— My Bucket List

You just gotta write it down so you know what else you gotta do.  This is a compilation of thing’s I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid (in no particular order).  I took off most of the stupid stuff, like;  Become A Ninja , off of my list  (and yes, I actually had that).


—  Try Hakarl

Hakarl is a kind of fermented shark meat that is fermented I survived hakarlin the sharks uric acid (pee) that Icelandic People seem to love.  Technically its rotten, but edible only because of how it ferments.  It is supposed to be one of the most horrific foods you can eat.  And I’m gonna try it one day.  If Bjork can eat it, I should be able to as well.

—  Diamond State Park

This just sounds like something I want to do.  There’s a National Park you can go to…to dig for actual diamonds.  And People actually find them.  I need that.  You can keep what you find at: Crater Of Diamonds National Park.

If I’d have been around in the mid 1800’s, I would’ve been one of those people who gold-rushed it to San Francisco (to be a 49er).  Digging for diamonds just seems like a cool-assed thing to do.  A bit Prospector, and a bit Archaeologist.  Who wouldn’t want to do that?

—  Skydive – COMPLETE

Got an opportunity to do this and it is as fun as it sounds.  It’s

almost spiritual.  Do it!  You’ll never forget it.  You’ll remember it everytime you close your eyes.

—  Fantasy Fest In Key West, Florida

Fantasy Fest is just one of those parties I want to go to.  It just seems like a blast… and I love Key West, Florida.   And I’m going to Fantasy Fest someday!   (Go to Google, type in “fantasy fest” & click images).

Click the link for more information

—  Go To Chechen Itza – COMPLETE

Amazing city built by the Mayan civilization.  Just go there, and you can stay in Cancun!

indiana me———————————————————————

—  Own A Porsche

Porsche is just one of my favorite car companies.  The first car I ever loved was the 1985 Porsche 911 Turbo.  I had the poster and everything and I’ll get one someday.


— Shoot A Machine Gun – COMPLETE

Check and Check.  My first Machine Gun was the M-60.  Love it!


—  Go To Machu Picchu

This is just one of those places I want to see before I die.  And it’ll happen.  Just a matter of timing.


—  Live In Europe – COMPLETE

Got a chance to live in Italy for 3 years.  Love it. Rome is the best city on the planet.  Amsterdam is my favorite city (which is different than being the best) because of all of the museum.  Slovenia, Romania, France, Monaco, Germany… There is just too much to see.  Will definitely go back!

—  Publish A Book And Some Poetry

I not as brilliant as my favorite Poets Edgar Allan Poe (The Raven) or Robert Frost (The Road Not Taken).  But published a few books.  The didn’t make me rich. The funniest one is, A Gentleman’s Guide To Avoiding Marriage.  You’ll dig it!

—  Fly An Aircraft – COMPLETE

Had the controls of a 172 for a minutes.  Although I didn’t taxi, take off, or land it.  All that ground school for nothing.

—  Run A Marathon

Just one of those challenges to accomplish.

from running.about.com


—  Drive The Autobahn – COMPLETE

Imagine driving over 135 mph for 2 hours (except for toll stations).  Amazing!


—  Visit Stockholm, Sweden – COMPLETE

Great place to be.  Great people, cold ass weather, great music, beautiful scenery.


—  Produce a Movie

Its not produced until people can see it.  No matter what kind of footage you take, it must be out there for consumption.


—  Visit the Van Gogh Museum – COMPLETE

My favorite painter.  Visit his museum/house in Amsterdam. All the best of Van Gogh in one place.


—  Make Wine – COMPLETE

Got to make a few barrels of good wine — and a barrel that sucked.  Will do it again!


—  Amsterdam – COMPLETE

One of the best cities on the planet.  Flying Pig Hostel, So many amazing museums (Torture, Van Gogh, sex) museums, Anne Frank House., Red-light district (to look and not touch), legal Marijuana (to look and not touch),   Man, Amsterdam is off-the-hook.


—  Make Beer

I can make me some wine, but I would love to make something that only takes a matter of days to brew (as opposed to weeks).


—  Rebuild a Car – COMPLETE

Love doing it.  Taken out, put in an engine, interior, bodywork… Who doesn’t love working on cars..  It still can’t legally be driven on the street so.. I’m gonna call it.. Not Complete!


—  Write A Song — That doesn’t suck

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to manage this one… It never seems to work.



Owned a couple..  A 1984 745, and a 1992 520.  Both were amazing. The Z-3 is fun to drive and is still around.


—  Start a Business – COMPLETE

Started them, did not get filthy rich, but learned alot… Will start another some day.


—  Visit Venice – COMPLETE

Wanted to go there once, used to live 45 minutes away.  Been there a bunch of times.  Great place!


—  Drive An Exotic Car – COMPLETE

I love cars and I’ve recently driven Porsche 911’s, Mercedes SL500’s, Boss 302 Laguna Seca’s, BMW M5’s and a few others.  The most expensive car to date was a $90,000 Corvette ZR1 (all too briefly).  My real goal is Lamborghini.


—  Drive A Purpose-Built Race Car

It’s one thing to drive a car on a track, but a purpose built race has is made to be on a track and feels like it.  I need to drive me one of those.


—  Work For A Formula One Team

The odds of me working at a Formula one team is supremely unlikely but hey.. They may need a garage maintenance technician (garage cleanup bitch-boy)… and I’m the man.  “I just wanna be part of the team”.


