We’re Not Electing A New Jesus… Just A President! — Trump Won

‘Some of you people need to chill the hell out!  You’d think we were voting for a new Jesus or something.  Donald Trump is just a guy.  Some of you act like your hopes and dreams are squashed because a new President, that you don’t like,  trump-protesterswon the election.  If that’s the case, you have a larger problem!  The government is apparently too important in your life…  Government shouldn’t be the center of your world.  It doesn’t even like you (other than by wanting your money IF you’re a taxpayer).  It doesn’t know you.  You’re literally just a (social security) number to government.  You’ll be alright!  ‘and you may even do better under some new policies. Right? Might you do better? Is that possible? Relax!

We are a country that survived Slavery, The Cold War, World War 1, World War 2, The AIDS epidemic, Jim Crow, the assassinations of Presidents Lincoln and JFK, and countless other REALLY Scary and uncertain times.  We survived the Vietnam War era, and the Civil Rights beating-trump-votermovement.  Sure, it’s OK to be fearful… But the people who are afraid now, because America elected a President they don’t like, need some context.  Is what we’re going through today, reason to be more fearful than the above uncertain periods of time?  We survived all that, all the while getting better and stronger…  The President-Elect LITERALLY, has had no impact over our lives YET.  In the news today, people are attacking others because they POSSIBLY voted for the guy they don’t like.  That is what used to happen when racists found out that a black person voted (if they didn’t lynch them) back in our country’s history.  ‘Now people from the same party, are doing the same thing today…

I hate to tell people to “Get Over It”, but Yes!  That’s what people are going to have to do.  The next President has been elected.  ‘And I don’t think he’s the Devil.  He’s just a guy!

K. Pinckney


Alright. This was based on a cyber-fight I got into on one of the stupider social media sites whose name, may or may not, start with an “f”.  They are part of a large, monolithic voting block, as am I, however, I vote with logic, facts, and not fear.  And I thought I’d paraphrase the way it went down for you and post it for your amusement.


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