— My New Favorite Youtube Obsession — The “My Self Reliance” Channel

Alright, I got a new My Self Reliance 1Youtube Obsession. My Self Reliance.  It’s this guy, Shawn James, who does videos about how to be self-reliant in a modern world.  He’s built a cabin in the woods of Canada and it’s all about how he survives at his cabin.  It’s not like other Youtube videos nowadays.  He doesn’t feel the need to do long intros, or set up an “episode”.  He just does stuff.  In most of the series he doesn’t even talk until the end of the episode.

He’s building what he needs to survive (at the cabin).  I love the format and I always seem to want more.  Generally, the videos are under 10 minutes, but sometimes they can run from 40 minutes to an hour.  But I never get bored of them, and always want to see what comes next.  The videos just kinda have him and his dog out there in the woods.  Sometimes he’s working on the cabin.  Sometimes cooking.  Because of how he films his videos, you totally get the vibe that he is isolated and alone out in the middle of the Great, White, North.

Why am I so into these videos?  I don’t really know.  I caught one video one time and it was just of this guy building a cabin and generally doing sorta mundane tasks.  Well, I think it’s because I have a dream of doing something similar (in Texas, and NOT around snow).  What I see is that the way he’s living represents freedom.

K. Pinckney


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