— Santa Got Arrested On The Southern Border!

OK, What would you say if I told you Santa got arrested on the Southern Texas (and US, I Guess) border?  Well, he did! Kinda…  Here’s what went down:

The US Border Patrol received a report from a local rancher, of a possible subject, dressed as Santa, attempting to illegally enter the US.  But this Santa wasn’t dressed in a big old red suit.  It was a green suit.

A US Border Patrol Agent responded to the area and made contact, and since ‘the subject had no ID, he was taken into custody to determine if he was authorized to be in the U.S.




Don’t fret kids, this Santa is a member of the USBP family… and you can tell by the USBP patch on his shoulder.  Living and working around the large ranches in a border town, I’ve found that US Border Patrol Agents and their families support lots of charities, including by giving lots of toys to needy kids every Christmas.

This was possibly a training event for a new Agent “caught” on camera, but if it matters to you, they let Santa go.

Kali Pinckney


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