— A Real Gunfighter — From California

Lance Thomas was a meager watch store owner in Santa Monica California; of all places.  He was put in the position of having to fight off a few robbers.  He killed 6 would-be robbers LTand wounded 3 or 4 more over his last few years of his career.  He had no military or police background, but he was still able to protect himself and his customers… He operated his store until the point that he ended up with a price on his head by local gangs.  It’s not glamorous that he had to fight for his life, but it is interesting how his experience shaped his beliefs.  Listen to him speak.  He’s not proud of this, but he seems accepting of his life and how he thought it would one day end.  He speaks of principles and in a way, honor.

I saw this a few years back… ‘but damn!  I’ve long forgotten all about the shot he took through his neck, or how calm he sounded when he called 911 — in the midst of a gunfight (there’s gunshots in the background and everything)…  I’m not sure if it was luck or fate, but hey… Don’t mess with him!  Someone has got his back.

Listen to his wisdom carefully. It’s a lesson in training and preparation, both physical and mental.  Are you ready for circumstances that may happen in YOUR life (hopefully, ‘not with a gun).  If not, get prepared.  If you look past the setting, this video is as poignant now, as it was then.

Prepare yourself for your life.

Kali Pinckney


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