— 2016 Presidential Prediction – Just A Tad Early

Yes.. I know it’s kinda crazy to be making predictions for the 2016 Elections this early… and that’s exactly why I’m gonna do it.

Sure! It’s easy for political operatives, like Karl Rove, to make the big bucks by predicting outcomes a mere 3-weeks before an election.  That’s simple!  But what about taking a risk and making a prediction 3-years before the election?  That takes real skill!  But before I go on, I don’t want you to think I’m joking.  I’m completely serious!  Let us note, that “Consultants” like the above mentioned, Rove, predicted a Romney win, as did a bunch of other “brilliant” people when they made their predictions (guesses) in favor of Romney… and you’ll also note that Rove and the rest of them (perhaps even yours truly) were still absolutely wrong.  Lets cut to the chase:

Who Am I Picking?

Cruz / Paul 2016
Cruz / Paul 2016

Crazy right???

Ted Cruz & Rand Paul

It’s crazy like a fox!  And here’s why?  It is a Coalition of, Mak’in “$#!+” Smaller.  During every election, politicians claim they will “make government smaller” — only to never actually shrink anything in a positive way.  But Cruz/Paul 2016???  Those are two people who would definitely shake things up.  They have, SO FAR, proven themselves inclined to do what they say they will do, and unlike most politicians, they say exactly what they mean (in clear-speak).  They have stood up against policies they believe are wrong.  They’ve spoken up sooo much that the Sr. Politicians in their own party, such as John Boehner, John McCain, and Mitch McConnel openly despise both Cruz and Paul to the point they feel all too comfortable publicly disparaging them.  McCain famously went so far as dubbing them “Wack-O Birds” – whatever the hell that is!!!

OK, OK, Why would I (as a Libertarian) suggest, in my prediction, that Cruz be President, and Paul (a Libertarian), be Vice President?  Just listen to me.  Cruz must be President first because Most of the Coalition that will be voting for them requires a Conservative, Tea Party-type, “Republican”.  Placing a Libertarian as President may cruz paulbe too much of a shock for the average Republican or Conservative voter.  Ted Cruz has proven himself to be a man who does what he says he will do.  He has proven that he can stand for something even though just about every other person in congress would promptly fold and sell out their publicly stated principles immediately after they state them (Such as Paul Ryan did on the budget and Marco Rubio did on Immigration).  Cruz was viciously attacked for opposing Obamacare, despite the fact his predictions are near-daily, being proven correct.

The Sum Of All Parts:

Ted Cruz is a Conservative and has proven to be a tough-skinned, Constitution-following, Brilliant-debating, quick-on-his-feet, SOB.  Most Republican and Tea Party-types “could” vote for him on principle alone and “would likely” vote for him in staggering amounts against the appropriate Democrat candidate (like what’s-her-face).  Remember, it was the Tea Party that has handed numerous House, Senate, and Local Government, victories to the impotent (yea I said it), Republican Party.   Cruz would attract those who choose the Constitution and Conservatism over political party.  Cruz also does not have the taint of being “A Libertarian” when it comes to National Security issues.  MOST OF US (even a Libertarian Vet like myself) assume that if it comes to having to take DECISIVE military action, a President Cruz is more likely to do so than a President Paul.  Cruz is less constrained by the expectations of Libertarians worldwide and recognizes that in this world, the fittest survive and sometimes that means handing a Jar, or Doritos bag, of Whoop-Ass to those who intend to do you harm or injustice.

Rand Paul is a Libertarian, and has a built-in group of supporters.  The Libertarian Party is the 3rd largest political party in the United States and the Fastest Growing Party.  The Libertarian Party is stealing people away from both parties, but mainly the Republican Party. As such, Libertarians are usually accused of splitting the vote to the detriment of the Republican Party (although that should not matter because people can vote for whomever they want),  but with Rand Paul running, it is likely that a large percentage of Libertarians will support a ticket with him on it, especially, if it can be articulated how valuable a Vice President can be when respected and assigned distinct areas of address.  Paul should easily be able to explain why Libertarians should consider voting for this ticket and he can galvanize many of those who want smaller government.

Libertarians, Hear me out!

