberg to save his guy but Heisenberg knows that he’s dead.

Jesse buys a gun because he is paranoid Tuco is after them. He confronts Walt and suggests they kill Tuco. Walt talks him down, especially recognizing Jesse can’t even open the gun.

Now Hank and the DEA are investigating the break in at the Chem Warehouse. As Walt gets home he realizes that someone is parked in front of his house. The dark SUV starts up, backs up with its lights off, and drives away. Walt spends the entire night staring out the window. Jesse and Walt think it’s Tuco and concoct a plan to poison him with Ricin.

Hank heads over to talk to Skyler to get her to call Marie, but Skyler loses it leaving hang guilty for asking. Skyler realizes that Hank already knows about her Klepto problem. Hank and Jesse are back to cooking in Jesse’s basement, but this time they’re processing castor beans in to Ricin. Hank calls Walt to tell him about his engagement with Skyler and forwards him a picture from the junkyard. It is of Gonzo dead. Hank says he recognizes Gonzo as one of Tuco Salamanca’s cohorts.

Jesse goes by Walt’s house. Walt goes out to ask him what he’s doing only to find that Tuco is hiding in the back seat. And they drive off at gunpoint.

— Grilled — Season 2 / Episode 2

Hank is briefing his guys about Tuco Salamanca. They raided his hideout and are searching for him. You find out his background and that he has ties to the Cartels in Mexico. Hank believes he’s in Mexico by now! Hank is taking time off to go help find Walt who hasn’t been seen since he left (with Tuco) the night before. The search is on.

Next go to the desert in a trunk. Someone’s in it. And it’s Hank and Jesse. Tuco pulls them out of the trunk and walks them to a small desert house. Inside the house is an invalid in a wheel chair. Tuco goes through all of their belongings and absolutely goes nuts, wacko, out of his mind. He is about to take some of the Blue Meth (laced with Ricin), but Jesse talks him out of it by telling him its got a “special ingredient” of chili powder… But Tuco hates chili and does not take it..

Jesse and Walt are held captive and discussing how to escape. They are doing this all in front of the invalid. His name is Tio… and he has just seen Walt spike his breakfast burrito with the Ricin-laced Blue meth. And he manages to knock it off the table and onto the floor. He cannot speak but he rings a bell to communicate. Tuco takes Jesse outside and is about to kill him, until Walt tells him they were gonna poison him. Jesse pops him with a rock and manages to shoot him in the stomach with it. They choose to let him bleed and they take off. It’s Hank!

Hank tracked down Pinkman’s car through its Lo-Jack. Just as Hank finds the car he realizes that its Tuco. He doesn’t know that there’s a AR-15 on the seat… that Walt left there. Tuco gets it and starts firing like a madman at Hank. Hank returns fire and moves behind his vehicle. Tuco attempts to reload, while hank reloads his Glock faster and waits. As Tuco prepares to engage again, he gets popped in the pumpkin (head). Tuco’s dead and Jesse’s car is left hopping.

Hank and Jesse run off into the desert.

‘ Tio rings his wheelchair bell repeatedly as the credits roll.

— Bit By A Dead Bee — Season 2 / Episode 3

Jesse and Walt walk their way out of the desert and split up at a road where Walt hops in the back of a truck. He strips his clothing as he makes it into a supermarket. He’s butt naked. He is reunited with his family in the hospital after. His story; he got disoriented in the desert.

Hank gives Internal Affairs his rundown of events and how he ended up in a shootout with Tuco. While Jesse is with Badger again hoping to get into his house and rid it of all of the cooking supplies in the basement. They load the lab into the RV and have it towed away.

The Police raid the Crystal Palace. Jesse is in his room with Wendi (the Meth head). He’s just given himself an alibi. Hank and his partner interrogate Jesse. The most hilarious part is when Hank calls Wendi a “Yeast Factory” and says she had “Schlongus-Interruptus”.

Jesse is awakened to the sound of a bell. Yep! Hank brings in his only witness, Mr. Salamanca (Tio); the guy who had the stroke from the wheel chair in the desert shack. They run through questions but ‘Tio refuses to ID Jesse. Hank gets involved, and Tio turns to his side and shits his pants. Apparently, he does not like Hank (who killed his nephew). Jesse and Wendi go to Waffle House.

