— Upgrading And Updating, An Old Glock 19   —   Part 1 – Brief Introduction 

I’ve had my Glock 19 img_0610-1since about 1995. Yep, I’ve had it for over two decades at this point. I bought it as a young man, whilst I was stationed up in Alaska. It has fired about 25,000 rounds. It’s malfunctioned maybe 12-15 times… And if I’m honest, I don’t remember it even jamming three times, but I have to assume it has happened at least once per year. In fairness, There was a three year period in which I was living in Europe, and some periods I was “enjoying” the Middle East.

Over the years it’s been a range queen and I’ve used it for some contract security work but mostly, it just sits there looking pretty. Lately I’ve become a marksmanship instructor

and firearms salesman at a new firing range and this gun has come out of retirement. I’m open carrying it for that job, and even though to the uninitiated, it appears contemporary, it feels like it needs some upgrading.

What am I gonna do? Let’s see. I’m not building a “race gun” or anything for competition. I’m gonna do simple upgrades that make it more compliant for use as a duty gun, with a hint of tactical added for good measure. Specifically, I’ll:

  1. Upgrade the Slide Stop Release
  2. Upgrade the Handgrip
  3. Add a Larger Beavertail
  4. Magazine Bases
  5. Upgrade To Night Sights.
  6. Upgrade the Trigger Connector

My Concern

Now I’m not gonna sugar coat the truth here. I shoot this thing pretty good. I’m not (really) bragging. I just know this handgun back and forth. I know where my shots should impact, and I know when the trigger should break. I’m afraid that if I do the wrong “upgrade”, I’ll ruin my man/machine relationship with my Glock. Now, that’s my fear, but logically, I accept that that sounds kinda stupid… So I’m just gonna go for it, and see what happens.

I’d expect that in the end, it’ll still feel like a Glock, and that it may have a different “vibe”, but it’ll still be familiar to me. I’m not sure if I’ll shoot any better, but I’m kinda hoping so.  I’m assuming I’ll have to shoot a bit more to get used to the sights.  But… It’ll be fun.

This is Part One – Introduction.