— Trump Was A Last Warning — You Should Be Glad He Won!

I get that some of you don’t like Trump.  TrumpsaveBut here’s something to think about…  You should be glad that he won the election.  Why?!?!  Well because Americans were getting angry.  Not the kind of angry that makes them complain; that happened years ago as they began to notice that the government was beginning to treat them as tools of the government itself.  They were getting angry enough to start throwing really fast (supersonic in fact) rocks at people.

Americans were getting angry, because they are beginning to recognize, that government apparently thinks itself as their boss.  They were recognizing that if government tells them that they MUST buy healthcare [INSURANCE], it is only so government can make its own dream of national healthcare work.  It is the nature of government to avoid treating Americans as free individuals, but as a collective tool for government itself.  Americans are recognizing that government is not interested helping them, but that government wants to help itself… to the money, jobs, resources, that Taxpayers earned!

‘But in the election of 2016, Americans WARNED government that it had gone too far.  Americans; via the majority of Americans, in the Majority of States, of the Majority of the County, picked a non-professional politician to LEAD the GOVERNMENT!  They did not want to vote for their next dictator, or tyrant.  They didn’t elect someone to tell them how to live their individual lives, they voted for their individual freedoms and liberties. Where other candidates proudly supported stronger centralized government and felt that for every individual issue in ones life, that a larger government was the key to solving the issue, Trump consistently said he would shrink the Federal Government.  And that’s what voters wanted.  And therefore Trump won.

Americans betrayed the government’s wishes and voted for the politician they believed would help government understand their warning, and that was Trump!  governmentThe majority of Americans, in the Majority of States, of the Majority of the country, told ALL politicians, that they don’t want the politician and government vision!  ‘and they said it in the most clear way they can…  for now!

Trump’s election, whatever you may think of him, is NOT actually about Trump! It is about sending one last warning to government.  We should all be glad he won… Because the alternative, probably involves, civil turmoil, fear, guns, and violence!

K. Pinckney


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