— Drake White — Singing In A VW Bus



If you didn’t know it, I’m digging this musician named Drake White.  He’s come out of no where to sing a couple of really good songs, Making Me Look Good Again, and Grin’in.

In this video, he’s singing a song called, The Coast Is Clear (Run With The Bulls).  I don’t know if it’s one of his own songs, or if he’s covering it.  But it’s a pretty chill song.  Check it out, And let me know what you think.


Now, I’ve brought up this question before, and I’m gonna do it again.  Is it Country Music if a guy sings music, but has an southern accent?  I don’t know, but at least in this song, he’s singing with more of a, California, beachy, Seattle, kinda vibe.  He’s definitely got a range.

I’m telling you.  Drake White is going places.  Watch!!!



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