Walt is still in the hospital since they refuse to release him until they know what caused the blackout. But he sneaks out and goes to his house to hide the money and gun he left out before he was kidnapped. He goes back to the hospital and gets back in to his bed.

He is released from the Hospital. Skyler asks him about the second cell phone. He says he is certain he does not. He goes in for the kiss, she rejects that attempt.

— Down — Season 2 / Episode 4

Jesse and Walt meet up at a convenience store and talk over the shelves. They discuss cooking and decide they’ll wait until things calm down a bit.

Jesse goes in to a law office, only to realize that his parents called him in and decided they were gonna seize the house (his dead Aunt’s place) back because his mother went in and saw his lab downstairs. He has 72 hours to vacate.

Skyler is ignoring Walt and he hasn’t figured out why. Walt’s son (Walter Jr.) has started calling himself Flynn. Jesse’s looking for a place to crash and finds that no one will let him stay there. He ends up going to his RV, while it’s in storage and crashes there.

Walt and “Flynn” go out to learn how to drive. Back in the RV, Badger’s brother, Clovis, asks for payment from Jesse but Jesse has no money and asks for a couple more days. ..And gets thrown out of the yard and Clovis calls to see how much he can sell the lab for. In the background Jesse hops the fence, jumps in the RV and takes off.

Walt finally sits Skyler down and tries to get her to open up. She lets him have it. She asks him to tell her what’s going on, to which he responds, “tell you what”? She runs out of the house, with him right behind her. He’s trying to talk to her when he looks behind her car and see… An RV. It’s Jesse. Walt verbally assaults him and Jesse snaps and almost chokes him to death. He gives him half of his share… and asks him if he wants some breakfast.

— Breakage — Season 2 / Episode 5

The episode starts with two illegals crossing in to the US when one trip on something and pics it up. It was a gift given to Hank previously. Walt is still receiving his Chemo as he ends at the end of round one. He gets the bill and is all but shocked at the price. He still has Skyler believing that his old partners, Elliot and Gretchen, are covering the bill. At home, Walt is vomiting into the sink and out pops a cigarette carton.

Hank is briefing his boss on Tuco and his boss asks him to take on more responsibility. Everyone who comes into his office sees his gift (Tuco’s Grille) and he hates looking at it. While in the elevator, he gets an episode of claustrophobia.

Jesse drives back in to talk to Clovis. He pays him for the work on the RV, the Gate, the port-o-potty, that he destroyed, and storage. All with the money he got from Walt. He also buys a car from him. An old Toyota wagon. Now he’s renting an apartment… Under the name Jesse [Jackson].

Jesse and Walt meet up to cook and discuss how to sell the product after cooking it. Jesse’s idea is to become the network. Jesse says that they will do things his way this time around… or he walks. He meets with Badger, Skinny Pete, and Combo. They’re all in for selling for Jesse and he’s off and running.

Jesse and Walt meet up again so Jesse can give him money. He is off a thousand bucks due to a junkie-robbery. Walt does not accept it and Jesse says it is the cost of doing business, he just counts it as, “Breakage”. Walt asks him, “do you think Tuco had Breakage”?

Walt shows up at Jesse’s place later that night and tells him to handle the robbery issue… and gives him a pistol.

— Peekaboo — Season 2 / Episode 6

Jesse meets up with Skinny Pete to discuss the two people who robbed him. Jesse goes out to find them. He gets to their door, gun in hand, but no one opens the door. He breaks in, only to find they’re gone. The house is a mess and a kid just walks in and sits on the couch next to Jesse as though he’s not even there.

Gretchen calls Walt’s house and Skyler calls her back. Skyler thanks Gretchen and she is caught off guard. Gretchen sets up a meeting with Skyler. Walt’s back at school teaching. He does good only to find the rumor has spread about his being missing and naked. Meanwhile, Jesse is watching the kid until “Spooge” and his girl get back and he confronts them… and then cutaway.

Walt and Flynn get home to find a Bentley Continental in the driveway. Gretchen’s in the house. She heads out as Walt follows her and asks her not to say anything, but she says nothing and drives away.

