— The REAL, ACTUAL Difference Between the Political Left, and the Political Right

If you haven’t noticed, there is a real, predictable difference between people from the Political Left-wing, and those from the Political Right-wing.  It is often simplified into being a Democrat or Republican thing, but the difference between the Left and Right, extend far beyond the two superficial political parties. It also ignores the fact that one can be a Democrat or Republican “Progressive”.  Progressives will have the same hopes, dreams, and intentions, that Progressives have always had.  This is regardless of whether they claim a “D” or a “R” after their name.  Progressives only want a bigger government; and believe bigger government is the key to the country’s future.  They believe government is the entity that can solve the perfect-society equation.  If there are homeless, government can create laws to fix it.  Or, if people go crazy and shoot a place up, government can create laws to fix it.  Or, if some politician thinks a program worthy, they can find the money to implement it.  No reality stops a Progressive from creating laws and regulations for others.  Whatever party a Progressive claims to be a part of, rest assured, they want a bigger, more powerful government.

So Who Are The “Left” and the “Right”?

The Political Left (whom I’ll label “Lefties”) are those people who TEND TO SUPPORT the Democrat Party.  They are a conglomeration of those groups who support the ideals of a powerful central government.  They believe that government is righteythe entity that is supposed to ensure that even the poorest in the country, has access to central-government collected resources (collectivism).  Lefties believe the group (collective) is more important than the individual — even if an individual chooses not to work, save, or prepare for their future.  Some Lefties are socialists (an avowed socialist is running for President), some are communists, and some would voluntarily line up behind a fascist government if they were promised money and resources they didn’t earn. Think about those who wear Che Guevara shirts, or those that think Cuba, Venezuela, or other Dictator led countries are good.  Many may be national socialists, others Democratic Socialists, but they all believe that the government should seize money from the rich, and give it to others.  They also believe government is the force with which they can attack those who believe differently than they do.  They DO NOT believe in individual freedom or the Constitution (although they will swear they do); especially when freedom or the Constitution conflict with their dream of seizing resources from others. Future lefties… WILL “lead to” the next civil war!

The Political Right (whom I will dub “Righties”) are those people whom TEND TO SUPPORT the Republican Party.  They are made up of various types of people who believe in the individual, liberty, and smaller, more impotent government.  The Right is made up of groups such as Conservatives, Libertarians, “Tea Partiers“, and a fast-growing number of “Independents”.  They would like as little interference from a Central Government as possible.  In fairness, it is worth noting that some Righties claim they want a small government… but sometimes, they want to use government to protect the ideals they find most important just as Lefties do.  An example might include, their wish to use government to protect the definition of marriage (which MAY be a bad example since; that definition has been the definition of marriage since the beginning of marriage, actually).  Righties are the people who will be forced to give up what they have worked for… because they have worked to achieve a measure of wealth.  Righties believe in the Constitution’s value and supremacy, and because they believe in such independence and liberty; future Righties…  WILL “fight in” the next civil war!

But, how can these two groups see things so vastly different? What is the Real, Actual difference between Lefties and Righties???


In one word, It’s all about “Ownership!”  If people don’t believe they own something; they don’t take care of it. Which one_Guess“Ownership” is the reason that people drive Rental Cars more recklessly than they drive their own cars.  Most people don’t drive over curbs, through bushes, or red-line the engines in their own cars, but they will drive a Rental Car into the ground…so long as they can return it without penalty.

“Ownership” is the reason that people don’t take care of the apartment they rent, in the manner they would take care of a house they owned.  “Ownership” is the same reason why public bathrooms become filthy in ways no one’s homes would become filthy (pee on the entire toilet, including the handle?!?!  poop on the walls?!?!).  It is because people who don’t own something, aren’t as motivated to take care of items they are merely using.  In economics, it is described as, A Tragedy Of The Commons, where people act in their own self-interest, regardless of the interest of a whole group they are a part of.

As such, the Lefties look at the country as a place they live, but they don’t really own.  ‘While the Righties looks at the country as theirs.  Lefties say things like, “America needs to change”, or “we can absorb all illegal immigrants”.  The Lefties are okay with people who didn’t contribute to the income tax system, collecting welfare; and then they yell stupid things like, “The rich should pay their fair share”.  They do not believe the US was founded any different, or special, than any other country on the planet, thus, America should have the same system as some of the Socialist countries out there.  They believe it is just the luck of the draw that the United States became the most powerful nation, and engine of the world’s economy, in less than 50 years after its inception.  They think it was merely a roll of the dice.  It is why they believe in concepts such as Open Borders, and Obamacare.  They believe that because they don’t own the country monetarily, that its OK for others, whom Lefties believe own the country, to pay for what they want.

Righties look at the United States of America as a place unique in human history.  They look at it as a bastion of freedom on a hill to which everyone wants to climb.  Righties will say things right-wing-nutsuch as, “We need to take our country back.” (using the word “our”).  We all know that it’s the Righties who tend to join the military, or become Police Officers (…or will step in to help if a stranger is getting violently attacked); after all, people who would risk themselves for their country, and the safety of others, would likely be the people who feel they have an ownership stake of their society.  Righties tend to treat the country as they treat their homes.  They do not allow people trespass into their homes or property without permission, and would likely confront an intruder with force (curiously, they also support the Second Amendment).  This is why, they do not tolerate people entering the country without permission either.

Conversely, Lefties do not want people entering their homes without permission either, BUT they would call the police (and are more likely to NOT have a firearm) for help.  But if you ask them about people whom enter the country illegally, well… Somehow, that’s different.  Lefties only seem to care about what they physically, personally own, and that does not include the country as a whole.  So in the example of home ownership and the United States;

…the Left are the Renters, and the Right are the Owners!

Kali Pinckney

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