— Ted Cruz?! Come On Already!!!

Now I’ve already predicted the Next US President (3 years in advance btw). It’s going to be Ted Cruz! But his campaign has lost some energy and momentum. I’ve given him some extremely valuable advice (albeit free advice) to consider regarding his campaign. And inexplicably, he isn’t even listening to me… So unfortunately, I think he may be doing his chances at the, Thrown Of Government, some real damage. It’s like he’s trying to lose this thing outright. It’s almost 100% certain he will not go anywhere…


…He starts listening! Yea, he needs to hire some new strategic staff, and think differently. Hiring people who’ve lost in previous elections, is just NOT a winning strategy. But what ted-cruz picexactly, is going wrong with his campaign? Well, he’s doing what the United States does when it goes to wars. It starts out fighting the way it fought its last war. That’s what the Cruz campaign is doing.  Cruz is like the US fighting the beginning of the Korean War as they fought the end of WW2. He’s like the US fighting the beginning of the Vietnam War, the way it fought the end of the Korean War. The Cruz Campaign is off-kilter, and unimaginative. It needs to change its tactics and premise. They believe they will inherit a better position if they stay clean now.  Normally, in war, you can start fighting, realize that something is wrong, and change tactics and strategy rapidly. But Cruz’ Campaign does not seem to be changing tactics, or strategy.  They are sticking with the premise of being “steady”… regardless of what goes on!  Regardless of any external pressure or force.  They do not pound on any opportunity.  They think they are playing the Tortoise, to everyone else’ Hare.

“Trump-lined” (It’s kinda like sidelined)

What are Cruz’ chances at the Presidency now? Well, they are declining each day. As he continues to sideline himself, his chances of victory will decline… Until Trump bows out; IF he bows out (which I believe he will). Cruz is staying on the side, doing nothing! He is an observer in the war… Kinda like Switzerland. Cruz just wants to ensure that he does not harm his chances, and hope that Trump will throw his support to Cruz when/if he bows out. It was a great man who once said, “With Great Risk, Comes Great Reward” (I think it was on a cartoon or something!).  Many of the people who support Trump, MIGHT support a candidate Cruz if Trump ends his campaign. That is what the Cruz campaign is sadly bargaining on. What Cruz’ Campaign is not taking into account, is that Trump won’t bow out in the manner that others tend to bow out. He’s funding his own campaign, THEREFORE, he ‘can run all the way to the end, and fail to get the nomination – ONLY because he doesn’t get the nomination.  He literally, doesn’t have to quit. He’s got Billions of smackeroos at his disposal.  He doesn’t have to end his campaign if no one supports him.  Cruz campaign dies if it doesn’t get money from others.

… So if you’re Cruz, and people do not know you well later in the campaign, they are inclined to go for someone they do know later.  And it may very well, be too late, to make a good impression.  Tempus Fugit!

Where would that leave Cruz?!?! Well, that would mean that

Cruz MAY run himself out of both time, and funds by being in Rand Paul, Ted Cruzthe background UNTIL he decides he can’t win.  Waiting, is not going to be an effective strategy AT ALL. I’m beginning to think that Cruz wants to be a Vice-President to Trump.

But, Its NOT too late. He can still pull this off!  Even though my Vice-Presidential pick, Rand Paul, has done himself in (by acting like a petulant, and disloyal child); In the end, Ted Cruz needs to move on with a real, new, and novel strategy. Of course, that is if he has any hopes of winning the Presidency.

Kali Pinckney


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