— Ken Block and “Gymkhana 7” — Even Better Than The Last… Again!

Alright, If you know me, you know I dig cars and anything automotive.  I’ve noticed that over the years, I keep talking about a particular guy because of his mad-crazy driving skills and the creativity of the videos that he makes.  He is a rally car driver (an American one even) by trade, and he has introduced an autosport (or auto-activity) to America and named it, Gymkhana.  I talked about him tearing up the streets of San Francisco and about him in a crazy Gymkhana circuit but now he’s back with a whole new gig.

He’s bypassed his Ford Fiesta rally car for a sinister and evil, Ford Mustang (that has All Wheel Drive and 845hp).  It is a beast and he’s tearing up the streets and rivers of Los Angeles now (yes, that’s the LA River).  Just check out the video. Here’s the Hoonigan himself, Ken Block in Gymkhana Seven:

Right?!?  It is one of the coolest automotive videos that I’ve EVER seen.  ‘And it’s even more cool knowing that it is absolutely real.  What’s even more crazy, is that EVERY new Gymkhana video is better than the last one.

Kali Pinckney


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