— The Curious Comparison of The IRS… And ISIS

Now, we all hate the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)! Even the people who work for the IRS… hate the IRS.  But there’s a curious comparison that can be made between the IRS, and the Islamic State Of Iraq and Lavant (ISIL), known as Daesh, and technically different, but colloquially called, “ISIS”.  And sure it may be unfair to compare the two, but for poops and giggles; lets do it anyway!!!

What do they have in common?

Besides EVERYONE hating them! ‘They both, (1) decide whom they will go after, they both (2) take what they want, they both (3) turn people into slaves, and they both (4) are responsible for deaths(YES, THAT’S A BIT UNFAIR)

They Both Decide Whom They Go After

The system is arbitrary and IRSis not fair.  Isis goes after whom they want.  One day they may go after Christians, the next, they might go after non-motivated Muslims.  This week, they put a fatwa on disabled children… and KILLED them.  They may go after people who don’t pray, gays (whom they hurl off buildings), or someone who’s been found to have taken a drink of alcohol.  Two people can do the same crime… and one will get slapped, another will get beheaded.  They will go after whom they go after on any particular day.

Just as does ISIS, the IRS will decide whom they go after without rhyme or reason.  Two people can make the same income, have presumably the same amount of deductions, have the same IRS-Scandal-Lawlessnessamount of dependents, and yet, they end up paying differing amounts of taxes.  Because the tax system is fungible and arbitrary.  The punishment is also fungible and arbitrary; two people who do the same thing, may or may not receive the same treatment.  It is the whim of the IRS employees working the case. ISIS also goes after whom they choose arbitrarily.  Obviously, they go after Christians, Jews, Gay People, Educated Girls, Muslims who are not radical enough… and well, All Females.  But, they don’t HAVE TO go after people they don’t want to go after. ‘And that’s the same as the IRS.  Surely you recall when they chose to go after Tax Exempt status of Conservative groups.  They didn’t like them… and they targeted them.  In that sense.  The IRS is “ISILian” (I just made that word up!!!)

There is also the problem that some employees in the IRS/government, fail to pay their taxes… and yet, they still are working in the government; trying their best to take your money from you.  They seem less likely to attract the ire of their employer, than you or I.  If we stole from our employer; we would be fired.  But I suppose; the IRS sees their delinquent employees as stealing from the Taxpayer, and NOT the IRS itself… Wouldn’t it make sense that those federal employees that aren’t current with their taxes, get fired from the federal government?!?!

‘And IF anyone has the Audacity to speak out… They will get audited to teach everyone else a lesson.  And oddly enough, that’s exactly why ISIS kills some people!!!

They Both Seize What They Want

IRS and ISIS take what doesn’t belong to them.  Others earn something, and the IRS and ISIS just take it.  Both of them justify their activities due to “Law”.  One’s law is the 16th Amendment, and the other’s law is the Koran and/or Hadith.  Government, through the IRS, says this is what we (the Nation) wants… but you’ll find that ONLY those, who want to take from others, are supportive of our expansive tax system; and they want to seize more.  The IRS no longer even has to hide what it seizes. Whether it is houses or bank accounts; or whether it is the medical records of 10,000,000 Americans.  The IRS will just go in and take what it wants!  They will seize a bank account.  And, when they are wrong… they will settle it, taking a portion of the money as a “settlement”.

Yes, we all need roads, and bridges.  Yes, we all need the military to protect irsscandalour country.  But we don’t need our taxes to be transferred from our States to the Federal Government, so they can cherry pick what they want, siphon off some money, and then send a measure back to the State for roads and social programs.  We don’t need taxes collected for defense, to be siphoned off, to help pay for Obamacare… or lobster treadmills, and government sponsored art.  We may disagree, but can we agree on the point, that some things… are NOT government’s job?

