— We’ve Got A New President — And The World Is Still Here.

OK, We recently had Inauguration day 2017.  djtIt went by without a hitch.  The ceremony was great and many of us have lost one of our main reasons to complain, while admittedly, others amongst us now have a new reason to do so…  His first business day arrived and he signed a few Orders to meet some of the promises he made to win the election, and here we are.  The world is still going.

NEWS media, including CNN hoped bad stuff might happen to him.  Nearly 70 Democrat Congressman protested Trump (and the American people), and did not show up to an inauguration.  Lots of childish nonsense; reminiscent of the last time a similar boycott occurred, when Democrats boycotted Lincoln, the first Republican.  It would seem, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Things Will Change

Listen.  Things are going to change, and you may not like it, but just remember one thing… Some of you supported a guy who ran on the concept of “Hope and Change” just eight years ago.  You supported that, because it was the change you wanted.  Now there is a new President and his idea of change, will be different than what you like.  ‘And what you’re feeling now, is the same feeling that those who did not want, nor trust, Obama felt when he was elected.

Some of us libertarians were annoyed, offended, and our ideals of liberty were offended by Obama, but just as we did, you’ll survive this.  There’s a new President, and it goes without saying; that the world will survive.