— Do You Actually Own Your House — A Quick Thought


After you’ve made all of the payments on your house, you thought you’d enjoy the evidence of your labor.  You’ve paid oodles and oodles of dollars out for the last 15, 25, or 30 years.  You’ve loaded your house up with furniture, your personal goods, and other useless junk, that took a lifetime to collect.  You’ve made yourself the king, or queen, of your castle.

‘And now you tell everyone you “OWN” your house!  ‘But do you really?   You have the deed in your hand.  There’s no dispute that you paid for it and you’ve got the Title to prove that it’s yours.  But here’s the thing.  Your house is not like your clothes, your shoes, your TV’s, furniture, artwork, Bsanpedro-houseetamax video cassette player, bronze faucets, the massive tool collection in your garage, your cars, or your antique firearms.  You own those!  They are yours, you paid for them, and you’ll never have to pay anyone a red-cent more to keep them because, ‘well, you OWN them!   But it turns out, that your house and the real estate that it sits on, is not like the funky old boots in your closet or your (infomercial special) Magic Wok.  No one can take those away from you unless they do it by theft because you’ve paid for them, and you do not owe anyone anything on them… once you OWN them!

But your house, on the other hand, can be taken away.  Not only can eminent domain be directed at your property (without providing you “actual” market value), but if a new school goes up in your neighborhood, your “property taxes” can be increased to pay for it.  You will end up paying taxes for projects that you do not use and were asked about. But then comes the tragedy.  If you choose NOT to pay, your property taxes someone is going to put a lien on your property. Eventually, your house can be seized by government.  And you will have no valid defense.  To top all of that off;  Property Taxes generally increase EVERY year regardless of what the neighborhood house prices are doing as government strives to collect evermore amounts of tax revenue.

Stated Another Way

How can you own your property, if it can be taken from you when you don’t pay taxes levied on a resource, that you own?  If it is your property,  Why would you have to pay Property Taxes to ANYONE?

Yes, Yes, Yes; those schools may be in your neighborhood, but what if you don’t have kids in the school?  Should you be punished with higher taxes when you already OWN your home?  Is it reasonable that you be put in a position of losing what you OWN… because of taxes that are levied on you for something that is already yours?  People will say… Well, someone has to pay for the Police and Fire department.  Understood, but that does not answer the question of, how you can lose your home/property to someone else, when you OWN it.

If we get to the point we no longer have to pay a mortgage; and we can still lose our homes for not paying taxes on that property that we already OWN.   Apparently, we never really own our homes…

K. Pinckney



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