— America Is NOT “A Democracy” — STOP SAYING THAT!!!

People… Why do you insist on calling America a “Democracy?”   It is NOT NOW, NOR EVER HAS BEEN! The United States is a Representative Constitutional Republic. That means that we (1) vote for our representatives,  (2) have a Constitution, and we (3) are a Republic.


“REPRESENT” the people that vote for them.  Representatives ARE NOT voted in to TELL the people whom voted for them what to do.  Representatives ARE NOT voted to become the boss of the Democconstituents.  I cannot stress enough that…they “represent”, they do not “dictate”, or “impose”!  Most of us would recognize that representatives are SUPPOSED to be the employees of the community whom voted for them (as opposed to the new tyrant in charge).  In a true democracy, you wouldn’t need a representative because you would have the opportunity to vote for everything and whichever item or issue got the most votes, would become the law.  That is not what America is.  Why Representatives?  Because, the problem with being able to vote for everything is that it is a full-time job.  Few people would have enough time to live their own lives… and pay attention to every vote that’s coming up.  Nor would they be able to become knowledgeable on every subject.  Obviously Representatives do not become knowledgeable on every subject, but they are hired to pay attention to the laws and operate within it on the citizens’ behalf.  When they don’t do a good job, the remedy is a new representative.

Having a Constitution

‘Is another HUGE reason the US is not a democracy. A Constitution is important because it LIMITS GOVERNMENT from doing anything it chooses.  Democracy is the antithesis of a Constitution because democracy is the majority of a society making the decisions for everyone.  “Democracy is” 51% of the people, legally raping the other 49%.  Democracy would be Vlad Demo11 lottery winners sitting around with a $10 million smackeroo prize – when 6 of the group decide to vote that the remaining five get no share of the winnings. Now if you have a Constitution, that is SUPPOSED to be a limit on the forces that can alter certain facets of life under that Constitution, whereas a Democracy, puts EVERYTHING on the table.  You cannot have laws that are inalienable (that cannot be taken or given away) if you have a means of everyone voting on that item.  A Democracy can vote to make the inalienable rights something that can be voted away.  Nothing can be sacred!  51% of the people would be able to vote away the Freedom of Speech, or the Right to Bear Arms… in the absence of a Constitution.  Democracy ALWAYS ends badly for those who attempt it.

We Are a Republic

The most important reason to denounce any ideals that we are is a democracy is because it conditions people to believe that we are a democracy.  Just as in propaganda or brainwashing techniques, you minimize the danger and understanding of the fact we are a republic by referring to our republic as a democracy.  It may not hurt the older folks who understand, but you ensure that the younger, more ignorant amongst a population see our system as a something it is not. Eventually the distinction is gone… You will then be left with a bunch of idiots screaming that their vote should count, and asking why we don’t just have a true democracy where majority rules.

Being a Republic is the most important part of AVOIDING a Democracy.  Republics are built-in roadblocks that stand in the way of a singular entity gaining too much power.  A Republic ensures that multiple layers of government (central/federal, state, local) all have a responsibility for certain aspects of society.  The central govt doesn’t determine how much your trash taxes are, and you local government does not settle disputes amongst states. The additional benefit of a republic is that if a portion of government gets too powerful and begins to seize too much control, the other governments are already in place and can begin to undermine that government that gets too powerful.

Just Stop

So again.  For the love of all that is holy!  STOP calling America a democracy!  You’re only confusing the stupid people amongst us…

Kali Pinckney

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well put =)

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