— BREXIT from one American’s Perspective


Two days until the vote (23 June 2016).  The British people have a referendum on the “BREXIT”.  BREXIT, is the term used to describe a BRitish EXIT from the European Union (EU).  The EU experiment has Britain's exit from the EUgrown into a 28 nation-state economic, and socio-political group meant to protect and stabilize the individual nations, by YES, socializing the efforts and energies of all of the participating nations.  The belief was that they can build a powerhouse economy with every nation that joined.  They also believed that Security would be improved by such a vast alliance, which is, no doubt, an honorable mission.

But alas, if it worked so well, why do any countries want out?  Well, Because being a part of the “European Union” required that the individual sovereignty of the many nations, take a back seat, to the “Union” of all other nations.  It enforces the same rules on all nations, even though, they may not believe in the same concepts, or ideals.  It is the same problem socialism has wherever it is used. Individual (in this case national) liberty, freedom, and choice is minimized, and options are directed by others.

The Irony Of America

America fought to get away from the British Empire, who was once America’s colonial master.  It is ironic that now, Britain has to make the very same choice those Colonial Americans had to make.  Does Britain stay and allow a distant entity to make rules for her.  Or does Britain fight for her freedom?  Currently, Britain allows, and accepts, that a group of unelected Europeans in Brussels get to establish laws, and determine basic sovereignty conditions regarding important items such as trade and immigration into Britain.  Shouldn’t a country be able to determine its own immigration policy and establish its own trade policy.  Or should it allow a foreign entity that has an interest in boosting the economic performance of other nations, determine the future of a country whom it does not want to boost the economy of?  Should it stand by as an external force supports the idea that the British currency, the Pound, would go away in favor of the Euro.  A force that, when it feels the need, can take an entire country to a foreign Supreme Court in Luxembourg (another country).  Does any of that sound like freedom?!?!

Obviously, this is Britain’s decision!  The British must decide if they will stay or go from the EU, but I, as an American, find this ironic.  Luckily Britain does not have to fight to get away from what has become its regulatory master.

In The End

It is supremely unfortunate, that many British people, organizations, and politicians within the “Remain Campaign” are suggesting, that Britain won’t survive if it is not part of the European Union.  This of course ignores the fact that Britain Brexit-Grexitsurvived outside of the EU for centuries, before the EU was ever established.  That somehow, life is so different that Britain would shrivel away, and/or whither into insignificance if it were to BREXIT.  It is the thinking of enslavement that makes many feel that freedom, and sovereignty is a threat.

‘And there is reason to panic if you’re the European Union.  You survive, solely because there are countries that pay your way, ‘and it’s the rich countries in the union.  It is NOT the poor countries.  Britain is paying for decisions… that do not benefit Britain.  That is always a losing business model.  It is likely, that if Britain exits, so will others.

As much as I despise when others interject themselves into American politics, I find myself in the position of observing BREXIT from the outside.  I cannot wait to see what the British voters do on Thursday 23 June 2016.  I think I know how I’d vote!

K. Pinckney