— JADE HELM 2015 — Why It Makes So Many People Nervous… Should You Be?

What kind of US military exercise concerns a bunch of Americans; USSOCOMfrom average citizens, to law enforcement personnel, and even military veterans?  Well, Jade Helm does!  Jade Helm 2015 (JH15, ‘JH, or Juliet Hotel) is the name of a US Military exercise that will be taking place within several southern states of the country from [July 15 – September 15].  The exercise will be led by the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). And it is making some Americans nervous.  Some are suggesting that it is practice for a Federal Takeover, or a conditioning exercise for some kind of future Martial Law.  But why have these types of ideas/concerns taken root?  And why have Jade Helm?  Well, USSOCOM has tried to explain to local citizens, law enforcement, and local governments with briefings and slideshows:

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And all attempts to alleviate concerns have failed.  Yea, the briefings did not go well because the briefer attempted to alleviate concerns by ensuring the people of what JADE HELM was not.  He gave no REASONABLE scenarios about how the exercise might benefit Special Operations activities in Afghanistan or ANY other distant land where language, dress, equipment, or racial makeups can not be ignored.  So the confusion has evolved to distrust.

The Purpose Of Military Exercises

…Is to train or exercise ACTUAL objectives or scenarios.  Objectives are written statements of what the exercise is attempting to train or practice.  The Objective IS the goal of the exercise and determines if your exercise was a success or a failure and EVERY exercise must have one (or there wouldn’t be an exercise).  As an example, the US Military doesn’t have Zombie exercises because there are no (presumably) zombies.  There are no exercises to seize American cities by force with artillery and armor, because that is NOT probable (You would plan and rehearse that days/weeks before you actually did it, if the need arose).  The US Military doesn’t train to do airstrikes or bombing runs on the White House, because there is zero chance that airstrikes would be happening against the White House.  There is no need to Exercise a scenario that is out of the realm of possibility, Right?!?!

So is Jade Helm contrary to that? Well, YES! But there are reasons for it! JH-15 will use Special Operations Forces (SOF) to deploy to several “Hostile” States and Hostile parts of the US and run operations against opposing forces. They will attempt to blend in with the communities in which they will be specopsconducting exercises.  USSOCOM states its to clear up some lagging training they have not been able to complete due to the wars.  They’ll be in civilian clothing (although in war zones Operators wear uniforms) and work with local Law Enforcement, Political Figures, in an attempt to collect information on who the hostile forces are.  Eventually, the Operators will conduct direct action (attack/kill) against those pockets of hostiles.  In the lead up to this exercise, the DoD has spoken with groups of politicians, citizens, and law enforcement personnel attempting to alleviate any fears or concerns they might have, but they have not done a good job…  The reason is a simple one.  Because they have not given the exercise’ ACTUAL objective.   Why? Because one of two reasons.  Either:

(1) USSOCOM does not want to inform all the military units involved what their objective is going to be.  By putting the objective out there, they would destroy the value of the exercise (just like telling you that you’ll be having a surprise Birthday party next week, you’d plan for it… and it wouldn’t be a surprise).        

AND/OR , because:

(2) Military operations are not pretty! AS AN EXAMPLE:  Would Americans really need to be informed that Special Operations Forces are conducting an exercise attacking terrorist targets within the US?  Many people would wonder why they are practicing attacking these terrorist targets. (and eventually, Americans and the possible targets, would figure it out.)

If you understand what resources are being directed at JH15, either of these become possible objectives.


So what resources will be directed at Jade Helm?  US Army resources that will be used in JH15 include Helicopters (MH-6, CH-47 and Blackhawk including the special variants), Green Berets (Including ODA Delta), Airborne Rangers, Snipers, PsyOps/Civil Affairs.  US Navy personnel that will be involved will include, of course, Seals (Including ST6), Naval Aviation Ospreyincluding helicopters and F/A-18 Super Hornets (which may actually be supporting Red Flag), small watercraft and crews (Florida and San Diego) and some additional support personnel.  The US Marine Corps will be bringing in Force Recon, Special Operations Command (MARSOC) units, and some of its aviation units (Harvest Hawk, CH-53, and MV-22‘s). The US Air Force will be supporting with some Combat Controllers/Pararescue (Special Operations Forces) Osprey, C-130‘s, an AC-130, a couple of C-17s (for transport and jumps), and Predator drones (and apparently, a Global Hawk).  In addition to US Military players, there will also be other supporting interagency partners that include the 3-letter intelligence agencies (CIA, NSA), and some Federal Law Enforcement Agencies (DEA, FBI).

