— Why A Libertarian Couldn’t Vote For The Libertarian Presidential Candidate


Welp, It’s done now!  I’ve early voted for the next President.  And it pains me to say, that as a Libertarian, I couldn’t vote for the Libertarian Candidate.  I was able to pull the trigger on several down-ballot Libertarians… ‘but the Presidential pick was something I just couldn’t do.  Libertarians run into this problem every four years, and today was no different.

I dream of a Libertarian President, a Libertarian Congress, and a Libertarian government. ‘But why couldn’t I vote for the actual Libertarian Candidate, Gary Johnson?  Well, it’s because he is a different kind of Libertarian than I am.  I’m a Founding Libertarian, and he’s a “Utopiantarian” (under the 8 kinds of Libertarian scale).  I’m a Libertarian in the sense that there should be Less Government, more individual choice… so long as one does not infringe upon the rights of others.  As a Founding Libertarian, I believe that those who steal the Rights of others should not be surprised when someone attempts to kill them.  ‘Yes, that extends to a government that attempts to seize the rights of individuals.  Gary Johnson believes that America would be a Utopia if a Libertarian were to be elected.

Gary Johnson’s main problem is that he is the sort of Libertarian that believes that Libertarianism can be forced upon others like communism.  The unfortunate truth that Gary Johnson (and other Libertarians) MUST accept, is that…  Some people will never accept our principles.  They want nothing to do with us… So do we leave them alone, or do we use government force against them to achieve our goals?  Do we limit the money and benefits government gives them?  Do we let them die on the streets by removing their Welfare benefits, or other social programs (Obamaphones & Housing subsidies)?  My answer, is an astounding ABSOLUTELY,  but what about their kids?!?!  hmmm!  As a Founding Libertarian, I just want to minimize the government’s ability to be full of tyrannical asshats, who dream of getting into government SO THEY CAN make themselves rich and powerful.

In The End

I couldn’t vote for the Libertarian because he barely addressed any actual practical issues, and how they’d apply in real life.  ‘What about when half of Americans do NOT want to go along with his ideas?  How would he


hope to work with Republican and Democrat politicians in Congress?  Convince them to go along with his plans of small/limited government when all they want and dream of, is MORE?  How would a President Johnson deal with Asia Pacific and China dredging up islands they claim as their own land  [I would dredge up an island 5 miles from them by the way]?  How would Johnson deal with a President Putin as he attempts to seize a larger portion of Ukraine in four years (which he will attempt).  Would he rebuild the Military?  What about the one thing I want in government?  Term Limits for Senators and Representatives?

I want to believe, a Libertarian can play as devastatingly hard as will be required to achieve any of those simple goals… ‘But I’m smart enough to recognize, that I’d be fooling myself!

Kali Pinckney


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