— The End Of “TOP GEAR” — And The End Of An Era

Well, the BBC show Top Gear is coming to an end.  The show’s TOP GEARmain star, Jeremy Clarkson, has become legendary.  His wit and dry humor is one of those characteristics you can’t forget.  Now… We all knew this day would come eventually but if I’m honest, I thought the show would end after one of the co-hosts died in a horrible, crippling, flaming accident, but THIS is not the way it was supposed to end.

Why is the show coming to an end? 

Because apparently, Jeremy Clarkson punched one of the show’s producers over a lack of hot food on a set (or some such non-sense).  Now!  It was OK when he punched Piers Morgan, but you can’t punch someone who produces your own show… That said, by firing Jeremy Clarkson, The BBC has chosen to destroy one of their most successful shows and THE MOST WIDELY WATCHED FACT-BASED TV PROGRAM IN THE WORLD.  It is an International brand that has inspired, numerous “Top Gear” series in other countries including the United States (even if it does really suck) but none of these international versions are as popular as the original… and they never will be because of… Clarkson, Hammond, and May.

I first saw an episode of Top Gear in 2003 when I was living in Europe and I was immediately hooked.  And I have not missed an episode of a series (season) since.  Between Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, the show has offended just about every group of people including Every ethnicity and nationality (Don’t say his name in Mexico or Argentina), truckers (Whom they called serial killers), police, and climate change freaks, cyclists, and politicians.  They make fun of everyone relentlessly.  And it is hilarious!

What Made Top Gear Great

What made it great was the fact it was Hilarious.  How can anyone make automotive reviews more human than using average dudes to test all kinds of economy, luxury, and exotic cars and other vehicles.  Reviews became interesting where prior automotive testing and review shows were sterile, measured, and boring.  “Fun” and enjoyability was part of the Top Gear process, but for some more serious auto test shows, they brought out a unnamed, faceless, racecar driver to push cars to their absolute limits.  Top Gear even put Stars-in-a-Reasonably-Priced-Car and had them test thier skills against other starts. They even had Tom Cruise, Steven Tyler, Cameron Diaz, and Will Smith.

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Top gear was fun in a way that only a car guy would love.  They have taken a car to the North Pole, Driven up a volcano, Launched a Reliant Robin into the air as a rocket (the most powerful private rocket launch ever in Great Britain), taken cars off ski jumps, taken a Bugatti Veyron to its maximum speed, crossed the English Channel in cars they turned into boats (a Guinness Book Record).  They dropped pianos on cars.  They dropped cars on Caravans (RV Trailers). They raced cars against fighter jets. And they drove cars through malls and They’ve traveled the world from Australia, The US, Israel, Canada, Dubai, Italy, France, Eastern Europe, across Africa, VIETNAM.., Even across warzone Iraq.

And That’s All Folks

Alas, nothing lasts forever.  The BBC is looking for a suitable replacement (which they won’t find). Millions of fans worldwide cannot build a relationship like the one they’ve had with Jeremy Clarkson.  The BBC just killed Top Gear.  I’d hope they reconsider.  But they won’t (even a million signatures cannot sway the BBC).  And they’ve lost millions of fans.  And millions of fans lost a favorite show.

Kali Pinckney

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