— We Are No Longer “United” States — but Welcome To The “National” State Of America

Is the United States still a republic?  Or are we nationalistic?   Do we have multiple governments that have unique and distinct roles for Local, State, and Federal entities?  Or do we have a single government that rules them all?  Do we have a government with co-equal branches or does one branch bully and ignore the roles of the other “co-equal” branches?  Can the individual States still make decisions for themselves WITHOUT the Federal government imposing its will upon them? Or is EVERYTHING that happens in the country, at the whim of becoming a federal issue?

Well, ‘welcome to the “National” State Of America (NSA).

Do not confuse that with the National Security Agency (NSA) that is/was seizing all of your email and cellular communications without a warrant; “NSA” in this context, is far more dangerous and is currently causing far more harm. The National State Of America makes it known, that we Americans are NO LONGER, “United.”

Thomas Jefferson once explained how it is natural for government to get more powerful at the expense of the individual, and/or the liberty of the individual.  The reason why he stated this, was because he recognized that government does not necessarily like the “individual.” Government looks at society as a equation, that if solved, would lead to a perfect country… They, as a collective government, believe that government is smarter than the individual, and must control the millions of individuals from making choices that government cannot control.  Some of these choices government wants to limit are: Healthcare, diet, automotive choices, energy usage, and the education of the citizen’s children.  Government naturally attempts to fit each unique individual, regardless of their individuality, their thoughts, choices, and beliefs, into the same sized and same shaped holes.  Even more, a national/central government will also attempt to treat every unique State as though it is the same as every other unique State. A central government dislikes States more than it dislikes Individuals… ‘But it recognizes that States have more power than an individual so it must treat them more respectfully and strategically.

Any Teacher can recognize that not every student is the same.  Some students are good at English, some Math, and some at Handwriting.  Yet, the National Government wants to treat every State as though they are exactly the same.  They want central government control (In Washington DC) at the expense of what the individual States want. Stated another way, national/central government wants to centralize power… into itself! It does not care if a State votes a certain way on an issue (when the central government disagrees). It doesn’t care what the people of that State want… when central government wants something else.

Central Government

A Central government; believes that it should be able to disregard minor (State and local) laws that it does not like [such as when Californians voted against Gay Marriage, or when States said they wanted to ID voters to stem fraud in elections].  Central government decided that it did not want those things… Not because the Constitution said those were illegal, but because the central government did not want them.  Whether by federal legislation, or whether by a federal judiciary, the federal supremacy laws SHOULD not apply when the Federal government has no Constitutional jurisdiction over an item, but good luck reminding government of that Constitutional limitation.  Looking back on it, It is ironic that we are still called the “United States”,  because, we are “United” in name only. The Federal Government is in the process of stripping the Individual States of their Constitutional powers.  No, I’m not only speaking of the 10th Amendment, that clearly states that:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

I’m not going to ask why the central government wants to control and direct the education of students through its Department of Education.  I’m not going to ask why the central government is seizing control of rainwater that lands on an individual’s property through its Environmental Protection Agency.   I’m not going to ask why the central government claims over 50% of some states.  Obviously, none of these items are written in the Constitution (or amended as such); so they should be left to “the States respectively, or to the people.” The States were meant to be individual laboratories of liberty unto themselves.  If one State was over-taxing, people would be able to leave (as in the current California-Texas population swing) to escape bad leadership.  The States were not meant to be forced into having the same policies, as dictated by a central government.  The States do not work for the Federal Government they created.

The US Government (as does all central governments) wants more power indefinitely.  This is why you’ve NEVER heard a government (not even the US Government) say that it/they; “want to be less powerful“, Caglecartoonsor “want to have less influence over its citizens lives“.  A National Government will seize evermore Real Estate, States Rights, and it will run up debt as long as it can seize more money from people.  The US Government wants to water down the distinct borders, uniqueness, differences, and laws of the individual States in favor of national laws that every State must follow.  This current government wants all States to act as sanctuary for Illegal Aliens, they want all States to accept their ideas regarding same-sex marriage, and they want all States to support the same (California/New York styled) fire-arms laws.  If it were up to the central government, right now;  No State would detain Illegal Aliens, all States would all accept same-sex marriage, and they would ban most firearms and “high-capacity,” magazines.

To say that we are still “united” would mean that we chose, and still choose, to be voluntarily aligned with each other.  The truth is… that we are no longer in a voluntarily relationship. Just as slaves are not free to leave their relationships, States are not free to leave their relationship either, YET.  In Americas past, the Confederate States felt that the US Government (of the time) was strangling them of their States rights (No, the Civil War was not ONLY about slavery), and attempted to leave the United States.  It didn’t work out for the country, BUT YET STILL, the honorable difference is that the Federal Government, then, could claim that it was fighting to end a barbaric practice AND to keep ‘The Union together!  Whereas now, the federal/central/national government is overtly trying to become more powerful and impose its will over the States.  And it is successfully doing it through millions of pages of regulation and Judicial activism; and NOT through the Constitutional Amendment process.  The problem with involuntary relationships, is that they ALWAYS fail in the end, and most of the time, they end in physical conflict.

In The End

It is Ironic that the States are largely responsible for their own enslavement.  Not only did they create the government that is trying to enslave them, but they supported the tools in which it is occurring.  As an example, the numerous State Legislatures used to appoint their own congressional Representatives giving them a direct control over Senate votes (and direct Congressional representation), until States supported and amended the Constitution with the 17th Amendment.  They voted to make their Representatives Federal Employees.  Once that occurred, the States would witness their elected representatives move to Washington DC, become paid by the Federal government, get Federal benefits for life, a Federal retirement check, and essentially hold allegiance to those that employ(ed) and pay/paid them. Many of these government employees concern themselves with what is good for “the Federal Government,” when representatives would concern themselves with what the people of their OWN State want done (as elected REPRESENTATIVES).

us National flag
The Flag Of the National State Of America

Instead of doing what the Federal Government is supposed to be doing based upon the Constitution, our central/national government involves itself in every issue it chooses arbitrarily.  If a criminal gets shot by the police, the Feds may show up.  If a city/state allows marijuana use, the Feds may or may not show.  It is without rhyme, reason, or the rule-of-law.  It seems that now would be the time in American history, to strip the flag of the individual stars that represent the individual States.  Perhaps, we can go for one big assed star…  One big star would represent our one central national government that more-and-more, is becoming the only government that matters.

But let’s NOT call it the Flag Of The United States, instead, let’s call it the American National Flag.  Let’s avoid muddying the great history of the USA as we surrender our individual, and States Rights to our next governnus tyrannus.

Kali Pinckney

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