They Both Turn People Into Slaves

ISIS doesn’t hide it.  They will seize you and make you a slave, and sell you as a slave (a “sex slave”, if you’re a 9 year-old girl!).  The IRS seizes your money… and then makes you Sick_basta_dshave to work to pay THEM.  It’s so bad that yearly, we recognize the day of the year, where we, as a nation, have paid our taxes for the year and begin to work for ourselves.  That day gets later and later every year.  Until that day… you (the tax paying Americans anyway) are working for the government.  YOUR efforts, energy, and production – are going to pay for others.  Working for the benefit of others, WHEN YOU DO NOT BENEFIT (NOR HAVE A CHOICE), you are enslaved!  Whether you’re picking cotton for master, having sex so your pimp can make money, or by working to pay someone else so you don’t get thrown in jail, you’re a slave!

You are enslaved by a debt you owe someone else, when you work hard to ISIS slavemarketearn money.  ‘When others, who didn’t earn money, can come along, charge the person who earned that money, and then claim that money for themselves, something is NOT right!  When you have no say over the fact you are working for the benefit of others, and you have no means of ignoring, denying, or disagreeing, you are not free to decide differently, your input means little to nothing.  If you don’t pay the IRS, they won’t forget it… and they’ll just seize everything they can find of yours, after charging you fees and interest.  If you simply refuse to call it slavery; fine!  Surely you’ll concede that it is serfdom.

They Both Are Responsible For Deaths

First Off, I want to stipulate (all legal like), that the IRS doesn’t kill people directly.  They do not lock people in cages and set them on fire.  They do not line people up in trenches and riddle their bodies with 7.62X39’s.  They are more “sophisticated”. They do it through harassment and an unlimited budget that allows them to chase people and seize their assets systematically, ‘and with little recourse for the victim.  Even if the taxpayer was 100% right, it won’t matter, BECAUSE the IRS will force the innocent – to prove they’re innocent.  There are so many IRS regulations, that even if a person wasn’t guilty, a creative agent can find “something” that an individual has done wrong.  The IRS will take, and take, and make people want to kill themselves

And which is more Dangerous?  ISIS?!  At this point in ISIS’ short history, they ARE “the Jayvee team” (to quote Obama).  The IRS are the pros, and have transferred more wealth from those who’ve earned it to themselves;  and have claimed more money and property – than it is likely that ISIS EVER will.  ISIS will die in the life-cycle of enterprises before they can catch up to what the IRS has done in its long history. How many people, have found themselves in a spiral of debt that they could not pay off, were fined incessantly, and killed themselves after the IRS took all they had?  How many families have broken up with divorce, partly due to taxes and the seizure of their property, business, and hard earned money?

Sure they’ll blame the individual, but how many people have committed suicide and listed within their suicide notes, how they couldn’t pay their taxes?  The IRS NEVER admits to making any mistakes, that you know of.  They require a Judge to inform them that they’ve made a mistake or done something illegal.  The IRS won’t even admit that they irsjoestacktargeted the Tea Party and other conservative groups (when we ALL know they did).  And the person in charge, Lois Lerner lied… and got to retire without even a “smidgen” of days in jail.

Remember the guy who flew his airplane into that IRS building?  I venture to say, that if more people could attack their attacker, they just might do it!  That goes for both the IRS, and for ISIS.

So again

— Which is more dangerous?  The IRS has more employees (about 89,500 in 2014).  ISIS has more fanatical employees.  The IRS has more money in its coffers.  ISIS has more guns, explosives, and the willingness to use them.  And well, they chop off heads!  The IRS… IS the US government and has unlimited resources (including guns, explosives, and the willingness to use them) to go after the individual.

ISIS has an up hill battle, because it can’t convert, nor kill everyone who disagrees with them.  The IRS doesn’t worry about converting anyone, because they have greater technology.  They can make an internal determination, and empty your bank accounts, seize your house, have you arrested, and as of this week (I’m expecting), they will be able to have your passport bricked (made as useless as a brick).  If you’re an American, and out of the country, you won’t be able to get home, and you won’t be able to leave, UNLESS, you escape through the borders (just like East Germany).  The IRS can make WHOMEVER you work for – send your paycheck – to them.  Additionally, the IRS doesn’t even have to prove you guilty of any crime.  YOU will have to prove YOU are innocent.

Who are Americans MORE afraid of?  Which group are “YOU” most afraid of?   ISIS?  Or the IRS?!?!

Kali Pinckney


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