What Are The Concerns

“Redland” or “Blueland!” — The most problematic sticking point for many is that Jade Helm is unique in the sense that past JH6military exercises utilize vague and generic territories such as “redland” or “blueland” to identify friendly and hostile areas. As an example, “Pineland” is used in the regularly held Robin Sage exercise in North Carolina (in which a Deputy shot two Special Forces soldiers, killing one in 2002).  In Jade Helm 2015, however, they identify actual American States and areas as hostile. Among the hostile areas are Utah, more conservative pockets of Southern California, and, of course, all of Texas.  Surprisingly, Texans do not appreciate anyone calling their state “Hostile.”

What happens in areas designated as “hostile”, is that military personnel will act as though they are in a hostile area.  There will be people on the streets in communities attempting to blend in with the local population, working with local law enforcement personnel.  Although they state that they will be keeping the exercise firefights on Private Property, there will be military personnel with live-ammo, both on and off, of private property because the military does not take military equipment and weapons off-bases without a means to protect it (understandably).  So unless they will be flying every participant onto that private property, they will have to drive that equipment to the private property (while being armed). There will be military personnel on the ground with firearms shooting blanks at opposition Spec Ops vehicleforces with firearms.  There will be explosions, there will also be live-fire exercises with individual firearms.  In some locations, aircraft will also engage ground targets on ranges in Texas, Utah, and Florida.  There will likely be some accidental fires started.  There will be observation from airborne resources (drones) even though a USSOCOM briefer stated drones will not be used (on the army portion).  There will be Special Operations vehicles such as MRAPs and Humvees on the ground in some areas.  USSOCOM bills JH15 as Realistic Military Training, and they will train like they fight.  Oh and if you don’t know this, whenever Special Operations Forces are going somewhere, SOMEONE is gonna jump out of an airplane (It’s like a rule!)

To answer the suggestion that this is the beginning of some sort of conspiracy (I hate using that word here), to apply control, threaten, or practice for Martial Law?!?!  Uhhh.  No!  The US military KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS that they survive in Texas… BECAUSE Texans want them there.  Additionally, to apply Martial law, you don’t need Special Operating Forces.  They are Amazing troops, but they are effective because of stealth and mobility.  Once detected by a superior-sized, conventional force, they run, or they get killed!  For Martial Law, you need lots of gun-toters like standard Infantry soldiers, National Guardsmen, and Military Police), not Special Operators.

Should You Be Nervous?

No!  But here’s why.  You should NOT be nervous over Jade Helm 15 based upon the fact that the individual military personnel participating in Jade Helm are, for the most part, Patriots.  Some people suggest that they don’t trust the “government” or the “President”, and that’s legitimate, well, and good.  Especially if you consider the IRS Targeting Scandal, attempts to ban common types of Ammo, the NSA surveillance/Data Collection, Homeland Security Ammo purchases, and even the now-recalled DHS American Extremism Report that warned of people who believe in the Constitution, 2nd Amendment, who owned guns, were Veterans, Christians, or who believed government was too big.

‘Many of those concerned, have lost focus on the military personnel who will be involved.  There is NO, NADA, ZERO, ZILCH scenario in which they will allow themselves to become simple pawns.  They have risked their lives for the US and they have taken an oath to support the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Yes, It does sound ‘cliche… But the vast majority of US military people mean it and they are not robots or droids to be used against their country!  They have the same goals that any Patriot wants for his country.  If you think they would INTENTIONALLY be a party to harming freedoms and liberties; Think again!

In The End

Jade Helm 15 will likely come and go with little fanfare, and that’s if the exercise even happens.  The Pentagon is taking heat for this and they do NOT want to lose the respect and trust of Texans, or other Americans.  They would most likely want to come back in a year or two if the exercise works out.  The more controversy accompanies this, the less likely Texans will be to support this in the future.  Texans have ALWAYS been friends and supporters of the US Military, but that trust is not permanent. When the US military begins to see that they are losing enough respect due to a silly exercise, they will cancel, or RE-EVALUATE the scope and size of the exercise.

For now… Don’t be nervous!

Kali Pinckney


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