— Our American Tragedy — President Obama

Ah, soon it will be 20 January 2017.  And on that day, we will proclaim from the mountain tops that, Obama is Gone! Oh God Almighty… Obama is Gone!  ‘And on that day, there will be a disgusting, horrendous, mess to clean up.

The Middle East is more chaotic now than it was when he arrived; yes, even considering the wars.  If there is any doubt, look to how many American military personnel died in Afghanistan prior to, and after Obama was elected.  Look to the failed state that is Iraq.  Look at the creation of ISIS/ISIL.  Lebanon, and Syria are in collapse.  Look to our relationships with nations who we previously worked closely with within the area.

Relationships with our traditional allies are als0 “cooling”.  Whether it be Britain, Germany, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Canada, Saudi ArabiaUAE, France, and even Australia, Lets not even speak of China, who today (12/16/2016) stole a sea drone less than 400 meters from its US Navy, support ship.  Although Obama would claim these relationships are stronger and more stable than they have ever been,  alot of these countries think of the current American President, as a hot mess and have been silently awaiting his exit from the international stage.

Mexico is abusing our relationship and border sovereignty.  They benefit from Obama’s lack of willingness to do anything, including completing a fence to secure our border.  He will not even ACCEPT THAT THERE IS A PROBLEM.  Instead, Obama accepts status quo and seem excited to give people who broke America’s laws, a claim to America’s social and welfare programs, which IS taxpayer wealth and productivity.  He is all too comfortable, moving people that  he would not want in his neighborhood, to the neighborhoods of millions of American citizens, knowing he will never live around them when he moves out of the White House.

Yes, Obama is almost done, and after 8 years of his presence on the world stage, it is now safe to say his middle name, Hussein.  All Americans had hope that he’d be a good obamacare dmvPresident.  Some Americans knew it was highly unlikely, but were forced to give him a chance because he won the elections.  But in the end, there would be only a chaos.  There is turmoil in EVERY single area he has touched.  From HIS socialized National Healthcare (It’s actually a forced healthcare “insurance” system) that only silly people want but that everyone must comply with; to his silly attacks on American Law Enforcement.  Even race relations in America are identified as worse now, than when he arrived.

Citizens & Their Government

How did one man lead to all of this chaos?  Well, he fooled many excitable, unreasonable people into following him; just as cult leaders jonestownlike Jim Jones fooled some other silly, unreasonable people into following them…  Jones’ followers followed him up to the point that they all drank poisonous “Kool-Aid” and died slow, painful, tummy-twisting, deaths. Obama’s followers are even more foolish, for they follow a cult-leader that also entices them to drink poison Kool-Aid… that ends up with them giving evermore of their Rights and Liberty to a government.

The state of the world after the Obama Presidency includes, a MORE unstable economy than when he first entered, a MORE chaotic federal government, a National “Debt” that has grown MORE under his Presidency than us-federal-debt-by-president-political-partyall of the Presidents before him combined.  When he arrived it was $10 Trillion, now we sit at nearly $20 Trillion.

Unlike the vast majority of American Presidents, Obama believes that government is the God that all Americans should be on their knees praying to when they need help.  He believes that government can “deliver” everyone the health care, housing, education, benefits, living wages, and of course, subjective “hope” that all the peasants and/or “government-followers” could ever need!

He claims he was a Constitutional Scholar, when the evidence is nowhere to be seen.  If true, he must’ve been a “D” Student because he stands as the worst Constitutional Scholar that ever was (but his education records are sealed so we’ll never know).  He doesn’t even seem to understand the concept of separation of powers.  Someone must remind him that just because he has a pen and a phone, does not mean he can make law.    

Foreign Policy

Now he wasn’t responsible for those wars that were ongoing when he arrived… UNTIL HE BECAME PRESIDENT.  And then he became responsible!  It’s like if you became the CEO of a faltering company; or if you adopted a child and that child had issues before you adopted him.  Once the adoption is complete… those become your problems.  He stood by as ISIS grew in strength and territory, just as Neville Chamberlain stood by as the NAZIs grew in strength and territory.  Obama, just as Chamberlain, will require someone to clean up the mess he’s left in his wake.  But Obama claimed ISIS was the Jayvee team.  I don’t even think Chamberlain underestimated his enemy that bad.

Although, he claimed, he did it himself, Obama was dragged kicking and screaming to attack Osama Bin Laden’s compound, only to take credit for the operation himself; even though the work was actually done by his predecessor and a gang of military personnel.