We want Rand Paul as a Vice President because it would leave him in a position to oversee the tasks we as Libertarians really want accomplished.  Imagine Rand Paul assuming the responsibility of auditing the Federal Reserve and briefing the American people within the first 6 months of his Vice-Presidency?  Yea!  That’s what I want myself.  Imagine Rand Paul conducting an Audit of the NSA’s Surveillance and Collection Programs?  Oh Yea!  Paul would serve as an introduction to what a Libertarian would do in such a high government position.  As a Libertarian, you hear it all the time about how Libertarians want people to be able to use drugs (Even though it’s because we recognize that in the absence of hurting others, people own their bodies), that Libertarians are isolationists (even though we believe others should be able to lead their own countries), and that Libertarians want to lower taxes (Well, Yea!  That’s true).  Rand Paul would prime the pump and serve to lay a framework for a Libertarian President in the future.  Yea, obviously, many Americans desire a Libertarian President NOW, but, patience is a virtue because you can’t always get what you want and “Rome Was Not Built In A Day!”

We do NOT merely want to temporarily SLOW government down based on the current President — We want a structural change in HOW government grows.  We want to stop the government from going crazy dependent on what political party is in charge.  Instead of a policy NOT to collect everyone’s data, we want a NSA that does not have the legal standing to collect everyone’s data.  Instead of cutting spending on the EPA for one Presidential term.  We want the EPA scuttled and required to go through Congress for approval of every set of regulation changes (Yes, even the small stuff).  We want government focused on Protecting the Constitution and the Individual Rights of Americans.

With a Cruz/Paul ticket, you’re (POSSIBLY) getting a powerful coalition of Constitutionalists.  They bring together Libertarians, Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Party Types, and a large group of Independents who are becoming concerned at the direction of the US Government.  They may have different affiliations and beliefs, however, ALL of these groups despise large government, NSA Spying, and government Attacks on the Bill Of Rights (to include the Second Amendment).  If they were to meet and focus their energies, you begin to build a voting powerhouse that reflects the majority of Americans  Many of whom believe the government is not trustworthy.

In The End:

Does anyone think that Cruz/Paul 2016 would be inclined to continue the status quo on –Excessive Govt Spending, –NSA Spying, –Unilateral Engagements (or other wars that don’t directly include the US or its “close” allies), –Government Bailouts, –Excessive Regulation, -Drones In US Skies, -Not Lowering Federal Tax Rates, -The TSA, and -Failing To Audit the Federal Reserve?

Perhaps the most important factor involved with Cruz/Paul 2016 ticket;  is the idea that after 8 years of a Cruz Presidency, America could be on the path for its first Libertarian President.  A Libertarian Vice-President would ensure that a new generation of Americans might learn that Libertarians can do the job of administering Government by downsizing and limiting it to those tasks requiredpaulcruz to protect the Constitutional Rights of Americans. Libertarians have a reputation issue (not a policy/belief issue), that we must address.

Of course, I think it would be illegal, or at least improper and unprecedented, for two candidates to openly partner up as a pair, prior to one of them being selected through the Primary process.  But, IF I WERE THEIR STRATEGISTs, it would be the worse kept secret ever.  I would have them signal that they “might” run as a team by making appearances together, such as meeting for Dinner, or Headlining speeches together.

Well, We all know that the Republican Party does NOT want either one of these guys to run and is more inclined to a silly, loser choice like Chris Christie (WHO WILL LOSE).

Cruz/Paul Is My Prediction for 2016…..

Kali Pinckney


Cruz Clinches Straw Poll (27 September 2014)

Cruz Eclipses Paul (27 September 2014)


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike says:

    I agree, they would be great choices, but TPTB will never let anyone in that could actually change things. Did you notice during the 2012 primaries how suddenly and simultaneously across all networks, Ron Paul was referred to as a “third-tier candidate”? As if that was an industry term everyone used! Elections are scripted to make us think voting matters and keep us fighting amongst ourselves, and all the networks are in on the game. Fox pretends to be conservative, but on important issues, they tow the line for the government.

    “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”
    ― Mark Twain

  2. Robert Riley says:

    One problem! The law says a presidential candidate must be born in the United States. Ted Cruz is out because he was born on December 22, 1970 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. That means he is barred from running because he wasnt born in US like Rand Paul was born in Pittsburgh, PA.

    1. Kali says:

      Actually, the Constitution says a candidate must be a Natural Born Citizen. You do not have to be “born in the United States” to be Natural Born. An example would be the century of military brats born around the world. They are still Natural Born Citizens even if they were born in Germany, France, Panama, or wherever.

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