— Why I Chose A Gun — A Ted Talk Worth Watching


I happen to be looking at PVUTravel Trailer RV videos on Youtube (as many story’s start nowadays), when I saw an enticing article, “Why I Chose A Gun”.  I noted that it was a Ted Talk.  Looking closer I noted that it was from Amsterdam, and that there was a General speaking with a lovely M-4… So yea, I watched the video and it turned out to be really good.

Of course I’m stereotyping, but when I think of Ted Talks, I don’t normally think of –how do I say– people open to new ideas [regarding old ideas the Ted crowd has already dismissed].  I’d imagine, that there’s a bunch of Ted Talks out there speaking negatively of the invention we call, the gun, and supportive of gun control.

But watch General, Peter Van Uhm, deliver his Ted Talk.  Watch the video to the end… I think you’ll find value in it whether you are anti-gun (I hate that term), or pro-gun (I hate that term, too).

The General makes a bunch of excellent points, but if I had to note my favorite, it is when he declares that:

“The Gun may be one of the most important instruments of peace and stability that we have in this world.”

As a person who supports his 2nd Amendment Rights, I find it interesting that he was able to tell his truth and translate it to and audience who may despise this inanimate tool called the gun.

K. Pinckney