— The Main Reason Why Ben Carson Will Not Be President

OK, Keeping in mind that this is only one man’s opinion, and that I’ve predicted who was going to become President Years Ago now;  I’m going to ben-carson-cpactip-toe around and explain why Ben Carson; WONT BE PRESIDENT!  Feel free to disagree with me, but don’t get all butt-hurt.  I don’t need all the annoying death threats over this (such as I got over my thoughts of the horrific Chevrolet Volt; SERIOUSLY!).  Its time for us to look at the reasons why I predict that Ben Carson… Will NOT be the next President.  There are really 3 main reasons.  So relax, and here we go:

3) The sheer odds of two black Presidents in a row

It was an amazing thing (for those people who thought there would never be a black President).  So many people went out and tried to get it done, and just get a black person elected.  Obama was just the guy who was running.  But for 2016, that won’t be a main factor.  Many of those who wanted to make that happen won’t be so excited to do it this time, because… It’s already been done.  So now some think that there will be a second black President back-to-back.  No! We will have other black Presidents, but Statistically!  It won’t be in the Year 2016!

2) He’s NOT a black Democrat

Some people assume that black people in America are some sort of monolithic voting block that only votes the way a small BenCarsonScrubsgroup of “leaders” tell them to vote.  Well, perhaps that’s a bad example since 85-90% of them vote for the Democrats.  But if you keep that in mind, there should be no doubt, that they don’t just vote for blacks.  They vote for black Democrats.

Because Carson is a Republican, Democrat blacks likely consider him a “sell-out”, an “Uncle Tom”, or some other derogatory name… ‘despite the fact, they wish they could raise their child to be, a successful,  wealthy, likable, intelligent, Neurosurgeon just like Carson.  These black Democrats are going to vote for a Democrat, they voted for Obama, and they ain’t, aren’t, and in no way… are gonna vote for Carson.  Given the option of a black Republican or a white Democrat… Unless you are a silly-pants, you should know who they’re picking.

1) White people aren’t gonna fall for it again

Admittedly, I’m being facetious, but my point is valid.  Many whites, thought that a black President would make a serious dent in the belief by some, that America was an “inherently and systematically” racist nation.  Many whites (NOT ALL) had a measure of guilt in their spines, and naively took the gamble on a guy who looked “clean,” according to Joe Biden, and spoke proper English. Who went to Yale and ‘Haavaad.  They thought Obama would help end this irrational discussion once and for all, and bring us a Racial Renaissance…  But oh no, no, no!  Many white people feel they were lied to, and played like fiddles.

Then they began to see… When he could, Obama took every opportunity to blame every issue on race! From healthcare, homelessness, and wealth distribution, and even to his low approval ratings.  Every issue from the National Debt, to the Economy, to the collapse of mid-east policy, and even to the environment… It’s all tainted with race.

So, Back To The Point

‘This time around, those white people aren’t gonna fall it-doesnt-matter-what-this-sign-saysfor it.  They won’t care that Carson and Obama, have NOTHING in common other than some pigmentation.  Whites are angry that if you don’t like his policies, or like him, whether you’re white or black, you’re labeled a racist!  EVERY Tea Partier, EVERY Conservative, EVERY Libertarian, EVERY Christian, Jew, or Republican who doesn’t like him… is dubbed an evil racist.

But now!  None of those people care what others think.  They just want someone who will do the job… They may not advertise, but they will vote.  ‘And they won’t risk their votes on any social experiments this time around…

Kali Pinckney


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