— Some Illegal Alien Border Invasion Photos – To Brighten Your Day

We all know the Southern Border of the United States is being invaded by hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and even countries from the Middle East, and Africa.  We literally have millions of Illegal Aliens living in our country benefiting from resources that they are not entitled to.  If you don’t think this is a problem, you’re either naive, resigned, or supportive of lawless activity regarding America’s sovereignty.

Check out some of the footage from ranch, gate, and other cameras located around the Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.  Pretty depressing right?  Well it happens hundreds of times per day!!!

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Our border invasion could be slowed down if we started building an actual border fence PERHAPS.  And I made an argument for an actual border fence and why we would build one… Yet, government is not listening to little ‘ole me.

But, when you think about it; shouldn’t countries like Mexico be ashamed of themselves that nearly 1/4 of their population is, and has been, escaping to live in the United States.  How badly must life in Mexico be?!?!  Yikes!

Kali Pinckney

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  1. john stahl says:

    At least, I think so.
    John Stahl
    Tea Party Immigration Coalition

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