—  Stay In Rome – COMPLETE

In Italy they say, All roads end in Rome.  It is an amazing city.  Even as a tourist at the Colosseum.  Was there for a few days.  Great time.


—  Learn How To Smoke – COMPLETE

I’ve always wanted to learn how to smoke just because.  I didn’t know how to actually inhale smoke until  I was like 32 years old with the flavored tobacco of a hookah.  You gots to love the Middle East.


—  Learn How To Sail – COMPLETE

Thought I’d learn how to sail.  It was great!  Sailing in Hawaii was fun.  Ready for powerboats now!


—  Road-trip In A Caddy

Who doesn’t want to do this??  Me! A big-assed Cadillac, Route 66, motels.  Its just a guy thing I guess.  I’ll even do it in a new Caddy.  I think it’s just the nostalgia involved.


—  Manage A Band – COMPLETE

Managed a musician.  Great dude, amazing artist, and a great learning experience. www.theartofwhimsy.com


—  Go To A Rave – COMPLETE

If you dig electronic music, you’ll find yourself at a rave someday… Just stay away from the bad stuff.


—  Own Some Property – COMPLETE

Property is good.  I got some.  And it’s even all paid off.  Ha!


—  Build A House

Yea, this is something I’ve been wanting to do forever.  And actually, I’ve got the land so…  Just a matter of doing it.  And that’s gonna be awhile.


—  Meet Chuck Norris – COMPLETE

I’ve always wanted to meet Chuck Norris and bam.. He is Cool As Hell!


—  Build/obtain a Hi-Fi Record Player

There’s something about listening to a record.  The music just seems like it’s alive.  And I want one of those record players that make it that much more special.


—  Pop A Target A Mile Away (With A Rifle)

Just one of those things that some men think would be cool I guess.  I just think it’d be cool to take a bullet and lob it through the wind, over a trajectory, putting bullet in the air for 4 seconds, bringing it down (It’ll drop more than 30 feet) right into a target.  I just need me a Barrett .50 cal rifle (’cause I can’t judge wind that good), and a spotter!


—  200 Miles Per Hour in a car

Oh yea, I want this sooo bad!  I’m maxed out at 155 because of electronic speed limiting of the car I was in.  Who wants to lend me a car that’ll do 200??


—  Write A Screenplay

Started three, finished a short, haven’t finished the full lengths.  Dialogue is a bitch writing as 1 person.


—  Drive Across Europe – COMPLETE

I’ve driven across much of Europe, but not in one continuous trip.  How cools would it be to drive from Amsterdam, around arc through Germany, ending in Southern France?  How cool would that be?


—  Carnivale In Brazil

Ohhh Yeaaa!  I’m doing this some day!


—  Carnivale In Venice – COMPLETE

Carnivale is just a party where ever it happens.  Venice was great.


—  Bungee Jump – COMPLETE

Done it a couple of times.  Will NEVER do it again.  The last time I did it, I bounced back up and made contact with the platform I jumped from.  Not cool.    –[BTW.. That is NOT me!!]


—  Sell Some Of My Photography

Imagine being a professional Photog..  What kind of life would this be?


—  Live In Alaska – COMPLETE

Got to live in King Salmon for awhile.  Great place.  I keep saying I’m gonna buy a house/cabin there.


—  Visit Hawaii – COMPLETE

Used to live there…  uhh, I’m done with it and may go back to visit!


—  Try Acting – COMPLETE

Great fun.  Auditioning sucks!  Did a few things. Moved from LA, will try again.


—  Learn How To Paint A Car

This is just one of  those skills I’d like to try out.  Just seems like it’d be interesting.


—  Demolish A Building

Who doesn’t want to do this.  Please.  I shouldn’t even have to explain it.


—  Go To A War Zone – COMPLETE

Been to one.  Guess which one that was!


—  Own A Vineyard

Yea.. I have that dream.  I’ve made wine (which I will do again when I buy some property) I know I’d love it and one day it’s gonna happen.  I’m gonna write, paint, and make wine.


—  Learn to ride a Motorcycle

Motorcycles are just bad-assed, impressive machines.  Unfortunately, I’ve just always been afraid of them.  Not so much the bikes themselves, but what cars do to them when they crunch into them.  I may learn to ride, but I likely won’t buy one.


— Oktoberfest – COMPLETE

Oktoberfest in Munchen (Munich).  Great party!  Surprisingly, I don’t remember too much of it.  Hmmmm!  I wonder why not.  Beer, Boob tops, cuties attached to those boobs, and colorful short skirts, oompa bands, euro-techno, 80’s music.  Yea!  you want to go to this party (and I want to go again).

Image from Oktoberfest girls (click)


— Go See A Bullfight – COMPLETE

Curiosity got the better of me.  I’ve always wanted to see it.  No biggie really.  Don’t want to hear your inhumane animal crap.  The bull gets eaten… and you eat hamburgers anyway!!


— Go To The Louvre – COMPLETE

The most complete museum I’ve EVER been to.  6 hours in a museum, and never bored.


— Watch the AFI,100 Greatest Movies

The American Film Institute has a list of the 100 Greatest Movies of All Time.. I’m getting there. For the AFI list, go here: AFI 100 best movies


— Snowboard in the Alps – COMPLETE

Got to get out there and actually do this with T and J.  It was great.  Not the biggest Alp but..


Kali Pinckney