— Where’s Ted Cruz? — He Needs To Find New Advisers (Already)

Alright, I’ve already Predicted Ted Cruz would win the Presidency in 2016. CRUZ Yes, I predicted it 3 years in advance but apparently, Cruz is getting some bad advice! [Admittedly, I’m beginning to question my prediction of Rand Paul as VP due to his manic and disloyal campaigning thus far]

It seems Cruz has probably hired some professionals to run his campaign, and he’s no-doubt listening to someone who has experience WORKING ON a Presidential campaign (Even if it is someone who worked on a losing campaign).  They’ve no doubt cautioned him and told him that he really must watch what he says.  Even worse, they are probably advising him that currently, he must play defense and NOT do anything that hurts any future opportunities or scuttle any possible voters. Yea!  That’s what losers would say! This ignores that he got elected to Congress as he is.  Those Advisers are probably calculating that he can lay low NOW, and make a big impact as we get closer to the election.  They are reminding him that now he is on a national stage and must cater to more than his current constituents.  They are also emphatically stressing to him that he does not want everyone “fatigued” by him so early in this campaign so he should lay low and be patient.

Well!  If he listens to them, he’s going to lose!  Sure, they are reminding him that as we get closer to the elections, he can wow the audience with his brilliance in the debates.  They may be (are likely) correct on his debating prowess, but if they are telling him that that is enough to intersect with a path to victory, Well;  It’s NOT!  The typical Crescendo to the election is ridiculous nowadays thanks to the internet and social media.  He NEEDS to think differently. If he does NOT hire new advisers soon; he WILL lose because he will run himself out of time and opportunity later.  He’ll wonder where the time went, thus making my prediction wrong (which is totally unacceptable).  Here goes some (general) ideas he should consider:

  1. Visit Law Enforcement Agencies – Understand WHAT they think
  2. Visit Some Military Units – And see if you can Understand HOW they think
  3. Take an International Visit Somewhere (I’m thinking England and Israel)
  4. Make a Definitive Speech on “The Role Of Government”
  5. Avoid MSNBC, CBS, and ABC.  THEY ARE LOST, and only Dems watch those channels!
  6. Give a Current Speech On Obamacare’s present and future
  7. Establish A Concept Of Operations For ISIS (because we WILL be fighting them soon)
  8. Establish a set of “talks” that allow communication with more Americans
  9. Do A speech regarding “Fairness” & “Liberty”
  10. Make an argument for lowering & flattening taxes
  11. Avoid the “Coalition Quagmire” (Do not TRY to build a ‘big tent — Just be honest)
  12. Treat the elections as a WAR; in the sense that Sun Tzu would say, “All War Is Deception”. Take the decisive win.
  13. Do NOT “ask” for votes (which has become doctrine), EARN votes outright!
  14. Do A speech on Race in America (being matter-of-fact about the issue)
  15. Seize the Offensive, and stay offensive.  If he is on the defensive, he is waiting to lose!

These are some minor principles that Cruz is going to have to embrace in order to “short-circuit” the ideas and beliefs that the opposition has of him.  He will have to force opposition forces to think and react differently than they expect to.  If everyone can predict what actions Cruz is going to take next, he’s already lost and just doesn’t know it yet. If he disagrees with that, he needs look no further than John McCain.  If he intends on being a “nice guy”, he needs to look no further than Mitt Romney.

He must be bold and he should hire a creative-thinking, unique, strategically-minded guy, with a libertarian streak, and military background, to serve as an personal Adviser.

Kali Pinckney


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