— Another Open Letter About Liberty & Freedom – [An Exercise In Futility]

Americans; It’s time for us to have a discussion.

It’s not a pleasant discussion, but it is an important discussion about which path we want to travel down. Do we choose to continue on a path that led the US to become one of the great civilizations in the history of the world? — Or do we want to go down the road that others have taken before us that leads to violence, bloodshed, corruption, and ANOTHER inevitable civil war?

We need to discuss this; NOT in order to try and sway each other – because that has proven to be a useless and utterly impossible endeavor that wastes both of our energies and efforts. I will not try to make a logical argument to you because logic is not understood by those who return that logical argument with an emotional one.  Instead; I will tell you the dispassionate truth!  ‘And I’ll let you know how this all ends…

The truth is, that we ARE going to have a fight…  We are on a violent collision course that I’m not so sure can be avoided!

It should sadden us, but recognize that emotions do not hamper reality from occurring. We are all set in our ways so it would be useless to explain the concepts of Freedom, Liberty, or Individual Rights to you any longer.  You should recognize that it is also a waste of your time to attempt to explain the concepts of Social Justice, Socialism, or Fairness to those who believe in Freedom, Liberty, and Individual Rights.  Neither one of us will win our arguments against the other.  But whereas us freedom, liberty, rights, libertarian-types will leave you alone to live as you will, you are intent of forcing socialism, and social justice on those of us who want nothing to do with you.  You can’t seem to leave us alone.  And that is unacceptable.

Must you be informed once again, that some of us do not agree with you and we NEVER will.  We, as a society, are fast approaching that moment when we must make our decisions on how we will choose to deal with each other.  The history of humanity and other societies is quite adamant that we will either ‘put up our dukes and fight it out, or we will leave each other alone.

Yes, we both know that your decision is made! But you don’t seem to accept that others have made their decisions as well.  Unfortunately, no matter how many times you’re told,  you refuse to accept the choices others make and believe yours is the only one that matters.  Apparently, you need clarification on what others have decided once again — so we are absolutely, crystal, clear.  They have decided to be free and to NOT be slaves.  They have chosen to NOT do what you want them to do.

And therein lies your problem.  They won’t do what you want because they are not your property.  They’ll continue to strive for their own goals, they’re own wishes, and they’re own dreams.  They’ll fight for their best interests, and just as those early Americans (the one’s that you laugh at) fought for their individual rights, their modern brethren will fight for individual rights as well.  You’ll learn eventually, that they’ll sit idly by as your plans fail, and they will do everything in their power to subvert you and your cause in a Prohibition-esque fashion.

Unknown / uncredited image origin
Unknown / uncredited image origin

To make them do anything, you’ll have to hide behind a government because we both know you cannot make them do anything by yourself.  But here’s what you should remember.  That even if you got what you dreamed of; sooner or later, your dream WILL collapse as socialist governments ALWAYS do.  The irony is that our country, was directly created under a revolution in which the most powerful military of the day was defeated by a large group of “individuals”.  Those “individuals” have become the country that has the most powerful military of today.  Subsequently, it has also become the county with the most powerful civilian population EVER in any country in humanity…

That said, If you were a logical thinker,  you’d recognize that everything you want, requires others to do something or to give something of theirs up.  Whether it’s your healthcare, your taxes, your paychecks, or even your individual rights, you somehow believe it appropriate TO FORCE others to pay more, or TO FORCE others to give up their individual rights, merely because you are stupid enough to do so…

Yes!  We are going to fight, and you are not prepared.  If you do not stop this, there will likely be chaos, violence, and turmoil.  ‘And in the end, you will have less than you have now.  You will have learned a valuable lesson and you’ll have no excuse but to blame yourself and accept the truth.  That truth is… That you need people like me, more than I need people like you.

You believe that it will be you and government against everyone else — but you’re being short-sighted because government will do what it must to protect its own interests, and that will not include protecting little ‘ole you. Inevitably, you will be left to fend for yourself.

…And we both know how helpless you actually are in the absence of government; and in the absence of the money government seizes from your fellow Americans on your behalf…

Kali Pinckney

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