— OK, I Concede On Ted Cruz. He Will Not Be President!

Yes, I know.  I thought I was impressive when I predicted that the next President was going to be Ted Cruz.  ‘And I made my prediction 3 years before the election. I saw it with my inner eye like a Indian Shaman!  I explained how brilliant he was, and why he would be a good choice.  I predicted he would win long before he announced his candidacy, and long before there were any (of what would become 17) candidates.  I even predicted his Vice President.  I was all in for him.  But alas, I must now concede that I was wrong!

As his candidacy rolled on, I began to get some hints that I was mistaken.  He made some silly errors, and then he made other silly errors that left me scratching my head.  [It’s like he didn’t even listen to what I was saying].  I’m not going to make a prediction going forward, yet I think WE ALL know who the presumptive nominee is.  But what happened to Ted Cruz?!?  It’s a combination of factors, but I’ll only focus on a few. They are; his Establishment Ties; his Dirty Tricks; his Delegate Jujitsu; and his Lack of Vision!

Establishment Ties

As a mere Senator,  Ted Cruz was despised by the establishment.  Lobbyists, Special Interests, Liberals,  non-Texans, non-Conservatives, cruz-mcconnelland other politicians hated him.  He brashly, and brilliantly spoke against government power and scope.  He assisted in filibusters against govt spending and attacks on individual Rights.  He respected the Tea Party… that elected him into his position.  But as he started running for the Presidency, he became less-bold.  It began to seem as though he was being supported by the very same people that hated him prior to his run; and that is never a good sign.

What Cruz seemed to ignore… is that many of those supporting him, only did so because they hated Trump more than they hated him… Obviously, their false support was because “the enemy of my (their) enemy, is my (their) friend”… But yet, he allowed himself to seem cozy with his enemies.  He stopped attacking the establishment, shifted the azimuth of his artillery pieces, and began lobbing rounds at Trump, who promptly utilized counter-battery artillery, and returned Cruz’ fire.

Cruz is now so confused, he believes that the establishment that despises him, will hand him the Nomination in a contested Convention, when that establishment hates him as much, or more (because of his voting record), than they hate Trump.

Dirty Tricks

Now, I don’t know if some of the “issues” the carsoncruzquitCruz Campaign has had were due to accidents, or were due to intentional planning/plotting, but either way; they came out looking like dirty tricks.  When Cruz’ campaign staffer came out and stated (tweeted) that Ben Carson would be dropping out, and that Carson voters should support Cruz… that was a low point.  And to make it worse, it took over a week for Cruz to come out and made a half-hearted statement (but not apology) about it.  That did not score him any points with anyone and made him seem slimy.  It is one thing to be aggressive and creative, but you NEVER want to look like you’re a CHEATER… or even worse, a Washington Politician.

Delegate Jujitsu

Surely it’s not Cruz’ fault how the number of States pass out their Delegates, but it is a process that we all should see as touchy.  When a person can win the votes in a state, but another gets the Delegates, it OBVIOUSLY means… that the voter’s votes don’t actually matter.  When you begin to learn how delegates are dispersed, it’s nearly impossible, not to get the impression that the Primary/Caucus process is a rigged game.

What Cruz did however, was blame Trump for being a whiner, and call him names. It does not take a deity to recognize that it is confusing to everyone… and the names you call Trump for his ignorance… are the names you’ve just called everyone else who was ignorant of that process. OUCH! It was best to admit that it IS a confusing process, and thank any delegates for voting for you. Accept that you benefited from a crazy process, and show that you are humbled, honored, and thankful for the State’s trust (and leave it at that).

Lack Of Vision

I predicted a Cruz win, partly because he appeared to be a creative tedcruzjebbushthinker.  He is obviously smart, but his campaign was not.  He started his Political career working as a Legal Advisor to Bush-Cheney campaign in 2000, and he appears to think in the exact same manner as those early, successful Bush campaigns did.  Instead of modernizing and thinking differently, he ran an outdated campaigning style.  He ran a 2004 campaign as though it has a chance of being successful in 2016.  Two of the latest items that display a lack of vision, and are ultimately backfiring on him, were his attempt to Make A Deal With Kasich, and today, by Selecting a VP.

Deal with Kasich

Don’t make a deal with your opponent, to beat another opponent. It could only make you look desperate and weak.  It is one of those political tricks that Anger people.  It makes them think of backroom deals and imagine the political class manipulating the voters/supporters.  Obviously, it was done to appear strategic and to #stoptrump (or whatever) by giving the look of a 1-on-1 battle. ‘But the outcome was always going to be that Kasich would publicly soften the impact of the a deal to make himself appear less desperate.  Any such deal was doomed to fail (in the absence of a joint news-conference or written contract).  The impending failure would serve to weaken the campaign further.  It was an amateur, and avoidable tactical error.  On a side note.  If you make this kind of error in a campaign, you would likely make the same error in Foreign Policy & International Relations.

Appointing a V.P.

A person who is not winning does not appoint a Vice Presidential running mate.  That is for the ted-cruz-carly-fiorinaPresumptive Nominee to do.  And you definitely don’t do it, after you just got spanked the night before in a 5-for-5 State murder spree.  Appointing a nominee when you’re not going to win, appears extremely desperate.  We all know it was an attempt to bring the female vote back, and to shift headlines to put the Cruz name back in the news prior to the next Primary, Indiana, a make’it or break’it point for the Cruz campaign.

Both of these late attempts came off as politician tricks, and political theater.  Neither were smart and both made Cruz look like a tricky-dicky politician… and no one should want to look like that.

In The End

The Cruz Campaign made my prediction wrong, and I’m gonna have to accept that!  HEY!  ‘But don’t be all mad at me.  It’s just one man’s opinion…  (LET the anonymous comments, and random hatred begin…)  But you know what;  My prediction was so far out that it’s still kind of impressive… I just didn’t foresee Trump entering the race.  Apparently, neither did Ted Cruz.



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