— Airbus A350 XWB Formation Flight — Damn Impressive

Since we are “Boeing Country” here in the US, most of us didn’t Airbus XWBreally get to see this video from December 2014 entitled “Family Flight”, but it is impressive.  Not only is it a great propaganda coup for Airbus (they have done it for other platforms).  The videography is spectacular.   It’s kinda like a Red-Bull Commercial.

Airbus has created a new line of aircraft called the A350 XWB (eXtended-range Wide Body).  Prior to the final platform Certification of the aircraft (and getting the first few XWB’s delivered out to their first customers), Airbus decided to take five of them and do some formation flying. The editing is on-point, and I’m not sure anyone else could make some formation-flying look any more engaging and exciting than Airbus did. Check out the video:

Now, it’s impressive when Air Force fighter aircraft fly in formations, but I gotta say, it’s almost more impressive when large commercial aircraft are doing it and flying so (seemingly) close.

What do you think?

Kali Pinckney


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