Jesse is trying to find his drugs off of the two meth heads and looking for his drugs or money with no luck. The kid comes out and Spooge says they have the money out back.. It’s a full ATM machine… from Jesse’s bank. What he doesn’t know is that the teller was stabbed and bled to death.

Walt and Gretchen have lunch and discuss how he’s misleading his family. He offers an apology and she doesn’t accept it. He goes off and you find out that they were in a relationship and he left the house and left her. He also notes that at one time and they are making money off his research. She says, “I feel so sorry for you Walt”, to which he replies.. “Fuck You”! She gets up and walks off.

Jess gets knocked out by crazy Meth head momma while he’s entertaining the kid. He loses control of the gun, the knife, as well as his consciousness. While Gretchen calls Skyler and informs her that they won’t be able to pay any longer. Skyler doesn’t know why, but Walt makes up a story about Gretchen and her husband; “They’re broke”!

Jesse is starting to come to.. But he doesn’t move. The meth heads are drilling into the bottom of the stolen ATM while its precariously tipped on its side. Instead the female is withdrawing and takes issue with being called a skank. She tips the ATM. Yea.. He’s dead. He’s out of there.

— Negro y Azul — Season 2 / Episode 7

This is the best Episode of the first two season.. Seriously.

It starts out with a Narcocorrido (drug anthem) music video that could be straight out of Mexico (for all I know). There is a band called Los Cuates de Sinaloa (An actual group), and they are singing a song called “Negro y Azul” You just have to watch it yourself. But as you watch you realize that maybe music is important to the cartels down south. They now know “Heisenberg”, and they now know his blue meth, and they now know it is in their territory. And they probably don’t like it too much.

You realize that Walt has a second phone. He makes a stop at Jesse’s place because Jesse won’t return his calls. Jesse informs Walt that “Dude’s wife crushed his head with an ATM machine”. Walt takes his bloody money as Jesse recovers.

Business must go on and Walt goes to make the drop with the salesmen. He asks them what they’ve heard and across town, everyone thinks Jesse smashed the dudes head? Heisenberg walks away, letting them think that!

Skyler goes to see her old boss and goes back to work, while Heisenberg attempts to get Jesse to expand into more territory despite Jesse’s warning that it’s a bad idea. Walt motivates Jesse into thinking he is a blowfish.

Back in DEA land, Hank is not enjoying his time with the Task Force down in El Paso. Whereas the Special Agents there are polished and academic, he is old school. He threatens Tortuga (Turtle), who asks if he knows why that’s his nickname, because “he always takes his time, but he always wins”. But on the operation, they see a head moving in the distance. As they move in… (you are gonna have to watch this one)!

— Better Call Saul — Season 2 / Episode 8

Starts out with Badger harassing the skinniest guy you’ve ever seen attempting to buy from him. He even points out a Locksmith van, and a Flower van. But it doesn’t help him. He still sells.. busted.

There’s a sheister lawyer, Saul Goodman, and he is all over the TV. Jesse is hooking up with his hot apartment manager. She’s in recovery and on her 18 month chip. Hank is back from Mexico. He’s a bit messed up from the Juarez bombing. He’s got a bit of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Walt tells Hank to get up and move on.

The next day at Jesse’s place, they are counting their money. They’re doing good but realize that Badger’s in jail. They were too afraid to tell him about it. Down in the interrogation room, in comes… Saul Goodman. Saul talks a good game and has a habit of insulting law enforcement to the point they are speechless. As Jesse and Walt go pay him, Jesse even notes that when the going gets tough, “you don’t want a Criminal-Lawyer, you want a criminal…lawyer”! They flip to see who goes in. [Saul makes the funniest joke, “Should I call the FBI and tell them I found D.B. Cooper?” Nice!!]

Saul informs Walt that the DEA is involved and Walt asks why. Saul informs him that the DEA is looking for a guy that goes by the name Heisenberg. Walt offers him $10,000 to take care of it. Saul says no, and Walt and Jesse kidnap him and take him to a grave site. Saul realizes who it is and takes them on as clients. He sets up a meeting with the DEA.

