— Upgrading And Updating, An Old Glock 19   —   Part 2 – …And We’re Done Here!

If you were gonna compare Glocks to cars, they would be described as… a 1990s Volvo. Just kinda square, boxy, ugly, and boring. The point ‘where function meets form… Of course it is in the eye of the beholder, but… Even a few people thought 1990 Volvo wagons were works of art.

Talon Grips


To add texture to the handgrip, I ordered up a set of Talon Grips from Amazon.  They are ultra simple to put on.  Just wipe down the grip with some cleaner (rubbing alcohol), and wrap the pre-cut pattern around your grip.  Once it’s wrapped around with the excess finger cutouts under the left hand of the grip, then you use a blow dryer a few times to permanently activate the adhesive. It goes on pretty cleanly if you take your time.  Once on, it looks professional, and provides far more grip than the stock Glock patterns.  It is one of those things i didn’t know I needed, until I put it on.

Beaver Tail

Once the Talon grip was on, I went ahead and added a generic beaver tail I found on Amazon.  It only requires you to drive out a pin on the rear of your Glock hand grip, put it in place, and carefully drive the pin back through.  IMG_6210Simple fix, that may have the added benefit of making your grip more comfortable, and easier to grab when drawing your firearm.

Slide Bite occurs when shooters (usually new ones), leave their hand too high on the hand grip.  Once fired, the gas generated, violently forces the slide back to cycle the handgun.  If you’ve ever gotten a “slide bite”, you’ll remember it for the end of your days.  Luckily I never have.   The answer is to add an obstacle (the Beaver tail) to ensure your hand cannot sit too high on your handgrip.

Sight Upgrade

OK, I’ve never had an issue with the stock Glock Sights, but in the name of upgrading, I’ve been wondering if there was something I could do.  Well, yea.  There’s this new night sight technology (since I got this gun) that incorporates fiber optics made by the company, TruGlo.  This is the Brite-Site.  TruGlo is known for incorporating Tritium and Fiber Optic (TFO sights) together… but, these are not them.  These are just the Fiber Optic sights.

I removed the standard Glock sight with a punch (up front), and a small flathead screwdriver and mallet (out back).  I installed the TruGlo sights with a small needle nose pliers and locktite to tighten the tiny screw (up front), and a soft punch to drive the sight into position (out back).

Trigger Upgrade

If you’re a long-time Glock shooter as I am, you’ll note that the stock Glock trigger can be somewhat heavy to pull, distant, and long Connectorof travel. This is OK, because it is predictable and if you shoot it enough, it becomes your “normal”.  After shooting it for over 20 years, I thought I’d try an upgrade.

I went to Lone Wolf Distributors, and picked up one of their 3.5 lb Connectors, and a 6 lb spring.  Well, after watching a quick youtube video, you realize installing these is so simple that it does not even make sense to provide a video of the swap.  Well after its installation, the trigger pull was distinctly improved.  Instead of having a ledge before the trigger breaks, the new trigger feel is a constant pull until the trigger fires.

This smoother trigger pull will no doubt mean that there is less chance for you to pull your groups to the side as you slowly pull the trigger.

So How does it shoot

Well, the upgrades I applied to this Glock 19, give it a new life.  Not only, do these upgrades make the gun a bit easier to shoot, AND more functional.  The sights and trigger make the fun easier for the operator to shoot more accurately, but the profile of the Glock 19, that we all know and love, has not changed.  It still fits in the Blackhawk holster I use to carry it.

How am I shooting it?  Well, alright by the standards of others, but with a bit more practice, my groups will continue to tighten.  At 5, 10, and 12 yards, I’m still getting used to how differently the trigger breaks, and how to get a good sight picture with the new sights.  I’m getting there!

Anyways.  Don’t feel the need to buy a new firearm when one of yours gets a bit boring… Upgrade it.  Not all upgrades require a gunsmith, and those small upgrades can lead to big differences.



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