As far as American Presidents go, Obama let Russia do what she wanted to her neighbors.  He stood by as the Chinese threatened the US Military as they conducted routine patrols.  summit-gangHe snatched defeat from victory in Iraq.  He weakened the US military for YEARS (blaming it was due to the Sequestration).  He increased the size of Federal Law Enforcement, and made it easier for the Federal Government agencies to SPY on Americans.  He may not want to fight our enemies, but apparently he wants to be able to protect government.  If you think he wants to keep YOU safe..  uhh No.  He wants to keep government safe. Even if from its citizens.

I’m not going to “blame” ALL terror attacks within our country on Obama, obviously, a few Americans were bound to get their heads cut off by Islamists eventually.  But the response was NEVER to ignore the killers, whilst defending Islam… but to make their activity so painful and destructive, that they think about such future attacks.  A President is supposed to protect Americas interests, not the interest of foreigners, or refugees.  But Obama never had a chance because he is not wired to fight.  He’s not a warrior!  The only President that was less of a warrior than Obama… was Carter!

For every social issue, his answer was to raise taxes, and give more money and power to the government.  He’s thinks he can create the perfect balance of an economy by meddling with freedom and choice.  He added building-loads of regulations.  He’s supported implementing Net Neutrality to seize the internet for government through regulation in America, while simultaneously turning US control of the internet over to an “international body”, that will no doubt be compromised by China and Russia in the near future.  The “Internet” was created with American money, vision, taxpayers, and value, but now, that more power will go to those who don’t much like American vision, or values much.  It makes a casual observer wonder if Obama likes American vision or values…

We’ve seen the IRS going after Americans when they’ve done nothing wrong, for “structuring” and we’ve seen IRS seizing small business’ money without even warning them or charging them with any crimes.  And because of new IRS rule changes that require US Citizens to file a Tax returns, even when they haven’t made money in the US in decades, nor live in the US, Record numbers of US citizens are giving up their citizenship.

Racial Junk

No group has been hurt as much, or will pay more than those who followed him most blindly.

Black Americans did the very same thing we have railed against for damn near 400 years, and judged a man by the color of his skin, and not by the content of his character (as famously stated by MLK during his, I Have A Dream speech).  They monolithicly elected a half-American, half “African” individual, in lieu of, an American with African descent, merely because his skin was a little bit more mocha than those whom he was running against.  They disregarded the fact that his family does not share any experience of the Black American during times of slavery, reconstruction, or even the civil rights movement.

The only good thing Obama did, was to be the First black US President.  Some people thought “there would never be a Black President”.  Yes that was a stupid belief; but his actions as President were a travesty.  Instead of leading the country down the path of racial healing, the first black President continually angered Americans.  If it wasn’t the pastor in his church speaking divisively, it was appointees such as Eric Holder, whom, whatever the problem, and whatever the place, the answer was… that the problem was due to race.  Whenever there was a racial incident, Obama was there. Unless the victim was White, Asian, Hispanic, or anything other than Black.

He is a President who speaks ill of race relations when he was fairly elected (presumably) by those including a majority who were not of his race.  What exactly has he done to positively improve race relations?  Absolutely Nothing!  Prove that statement wrong if you can?!?!

In The End

Barack Hussein obamasunset-wObama, instead of fostering freedom, supporting liberty, and following the Constitution, and administering a limited government has attempted to gain ultimate power over the freedoms and liberties of Americans with government.  Instead of supporting, defending, and following the Constitution, Obama has spent far too much effort in trying to find ways around the Constitution.

Sadly, instead of a President who believes that America is a great country, we had a President who failed to support and foster that greatness.  Instead, he chose to shift the socialism quotedirection of that greatness from the individual, to the government.  Prior to his election, this was called socialism; after his election, it became “Social Justice”.  Both share the same belief structure, the same people believe in both, and they both have the same outcome.  If you want to understand Obama’s vision, look to Venezuela.  Business’ will close because of regulation  and government rules that reduce incomes (they have), prompting government to make more rules to protect the poor and hungry, uneducated, and socialist (they have) ; thus starting the vicious cycle over again (it has)…  ‘And people will end up more poor than they started out as (they are).

One of the worst parts of The Tragedy, is that… Although Americans may not admit it.  They have been trained, in Pavlovian fashion, to NOT vote for another black person because of this one damaging President.  Because of Obama, there will likely not be another black President for 2-3 Decades (luckily, that next one will NOT be a socialist Democrat)…

Sure we will recover from Obama, but a huge opportunity has been squandered!  Our current American Tragedy — to those of us who believe America has been the last-best hope of freedom and individual rights in the world — is the 44th US Presidency Of B.H. ObamaGoodbye… And Good Riddance!!!

K. Pinckney



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