The next day Badger, and the cops, meet at the bus stop to do a fake bust. A professional prisoner goes to jail while Badger goes free. Saul tracks down Walt at the school and offers to be his lawyer and keep him safe from the Law.

— 4 Days Out — Season 2 / Episode 9

The episode starts with Walt, Skyler, Marie, and Hank at his clinic getting a P.E.T. scan.  He gets the impression there is bad news.  After he sees his new lawyer, Saul, Saul gives him his fees and tells him he needs to cook more.  He calls up Jesse and gives him a list of supplies.  They’re off.

Hank is at the airport on his way to go see his mom… Psych! Jesse picks him up and they’re off.  The plan is to cook to 4-days to make a large haul of money.  They start up [begin montage] with a 4X scaled-up lab.   They calculate how much they’ll make.  It’s over 600K (each).  Oops, the RV won’t start.

The generator’s on fire.  They’re out of water.  They don’t have a cell phone signal.  Its nightfall.  Its cold.  Into the next day, they’re dying!  Jesse realizes that Methylene doesn’t spoil.  They attempt to start the RV the next day and it runs for seconds and dies off again.  Now he’s coughing up blood and feeling sorry for himself.

Jesse talks Walt out of his acceptance (of death) and inspires him to use science to save them. (I won’t tell you how).

The entire body is back at the Clinic.  The Dr. says Walt is showing signs of remission.  Walt has a 80% remission.  They celebrate.  He has a cough he’s gotten from the radiation treatment.  Walt’s in shock because of his last few days.  He doesn’t know how to deal with it.

— Over — Season 2 / Episode 10

The Dr. tells them Walt is in Remission and he’s having a hard time with it.  Skyler decides to throw him a party and he, Hank, and Walter Jr. hare hanging out when Walt decides to give him a taste of Tequila.  And then another.  And then another, to which Hank puts a stop to it..  Walter grows big hairy Tequila balls.  Until Walter Jr. throws up in the pool.

Jesse is quickly falling in love with his Rockabilly sweetheart (and she is smoke’in hot), Jane.  But her father comes in to check up on her.  Jesse comes out and finds that Jane doesn’t want to introduce him as her boyfriend.

Due to all the rusty water, Walt decides to finally get a new water heater.  He has to make it up to Skyler, Hank, and Walt Jr.  After his install, he realizes the floor is rotted out.  Walt goes to the Home Improvement store and buys all the supplies he needs to fix it.  Back at work, Skyler is working way hard and she breaks down.  She’s getting awfully friendly with the boss.

Walt goes to get paint and sees a cart with a bunch of supplies in it.  He tells the guy how he’s doing it all wrong; the would be meth cook runs off leaving Walt to chuckle at his ignorance.  And then he thinks about it.  He drops the paint, walks out of the store and sees the wanna be cooks.  He walks right up to them and stares down a stocky, biker looking guy and says, “Stay out of my territory”.  The guy looks, and gets in the RV and drives away..

— Mandala — Season 2 / Episode 11

Starts with a kid riding a bike around a neighborhood.  He approaches Combo.  While Combo’s attentions are elsewhere get gets shot by an unexpected shooter.

Walt is discussing surgery options with the Dr.’s and proceed despite the costs.  Walt calls Jesse and is informed that Combo’s dead, to which he replies, “which one is that”?.  With Combo dead, Badger in California, Skinny Pete decides it’s too risky.  He’s out!  They have no distribution network.

Back in Saul’s, they discuss how to move forward and Saul informs them that they suck at peddling meth.  He tells them that they need a business man and not a tatoo’d-up speed freak to move their product.  Saul knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy.  Jesse informed Jane that he’s a drug dealer and that one of his guys got killed.  He tells her that he’s gonna smoke some Crystal and that he needs her to go since she’s in a program.

Walt goes to meet this big distributor at a restaurant called Los Pollos Hermanos.  Of course, Jesse’s late.  They don’t apparently meet the Kingpin!  Later Walt meets up with Skyler to schedule the appointment. They have a date for the C-Section Friday the 13th (Which they promptly change).

