— “Magazines” or “Clips” — An Idiots Guide

OK, I thought I’d make this so simple that even a Politician could understand it.  I’m going to explain the difference between a “clip” and a “magazine”.  I’m going to try my best to be non-partisan and just explain it.  I’m not going to point out the fact that “supposedly” smart people like; Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, Joe Biden, and even President Obama don’t seem to understand the difference between the two.  It merely points out that these “brilliant” intellectuals don’t understand what 10’s of millions of 17, 18, 19, and 20-year-old military enlistees have learned (and taught their children) since the 1940’s.

“Clips” and “Magazines” are NOT the same.

“Clips” – are used to hold rounds and load magazines

“Magazines” – position rounds so they can be used by a firearm

The Clip

Stripper Clips
AR-15 Stripper Clips

A “Clip”, merely replaces a soldier carrying a whole bunch of loose rounds in his pocket or in a pouch.  Carrying loose rounds in your pocket is unorganized, and does not allow the soldier to easily count his ammo, and in combat, does not allow him to reload his weapon quickly.  Additionally carrying loose rounds also risks loss or damage of ammo. Putting damage, or deformed rounds in a weapon may cause it to jam, requiring work to clear the malfunction.  Clips are generally little strips of metal that hold individual rounds, usually 5 or 10 dependent on the rifle they are designed for.  Clips generally attach to the rear of the round, thus help prevent the round’s primer (the tiny ignitor in the back of the bullet that the firing pin hits) from being accidentally impacted and causing a detonation in the pocket.

A”Stripper Clip” is a type of clip that can be slid into a slot on the receiver stripper_mag(the body of the firearm) and the rounds can be pushed ( or stripped) with a thumb FROM the clip into the rifle’s (“non-detachable”) magazine, increasing the speed of loading rounds into the firearm and allowing the soldier/user to be ready to use his firearm again.  “Detachable” magazines (such as those for the AR-15) can sometimes be loaded from clips with a spoon (shaped piece) that attaches to the top of the magazine.

The Magazine

Magazines position rounds so that they can be used by the firearm’s action. Whether a Bolt-Action rifle, a semi-auto (fires one round per trigger pull) pistol, or a fully-automatic military or law enforcement rifle. Rounds must be in position for a firearm to pull them from a magazine, and load them into the chamber of the firearm so the round can be fired.

Magazines may be a permanent part of the firearm, or they can be “detachable”. Non-detachable magazines are part of the rifle and are not designed to come off of the firearm and be exchanged with another magazine. Rounds must be loaded into the rifle itself.  This can be done, one-round at a time… or it can be done with a (above mentioned) stripper clip.

Detachable magazines are what anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment, and politician types are usually referring to when they discuss “magazines” OR “clips”. The detachable magazine has been around for more than a century. and are merely a matter of firearms technology.  Over time, tasks become easier, faster, more consistent.  Remember at one point, shooters had to load powder, load in a ball, tamp it in, hope everything was dry and then fire it?  Banning magazines, would be akin to blaming high-speed car crashes on fuel injection systems.  Fuel injected engines are a technology increase that allow cars to be more reliable, faster, and more efficient… Would your really try to ban fuel injection because more car collisions occur at higher speeds now than in the past? Probably not.

These ARE magazines, they ARE NOT Clips

To Clarify

Clips and magazines do NOT do the same job.  The purpose of “clips” is to LOAD Magazines.  Clips do NOT allow a rifle to work, they merely organize and hold rounds.  The purpose of ALL Magazines, on the other hand… Is to position rounds so they can be used by a firearm.  So:

Politicians… Stop making laws on things that you don’t know anything about.  If you’re confused… Just go ask any military person who’s been in the profession of arms (used firearms) longer than 4 months.

Kali Pinckney

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