— My Mistake. Apparently Some Of Us Are Determined To Be Slaves!

Remember Slavery?  When you didn’t get to make any decisions over your own life?  When you couldn’t pick up and leave anytime you wanted to?  When a master (or mistress) got to make your decisions for you… over what you ate, what you wore, and who you got to talk to?  When you had to work because someone else told you they wanted something done.  Where you didn’t get to decide where you lived.  Where your compensation is not determined by a free market, and was usually ZERO.  Where someone could buy or sell your ass, at their whim.  And where your owners could breed you to make more slaves like you… just like were a Labrador Retriever, and then take your offspring away and sell them.  Yes, those were the good ‘ole days of Slavery…  Well, Slavery is making a come back!

But this time, it is enslavement through government force.  Regulation, Taxation, Coercion, and Control are the new whips.

Even if you do not choose to be a slave, you MAY become collateral damage; because others around you are stupid enough to think government should take your rights, as they give up slavery-newtheirs.  Government is not precise, nor specific.  Government wants to treat all people the same, regardless of their obvious differences, skills, and backgrounds.  It wants to see you as a servant of the government!  ‘because it does not believe “government” is the servant of the citizen; nor as protector of individual rights.   Do you think a (ANY) government would ever voluntarily limit its own authority over your life given the opportunity?  It would love nothing more than to tell you what to drive, what to eat, where (or IF) to get education, where to shop, how much taxes to pay, how to buy your healthcare, or even where to live.

Ironically, a government would gladly accept… the same authorities over your life, that a slavemaster seized over his slaves lives.  It is the nature of man (human nature), to gain as much power as possible.  And it is humans, that administer government.  ‘So by extension, ‘government wants as much power as possible.

If you voluntarily choose to put YOUR future, independence, liberty, and freedoms, in the hands of a (ANY) government, apparently you WANT to be a slave.  No, you won’t admit to yourself that you want to be enslaved because no one in history, has ever said that… ‘but the outcome will be the exactly the same.  If it is left up to a government, that government will eventually wrangle the Rights away from those harriet-tubmanunder that government.  It is the citizen’s duty to stop its government from seizing too much control over them… if they can.  The odds are greatest when a Constitution is in place that limits government, and/or when citizenry have a means to scare its would be slave-master into submission with force (such as with a Second Amendment).

In The End

Some of us are do not YET see that we are being slowly enslaved.  Curiously, not ALL slaves knew they were slaves.  They may have felt something was wrong, ‘But ignorance was bliss, and many of those slaves born into slavery, likely didn’t know that they were slaves, and likely didn’t know what it was… to be free!

K. Pinckney

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