Walt talks to Saul and is informed the Kingpin was there, but didn’t want to do business with him.  Walt asks Saul to “call him back”.  Saul says no!  But Walt goes back to Los Pollos Hermanos.  He sits there for another few hours as the remaining customers walk out. He sees the restaurant manager’s reflection in the window and approaches him.

Back at work, Skyler is noticing anomalies in the books for the company.  There are under-reported sales figures.  Fraud has been occurring.  She says she’s not gonna turn him in, but that she can’t be a part of it.  Skyler quits.  Jesse has missed Combo’s funeral and he’s now realizing why Jane was in a program.  She is smoking and injecting everything she can get her hands on.  They do heroin together.

Walt gets a message, and is told to get his product to a certain place at a certain time or to NEVER show his face again.  He races out to Jesse’s place.  He must get there.  He gets a phone call from Skyler…Damn!

— Phoenix — Season 2 / Episode 12

Starting where the last episode ended, Walt was flying to drop off his product.  Skip to hours later when he makes it to the Hospital to meet up with Skyler and his new daughter. He’s doing damage control for not making it on time but, it appears worth it when he’s opening up a bag of cash at his house.

Jesse and Jane wake up to a phone ringing.  It’s Jane’s dad, and she’s late for a meeting with him.  They have lunch and Dad realizes something is wrong.  While Skyler and Hank bring home the new daughter, Holley.  Jesse wakes up from his drug-fueled slumber to realize someone broke in and stole the product. Walt lets him think it until Jesse shows up in Walt classroom.  Again he makes comments about Jesse’s girl (ahhhh), and he gets violent again.

Talking to Saul, Walt is coming up with a way to convert his cash into small donations into a website created by his son.

Jesse is back with Jane.  And he’d trying Heroin again.  The next day, Jane is not at her meeting with her dad again.  Dad calls, and Jane comes running out of Jesse’s place and he sees it.  Jane says she’ll go to Rehab the next day and calls up Walt and threatens to go to the cops if Walt doesn’t give Jesse his money.

Walt goes and drops off Jesse’s money.  He stops at a bar on the way home.  Who would he be sitting next to?  Jane’s Dad.  He’s talking about Jane, and Walt’s talking about a nephew of his.  Based on Jane’s dad’s advice, Walt goes back to see him, only to find out that they are drugged up, and passed out again.

While Walt is in the house, Jane starts coughing and choking…

— ABQ– Season 2 / Episode 13

This Season Finale for this second season starts with debris being pulled out of pools, trees.  There are crime scenes and body bags.  What could it be?

Jesse wakes up and starts CPR on Jane…  She’s dead!  He calls Walt and he acts as though he doesn’t know what’s going on.  He says he knows who to call.  He calls Saul.  Saul calls the cleaner.  The cleaner cleans the house of drugs, money, and gives Jesse his story.

Jane’s dad pulls up and the paramedics are out front.  They load her on to the gurney and she’s gone.  Money is streaming in to Walt Jr’s. site.  Hank is also collecting money from his DEA Office for Walt’s surgery.  Hank has noticed that the “Blue Sky” is no longer being found in New Mexico, but it is in the surrounding states.

The cleaner takes Walt to a drug den to pick up Jesse.  He asks to just let him do it but Walt goes in himself.  Jesse breaks down.

Some business leaders arrive at the DEA office because they are underwriting the DEA fun-run.  One of those business men is the owner of…. Los Pollos Hermanos!  It’s Gus.  He also notes the bucket for donations complete with picture of Walt.  He donates to the cause.

Walt is being prepared for his surgery and when the meds kick in, he because completely relaxed and Skyler asks him if he brought his cell phone.  His response, “Which One”?  Skyler seethes.  A bunch of the tumors come out.

Whoa!  Jane’s dad is an Air Traffic Controller!  Back at Walt’s, Skyler has done some digging and has figured out most of his lies.  She even figures out that he didn’t visit his mother and that she didn’t even know he had lung cancer.  His story is coming undone. She goes to Hank and Marie’s for a weekend and wants him to move out while she’s gone.

Back at the regional Air Traffic Control Center, Jane’s dad is falling apart while directing aircraft.

Walt is sitting outside in his backyard and is surprised by a large boom in the sky.  He looks up to see what appears to be an air-to-air collision, complete with debris falling to earth.

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