— Two Aesop’s Fables — And Contemporary America

Aesop was a Greek, wise man, Philosopher, and story-teller who aesop me thinkslived around the year 620-560 B.C..  He wrote hundreds of fables (or stories with lessons) that have survived since he wrote them.  His fables were adapted into many fairy tales that you likely recognize, including such tales as, The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  If you haven’t heard of his fables, your education missed something.  His fables are timeless.  His works have as much meaning now, as they did when he wrote them.  Venues and settings may change, but the lessons carry on.  Here’s two of his fables, and my thoughts on how they translate to contemporary America.

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Aesop’s  Fable (#1)

The Fawn and Her Mother     

      One day a fawn said to her mother, “You’re larger than a dog and more swift.  You have greater endurance and horns to defend yourself with.  Why is it then, Mother, that you’re so afraid of the hounds?”     

      She smiled wryly and said, “I know all of that is true, my child.  But no sooner do I hear a dog bark that I feel weak and faint and take off as fast as my hoofs can take me.”

Of course, the lesson is that… No argument, no matter how convincing can give courage to a coward.  This Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.applies to contemporary American society as it deals with radical Islam, specifically ISIS.  Obviously, the US could deal with ISIS handily, however, it displays a phobia to do so.  The US is “larger”, more “swift”, has “greater endurance,” and can “defend itself”… but it apparently feels weak and faint at the idea of fighting ISIS and chooses to run instead.

Aesop’s  Fable (#2)

The Wolves and the Sheep      

     Once the wolves sent an embassy to the sheep to make a peace treaty between them for the future.  “Why should we continue such deadly strife?” the wolves asked.  “The dogs are the cause of it all.  They’re constantly barking at us and provoking us.  Send them away, and there will no longer be any obstacle to our eternal friendship and peace.”      

     The silly sheep listened to them, and the dogs were dismissed.  As a result, the flock was deprived of their best protectors, and the sheep became an easy prey for their treacherous enemies.

The lesson is that you should be careful when you betray your friends in favor of your foes.  In modern America, that would fergprobe when the US Government betrays Israel, in favor of Iran.  On a more local level, it would include how many American communities such as Ferguson, Missouri; or Baltimore, Maryland, or even New York City (the sheep). Those communities sought out incidents and promptly sold out their own Police Departments (the dogs) in favor of criminals and/or political correctness (the wolves).  Crime has increased in each of these communities, because they are choosing criminals and loudmouth, politically correct protesters, over the people who ACTUALLY, keep them safe from criminals — ‘That would be their police.

In the end

We all should be know something about Aesop’s Fables. They are part of a classical education, but of course, we all know that the danger for America’s future will come from those, who will not have learned about Aesop in school, nor will those people have had a well rounded, classical education.

Kali Pinckney

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